Xenophobic Murder of Mozambican Man in South Africa

Xenophobic Murder of Mozambican Man in South Africa

Best Gore member @SlayGeeks222 explains the story behind the images:

I am from Cape Town, South Africa and wish the chaos of my country was as exposed on Best Gore as Brazil is.

This happened on 18th of April 2015 in Alexandra Township, near Sandton, northern Johannesburg, South Africa. This victim is a Mozambican Emanuel Sithole (which is a surname shared by many local South African blacks too).

Xenophobia is among many of the never ending troubles we face. The local Zulus and Xhosas have been slaughtering foreign blacks (or any race for that matter) for a long time now, but no one really hears about it world wide. All everyone will ever hear about is Oscar Pistorius.

The locals don’t take kindly to the harder working foreigners taking their jobs and dealing drugs (which they also do).

Emanuel could not be seen by a doctor in time at the day clinic 100m down the road, as the doctor on duty disappeared out of fear for xenophobic attacks. He died about 2 hours later.

Photos by James Oatway.


Thanks a lot for the pics and for explaining how you see the situation in your own country.

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  1. “This victim is a Mozambican Emanuel Sithole (which is a surname shared by many local South African blacks too).”

    I believe that surname used to have an “H” between the “S” and the “I” a while ago… but for politically correct purposes, they had to remove it. 😆

  2. damned fool in photo pi he could of got stabber by wrist and elbow and did straight arm take down. if you play these games you got two choices run or fight. you cant reason with a guy who means to kill. to live you may need to harm or kill attaccker. no training i guess.

    1. haha i’d always run if i am outnumbered with weapons. it’s pretty hard to fit against a guy with a big ass knife. one good stab and you’re done.also if i was living in south africa i’d never leave the house without a loaded gun on me.

  3. The stories the backgrounds tell in these photos despite the obvious are astounding. What you see in the backgrounds are the crux to the problems.
    Who ever said monkey see monkey do is full of shit because all I see is 4 monkeys doing and a whole many more doing nothing.
    Blacks killing blacks with white people helping the black victim. Geological discrimination is such a logical thing right?
    I mean, certainly when one is small minded incapable of comprehending the known universe and all its inclusions, how can you not resort to unjustified murder?
    In my country I will always be considered a foreigner to strangers despite being born here but when I travel overseas I’m always identified by my birth country. In that context I would say that if extra terrestrials were to visit earth they would view each and every human as an earthling, each and every one of us the same regardless of geography or colour.
    On another note its Worth noting the clothing and car keys the victim had, his clothes are far nicer than the attackers, plus the keys he has are a central locking remote possibly suggesting he owns a nice car or at least a modern or new one. The attackers didn’t take the keys.
    Which leads me to the questions is it possible that there was more than xenophobia at work? Is it possible the victim was well off?
    Was the victim the only foreigner in town at the time?
    why only one victim?

  4. I wish this was a case of Xenophilia (MSM) where all of the attackers and the victim had turned gays and were seen engaged in a wild foreplay and hardcore anal sex .

    Its hard to fathom out as to why they are after one of their own
    as far as the genetic make up goes . C’mon man “Nigger against Nigger ” is a wrong equation to comprehend with ;
    as they all are one and the same alike.


  5. @SlayGeeks222, South Africa is no longer the same ever since the fall of apartheid. You niggers you’ve messed up that country. There was uncontrolled influx of barbaric illiterate, filthy animals calling themselves ”original South Africans” from all corners of the slums entering the urban areas and expect life to be easy. When they find it hard to survive, they offload their anger by killings the foreigners who really worked very hard to earn a living. Some of these people are refugees and asylum seekers.

    The neighboring countries helped South Africa to overcome the apartheid. Mozambique harboured alot of exiled black South African. Besides this, the HQ of administrative ANC was based in Zambia whilst the Military faction was in Tanzania. The whole of Southern and Eastern Africa helped you niggers to get off that cage. Now that the tables has turned, you kill people that liberated your country, shame on you!

