Yemen Hospital Bombing – Dozens Killed by Suicide Bomber and Gunmen

Yemen Hospital Bombing - Dozens Killed by Suicide Bomber and Gunmen

A suicide bomber and gunmen wearing army uniforms attacked Yemen’s defense ministry and hospital, killing at least 52 people and injuring 160, including foreign medical staff. The attack is country’s worst in 18 months.

One attacker drove a car packed with explosives into the gate of the ministry’s compound, then gunmen in another vehicle sped in and opened fire at soldiers, doctors and nurses working in a hospital inside.

The terrorists wore military uniforms to bluff people. The grenade scene shows that people did not try to escape when they saw the terrorist, because they thought he was a soldier. After he pulled the grenade out, most tried to run, but there is one who appears to still be on intravenous hydration and couldn’t just easily run. He caught the worst of the blast.

Yemen is a Zio puppet state. People tried to overthrow the dictator, but because he was put in there by Washington, the protests in Yemen were unreported on by the western media. Regardless, the Yemenis did not give up, so Kenyan asked Ali Abdullah Saleh to come stay with him in America, and installed a new puppet dictator in power to fool the people that change has come. Meanwhile, Ali Abdullah Saleh “allowed” the US military to carry out drone strikes against the Yemenis and has bumped up the military spending to 40% of the country’s budget.

And it just so happens that on the day when this news broke out, the US carried out a drone strike in Radda, central al-Bayda province in Yemen, and hit a wedding car convoy, killing 15 civilians.

A Yemeni security official told Associated Press that:

The group had been en route to the the village of Qaifa, the site of the wedding, when it was hit. The assault left charred bodies strewn in the road and vehicles on fire.

Unsurprisingly, this Obama’s murderous drone strike does not make any headlines in the mainstream media. Talking about the sign language guy from Nelson Mandela’s funeral is more important. But if a Jew had his little toe stepped on, we wouldn’t hear the end of it.

The attack in the video was probably carried out by members of AQAP (Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula). The group’s leader Nasir Wuhayshi was a prisoner in Sana’a but escaped after digging a 140 meter long tunnel under the prison and into a nearby mosque.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video and translation:

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    1. Please log on to “clarion” read about the instanbul project , and how the oic are encouraging the west to crush our grreatest freedom FREE speach. If they succeed you and i would be punished …..just for having ‘the wrong thoughts’ on Islam.
      My avvi is my brother in afghan. While he was there he and his patrol came across a female aged about 3. She was alone and approaching them. On closer inspection they realised someone had strapped a bomb to her.
      I don’t know if the bomb was faultly but it didn’t go off. They defused it or whatever. Of all the stories i have heard from my bro this was the least bloody but the worst to comprehend. Girls mean very little to them. An innocent child. Sick.

        1. @rude girl
          Just for that reason I’ll wish for the devil to be true .
          I believe there’s nothing the other side of life but darkness.
          Would be nice to think that our energy is released into the universe to bounce around the thing that is space…..
          Although i believe this i sometimes ponder what i would like to be reincarnated as.
          I’m torn between elephant or blue whale. Big grand thinking on my part admittedly , but then what use is having an imagination if you don’t utilize it.

          1. Yea if anything, you have to pity the muslims for taking the Jewish line. What other religion do you know of that has a derogatory word for non-members (Goy), and a phrase to describe those who dislike them (anti-semite). I guess if things go the way they want, Islam will have these soon as well.

        1. There is no empire anymore.
          Whatever my own beliefs….. I support my brother. We supposedly have free will and that’s his choice for his own set of reasons.
          And you my friend are entitled to yours.
          Peace out.

      1. @realitycheck07

        I think the tattoo sleave he had before joining the army may explian a possible reason.
        Its of the christian crusades ( he’s not religious) We are in the UK so it heavily features the cross of st George….. Whom we unofficially seem to be un allowed to celebrate these days.

          1. Islam says they were pursecuted by christians in the crusades. Actually our crusades were a belated attempt to stop the murdering Muslims taking over over lands.

    1. @wolf
      Thanks for your videos . It good to see what really happens.
      If you log on to the site I mentioned above you might be able to see just why I have a deep distrust of Islam and their advancement in my country.

          1. Ok, I understand, you have to protect yourself from whoever is a threat on the street. Jews don’t attack people on the street except in Israel. In the white countries of the world they are doing their damage through the media, banks, and control of the various govenments.

  1. Fucking pussy-ass pathetic pieces of camel shit! Takes a real man to shoot a bunch of unarmed and even fucking sick and injured civilians. Cuz they know if they went up against armed combatants, they’d be sucking each others cocks in hell. And to kill the people who save lives and put they’re broken asses back together, just adds to their faggotery. Off topic, if you can’t already tell, I don’t have my fluffy-green medicine again, hence the copious amounts of cursing and discontent. Best Gore is my medicine today. Thanks BG!!!

    1. Good point and glad you got that off your chest πŸ˜†


      Walls of text shit me……. Try including some spaces within points of reference for future conversations…….

      Just say’n :mrgreen:

  2. When you take emotion out of the equation what you are left with is a chess board, on one side is the Muslim countries and their allies and on the other side Israel and their allies.

    The pawns however are the real losers for they have nothing to gain from this current game, they are sacrificed so that the stronger pieces can move about more easily and take control of the other sides area.

    My conclusion, Islam is rather shitty from a non Muslim perspective and the world certainly wouldn’t miss it if it dies out but at the same time I am not going to pretend that Muslims are the main cause for all my woes in life.

    Yes, there are far too many Muslims in our own countries but let us never forget that it was our own traitorous governments who let them all in, who gave them more rights than we, the indigenous people, it was our own governments with their false flags and their sickening obedience to war mongering nations that caused it all.

    The fact that the world economy is fucked, that so much unemployment exists, the fact that greedy companies would rather employ cheap third world labour and send all your jobs abroad than employ you, the fact that you wont have a pension, that you will have to work to you drop, that you cannot afford to rent or buy property etc, etc, this was not the Muslims or Islam’s doing it was our so called own people.

    What I am trying to say is, by all means please do dislike Islam and Muslims, I do, but please try to see the bigger picture, Muslims are a problem but they are not the main problem, never lose sight of that, your real enemy and the biggest threat is the current system of world governance and the people who keep it going, everything else such as Muslim bombings, western invasions, drone attacks, it’s all just tit for tat in a game we never had a hand in.

    1. Thanks Justin, thanks ammobabes.

      Sadly, it is not a masterpiece but merely common sense.

      I know enough about economics and how the world works to be able to devise a strategy to give us, the majority, the people, our countries and life’s back but sadly I also know that people will never follow it and will instead continue to live in the same slave like manner as before.

      It is very infuriating that the very same people who complain about how they hate the way the world is today refuse to allow change into their life and instead promote the present with their same old, same old actions.

      The conclusion, if you hate the present do something to change it otherwise stop fucking complaining you useless bastards.

      This applies to everyone, non action is the same as supporting, if you want change then act, if you don’t then don’t act, it is that simple.

      I really, really, hope that people realise one day that they themselves are responsible for their time and that voting for “leaders” is fuckwitted and self defeatist.

        1. @TheProtocolsOfZion,

          One only needs to look at China to understand what they must do, the answer is right there in front of them but they cannot see because they have never been taught how to open their own eyes.

          China, an economic powerhouse much like how the USA was at one point, much like how Britain and Japan were at one point.

          China is a very wealthy country now, so wealthy in fact that they are going around buying everything up in everybody else’s country, they even own a large amount of USA’s debt, the question therefore is how did China get to be so wealthy and powerful?.

          The answer is simple, so simple it pains me to say it, we made them that wealthy and powerful, we the consumers did through our purchasing power.

          We kept on buying products that were manufactured in China and our greedy fucking companies decided to have more of their products manufactured there, it was cheap for them to do it and that meant more profit and we gave them the green light to go ahead and keep on doing it.