    1. To simplify it as black on black, black on white etc violence is truly foolish. A few examples that may help some who can’t understand the ‘reasoning’ behind this (their reasoning not mine)
      Vikings didn’t see other vikings as vikings, in fact the term viking was never used amongst themselves but came long after.
      The number may be wrong but I read that there was over 3000 different accents in Britian.
      In australia, the aboriginal tribes that number in the tens of thousands would never view another tribe as one of their own, regardless of skin.
      In South America, the locals can easily tell each other apart.
      My point is, that to outsiders looking in who are unfamiliar can only validate their comprehension on what they know, in this instance, black on black, so where unfamiliars see that, those in the know see the whole picture.

  6. i wonder if the blame the black on black violence on the evil white man. africa is so fucked, I would never set foot on that entire continent. The north is filled with crazy arabs and the south with blacks. I don’t get why europeans colonized that shithole. I know africa has a ton of resources but is it really worth it to go live there surrounded by these people. black africans are the most primitive race on earth, it’s not racist it’s just a fact. I don’t even hate black or anyone else but it’s just a fact of life. just look at their civilization. if it were not for foreign powers they would have no modern tech and would be living in mud huts and throwing spears.

  7. i dont think a race of people is to blame black, white, yellow, brown, even alien green according to some not me. the lack of law and most handle there own problems. it would be great if only blacks killed but all racces have killers. in us we go did you see that and people call police and ems but in third world countries who knows? all people have the ability to kill or hurt another person the color of your skin doesnt make a person kill. there are by far to many sadistic people. we dont know if the victom raped someone but this guy longed to destroy this guy? there is to much hate and lack of trust dont judge a man by his looks or race but by his actions.

  8. I have no fucking sympathy for niggers. We’ve been tortured and killed in this shit hole of a country ever since that piece of shit FW De Klerk betrayed us.

    The animals want to take over but all they can do is destroy everything the white man built. The fucking animals will be their own deaths since they kill the people who feed them.

    Fuck them all.

  9. Interesting. I’d seen some of the pics before but never a description beyond a couple of lines.
    I wonder how long until the refugees flooding into all of those countries start doing shit like this, clearing out the infidels from their new found “homeland”?

  10. Is that Dave Chapelle stabbing a motherfucker?!? That guy in the blue looks sorta like Dave Chapelle….wait…no….nope not him nevermind. How cool would that be though? He goes back to Africa then ends up on the Internet killing somebody…I’m Rick James bitch!!! No? Ok I’m gonna shut the fuck up now. I still see a strong resemblance.

  11. South African here. It happens now and again. Last burst of Xenophobia that happened here ended up with a shop keeper in Soweto that immigrated and started a shop providing milk and bread(basic corner shop things). They wrecked his shop and killed him. I don’t know how long he was there for but i’m surprised no-one stood up for him. He was an entrepreneur and provided for the community, But they allowed such an injustice. Just because he wasn’t born in this country? How would any of them like to be treated the same if they moved to another neighbourhood and be treated such? It’s displaced hatred. It the countries lack of jobs, in South Africa, that’s at fault. They believe he stole their job, I think. It’s the main proponent behind xenophobia, “Foreigners stealing Jobs”. I don’t see what stopped them from setting up a corner shop themselves.

    1. F*cking hell, i’ve seen the other day pics of white farmers that were butchered in South Africa. the savages gang-rape the women and children and torture them before slaughtering the whole family.. no conscience and no remorse

      1. Yeah they don’t give us sympathy so I don’t see why we should give them any. South Africa is only better than other African countries because the white man made it so.

  12. It’s funny how everyone sits back and blame one another like one race or nation is better than the other. Especially the with the U.S. all I ever see is nigger this and nigger that but yet every race including whites especially are trying to look like and act like niggers, they’re women are so hard up for a nigger man instead of a white man is what I see…. You can take however you want, humans are humans. You all shit, piss, get stomaches, eat, and get sick but yet you all quickly change in each other saying that one is better then the other… Some of you must’ve forgotten that before there was a society and modernized technology this world was desolate and everyone was pretty much primitive… It’s just a bunch of assholes picking and choosing what’s good and what’s bad and picking whose better and whose worse… 20% of whites left in this world and the rest is other nations so whose truly the minorities?

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