          The reason we allowed the above to happen is because we thought that we would be getting cheaper products ourselves and that would mean more money left in our pockets, wrong, dead fucking wrong, our companies still put the prices up and they sent all the manufacturing jobs abroad to meet demand and with less jobs in the economy that meant less people earning money and paying taxes, it meant more social security handouts and it meant less GDP for the entire country.

          The individual country’s government now suffering from a decline in GDP and with more expenses than net income decided to keep themselves alive by increasing taxation and reducing the cost of state infrastructure, this meant a reduction in funding for schools and other important areas which meant an overall fall in standards, they also decided to save money by increasing net immigration so that they could take advantage of foreign workers who would work for less as it was still a lot of money back in their own countries but this meant giving all the jobs to foreign workers who would send that money back home and not use it in the host country and more social security handouts, again a fall in GDP.

          It’s a vicious circle perpetuated by the myth of low price products when you can see from the above that this method of thought and action actually leaves you much poorer than you were before and destroys your own country.

          The latest Xbox console, the Xbox one, an all American product as the advertisements claim, actually made in China, the Sony Playstation 4, the Nintendo 3DS, all made in China, these are just a few examples but you can understand why these countries are in so much shit financially and you can understand why China is now so wealthy and powerful and why our countries are not anymore.

          The conclusion, the first step of revolution is to first start supporting your own economies, buy your own countries products and shun those companies that do not manufacture in their own countries and employ their own people, I guarantee that when the companies start losing money they will adapt to the new demand for indigenous self reliance because if they do not they will go out of business.

          The beauty of the above method is that it is perfectly legal and all you are effectively doing is reshaping supply and demand via your own purchasing power and by taking this stance you will increase your own country’s GDP which will mean more job creation and better standards throughout.

          So fucking simple and yet the zombie like nature of our people prevents it from happening, its like having a cure for Cancer but nobody can be bothered to go out and get it and instead they all just wait to die, fuck my life.

          1. Wow Empty, you have a great way of putting very complex shit in a much simpler form.

            Like you said, we the people hold the power, it’s just too damn bad we don’t give a fuck as long as we can eat doritos and play GTA.

          2. Yeah, I understand what your saying. I think it’s going to be impossible to get everybody on the same page with that scenario. As long as people are comfortable and have a full belly, it’s hard to get them off of their asses. Actually, it may be good that our countries are being robbed of our wealth. Once people start suffering they may be motivated to get off their asses and do something about it. Remember what happened in Germany. The country was plunged into poverty, there was mass unemployment. The time was ripe for a man like Hitler to come on the stage because the people were looking for a solution to their problems and he offered one. Too bad he got ganged up on by us ignorant fools. If he hadn’t we wouldn’t be in this situation now.

  3. Ugh..everytime i hear that dakka dakka shit i wanna claw my fucking eyeballs out..i know these people were “innocents” but i just can’t give a fuck..the head shots were fucking awesome..those fucking dunecoons really thought Allah allowed em to live but then to die from bullets shot from a fellow muzzie sandnigger..PRICELESS!!!…Allah fuckbar!!!…ALLAH FUCKFACE FUCKED YOU..haha!!

  4. When will Mark be back? Ate has been doing a great job but he isn’t very objective. Also, some people here disgust me, it is because of that people that bestgore is seen as a place full of ignorant fuckheads. Honestly, making wittty comments and jokes about someone’s death is not “cool”, this is what the zionists do, don’t be like them.

    1. @saddeaddog
      You are entitled to your freedom of speech.
      And so is everyone else on here. In everyday life some people find that they are stifled by goverment pressure through public opinion.
      Here we are excepted and have a sense of real freedom to express ourselves.
      Yes some opinions clash…..but that leads to colourful debates.
      Sometimes it desends to scrapping the bottom of our minds , purging our deep dirty soul. Othertimes its clever informative eye opening stuff.
      Everyone welcome…….including you.

      1. Yes I know, I just kind of wish it was like before, before the 1 lunatic 1 ice pick video we were less(not trying to look like an oldfag), I remember 26 comments per regular post, 60 or 100 on big posts, I never really commented a lot but I liked to from time to time, or to just read the comments. Now it’s kind of pointless to write something when there are 70 comments in less than 5 minutes. And that’s ok, some new people are awesome, but we also got a bunch of morbid people, the ones that make comments like “I’d fuck that rotten vagina” “That beheading wasn’t even as gruesome as this one”, “That bitch deserved it, hope her whole family is dead.” There are some other “news reality sites” out there, they’re really just managed by dumb teens who mock about death and think they look cool and stuff, but bestgore was never like this, I mean sure Mark sometimes made funny comments about things, but not always, and he always kept a rather professional point of view about things, specially when it comes to minors or torture. I’m not saying Ate or others doesn’t, very good job indeed, I’m just remembering the good ol’ days.

  5. The Islamic people are trying to take over the world one person to one country at a time. Lets hope they never ever succeed or there will be no humanity left. However there will be plenty of space in Heaven for those of us who reject Islam and all it stands for.

      1. yes, heaven does sound boring as hell, doesn’t it?
        i believe that an afterlife would be more of an individual experience. i think someone mentioned this as the time when one would be able to explore the cosmos and really see all of reality. i believe this, too. the energy is dispersed and travels to become a new life. outside the body and in deep space there is no such thing as time. you could be traveling for eons and yet when you return to life as a new being you have only been gone a matter of weeks.
        but i believe there is no real individual. ig, ego, and personality all die with the brain. only conscious energy remains. but it is not “obli” it just is consciousness. without thoughts or feelings or attatchements. you simply are existence. and then that energy is drawn to become a new life with its own personality and ego and id.
        completely different although powered by the same energy.

          1. I’d like to think there is a superhighway of “spirit energy” that surpasses our brains ability to manufacture consciousness, but sadly when we die, I believe the energy we excrete just gets sucked back into a pool of random energy from which it came.

            No spirits, no ghosts, just a collective pool of energy, waiting to be transformed into a bouncing basketball, or a swinging pendulum.

            If everyone was to suddenly die that would be the end of “paranormal” activity too. Not because it can no longer be witnessed, but because it is induced by the very thing we have yet to fully understand, the living brain.

          2. ” Good is the passive that obeys Reason. Evil is the active springing from Energy.
            Good is Heaven. Evil is Hell.(…) All Bibles or sacred codes have been the causes of the following Errors.
            1. That Man has two real existing principles Viz: a Body & a Soul.
            2. That Energy, call’d Evil, is alone from the Body, & that Reason, call’d Good, is alone from the Soul.
            3. That God will torment Man in Eternity for following his Energies.

            But the following Contraries to these are True

            1. Man has no Body distinct from his Soul for that call’d Body is a portion of Soul discern’d by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age
            2. Energy is the only life and is from the Body and Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy.
            3 Energy is Eternal Delight”

          3. @SadDeadDog Check out the Bhagavad Gita but you probably already know this, yes? There you’ll find one of the reasons I took my nick from.

    1. Ah yes. The greatest revenge is to let your enemy live everyday cursing his own life. Slaughter his family, cut out his eyes, remove his hands and let him wake up every morning knowing that the only reason he is alive is because of you. That every breath he takes is unequivocally, irrevocably yours.

        1. I didn’t but I should , hard to argue if I haven’t right but from what I gather its the Jews planning to control and dominate the world by insidious means. Indeed scary stuff so I understand your sense of urgency. The way you feel about Jews is the danger I see with islam. Islam is growing fast, it uses insidious tactics as well as brute force/ fear and I don’t say I see Judaism on the rise . I will continue to look deeper into this matter though. As I christian I believe the Jews are for some reason Gods chosen race but I don’t believe that makes them any better or worse well they rejected the messiah when he came and the Torah promised and still reject him.
          This is what I believe will go down and maybe in our lifetime.
          The middle east will be on the brink of some catastrophe, then a man ( the Antichrist) will come and broker a seven year peace deal with Israel. They will accept and everyone will say yes, finally peace! After three and a half years, the deal/ treaty will be broken and the Jews will be attacked and face annihilation, all the world powers will be poised to wipe out Israel .
          Right at that time, Christ shall return to claim his kingdom on earth and take rulership away from Satan. I think the Antichrist goes to Sheol( a shitty place of the dead bit not hell as in lake of fire) Christ will return as king of the earth and destroy his enemies and establish his rule in Jerusalem. I don’t see this as the Jews ruling the world because they will have to be saved, accept Christ . Believers will be rewarded , some more and some less based on how they conducted their lives but salvation is assured.

          1. I wrote a reaaly long comment to you about Jews and the bible but it didn’t post, for fuck sakes. Anyway, I’ll type it again. Hey, put that copy of the protocols in your favorites list and read it when you get a chance. You have to read it to understand what I’m always going on about.

          2. Ok, second time I write this, if it doesn’t post, I’m not writing it again. You believe in the bible so I will explain the Jews to you like this. Jesus was talking smack about the Pharisies, the Jewish leaders of the day, so they plotted to have him killed. The Jews reject Jesus as the messiah, they believe the real messiah is still to come. In 70 AD, the Roman general Titus sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Jews holy temple, Solomons Temple. You probably have heard of the western wall. That’s the wall in Jerusalem you always see on TV where the Jews pray, stick notes in the cracks and bob back and forth. That wall is what’s left of Solomons Temple that Titus destroyed in 70 AD.

            The Jews bobbing back and forth at the wailing wall are praying that their temple will be rebuilt and the messiah, their Jewish king will rule the world from the newly rebuilt Solomons Temple on the temple mount. The bible says the antichrist will sit on the thrown in the temple and declare himself God. So the guy you call the antichrist, the Jews claim he is the messiah they have been waiting for and he will be Jewish and their new Jewish king will rule the world from Solomons temple. Now, if the Jewish antichrist is going to rule the world, he will have to control the media, banks, and governments, correct? If you can’t buy or sell with out the mark, then I guess he controls the money supply, ie the banks. The reality is the Jews with the help of their freemason puppets have already taken over the world and are just waiting to rebuild their temple in the middle east.

            Once they rebuild that temple on top of the temple mount, your bible story will play out. The whole world is turning against the Jews as we speak. Wheather someone believes in the bible or not, the Jewish Rabbis do, and they are making it happen. Are you shitting your pants yet? haha!

          3. Proto man, it’s great that you have post it here but don’t you think that too many white people these days wouldn’t give a fuck to realise if its true or not? Damn I can only wish all of whites were just like you.

      1. @realitycheck
        Very TRUE.
        Did you know that Islam has 4 words to describe different ways of lying?
        Kitman and muruna.
        Basically that mean that these are the accepted ways to be decieptful and still be TRUE to Islam.
        It includes being friends with non Muslims to further their cause.
        Sippery nasty religion.

          1. O.M.A!!!! Lol.
            They might not take over the world , but that’s what they will try to do until eternity.
            There are taking over in white countries through mass breading and politics.
   is an American based site. Maybe you should have a look. Coz it tells you what your politicians are doing to help them get what they want. Especially the instanbul project.
            Sorry for being repeatitive.

    1. I personally think they are not very bright….hence why they kill everything in sight…people who have small brains usually resort to mass violence (not always but for this lot I think definitely!).

      Anyways…for people to fear them taking over the world are silly – they are just too stupid… many videos are there of these doorknobs blowing their brains out as they fire at others…cmon now…they will kill themselves off ..I really believe that…

        1. just cos someone is white doesn’t automatically indicate that they are bright…I think the jerry springer show, maury povich show, hell even the judge judy show has shown this to be true…

          …what im saying is that they just aren’t too clever, and basically they desire a need to kill and terrorize people…

          ….that’s my take on it..meh..could be wrong…but I don’t think so…clueless clusterfucks is all this is about…

        2. mr. reality, these people are fools. Islam teaches tolerance for none save those who are born into it. those who belong to the culture. white and black and asian muslims are nothing to full-blooded muslims and these….imposters are viewed with the same disdain as non-muslims. they become a means to an end. nothing more.

          1. Yeah what they call us? Khuffars or some shit? That word bring to me an image of a Muslim farting in his and and cupping it over his face lol. For real! Always made word pictures since I was a kid still do. Make myself laugh a lot this way.

  6. Imagine… We were in there.. with all that oil… and what do we do…? We let these soulless vermin retain control of it.

    They are all animals… their eradication would make the world a better place

  7. With a fatality count like that I was expecting – “this is the country’s worst attack since the devastating bombings in 19….

    But not in Yemen, this attack claims the prestigious title of ‘worst attack in 18 months’, what a scummy shit hole of a place.

      1. So take away the parents right to parent? Good idea holy fuck you athiest come up with some scary ideas. People would be fuckiing shot the day the government tells me what I can and can’t believe and teach my own kids. Your treading dangerous ideas lady. You think your brother who fights for freedom would condone government mind control? What a shame.

        1. And as a christian I share my beliefs with my kids but they choose what they want to believe. I don’t punish them if they disagree with me. The whole fucking point of Christianity is free will. It is not forced like fucking islam. That said , I know some parents are pushy with it as my parents were but free will, I’m the only one of my siblings who still believes so forcing it can’t work.

        2. Lol I just mean that its gotta be some kind of abuse to teach the young minds of our future about any religion. Its passed down through generations, they all got their religious beliefs from their parents. Surely it stops any real progression of humanity by living by centuries old bullshit.

          1. I believe in free thought…this goes hand and hand with free speech of which you keep mentioning…

            therefore…you cant have one without the other…so let people believe what they will..

          2. I’m only speaking of Christianity , not any other false bullshit. When it comes to Christianity , present it but then choice is up to the individual. Indeed, many have actually turned away from a faith based life due to forcing and punisent for not choosing or for questioning. When you choose Christ he guides you, you don’t need other people telling you what’s right for you. I’m a human being not a human doing lol

          3. @alicat
            Free speech as I keep mentioning is a good thing but blowing up innocents and the want to have everyone turn to Islam by the use of force is definitely not.

          4. i like how you mentioned christianity and false bullshit in the same sentence, lol.
            to me, anyone who appllies logic and reason to a deity will ultimately conclude that there can be no god of any kind. this is obvious to me and others of my ilk. there is no right or wrong or good and evil, it is all man-made. i will not be punished for my “sins” anymore than i will be rewarded for my good deeds. in the end, a child is exactly the same as the child killer. this is what enrages people like you. they want so desperately for their to be some punishment and reward system beyond the horror of this life. but its all in vain to me. i am awake and have lived my entire life in the darkness… but please, keep your beliefs, sir. it is not my intent to try and sway your convictions. aftrall, no one knows for sure, other than the ones who have left…..

          5. @whurly

            you cant have it both ways unfortunately…

            if muslims are going to take over the world like you fear, then I would think you wouldn’t mind this as much…were they not muslims they were killing??

            yes I agree its a shame ‘innocents’ were killed..its not right…but this is what you get when one group has a certain belief and they kill others because they do not feel the same…
            …thus bringing us around to free thinking again…those gunman are as appalled about others beliefs as you are…and they fear they will take over the world….
            …look at that…same fears…same controlled thought..
            …different beliefs and reactions yes…
            …this is what comes from controlling or overpowering free will…
            ..perhaps im too much of a lifelong believer in john lennon..but for fawk sakes…we have tried it all these other ways and it doesn’t work…how about we ALL just fuck off and let each other be..

            …sorry to go on…but my heart yearns for peace…and it shall never come to be..

          6. @whurly I think its wrong to try to force your individual beliefs on anyone else. Child or not. But are you really saying that me being open about my beliefs in God and Christianity to my child is abuse? Really? Do you believe it’s child abuse to teach your own kids about *your* beliefs..that there is no God and no whatever? How can one be child abuse and not the other? Neither of them are child abuse. Eventually everybody will figure out what it is they believe in. That doesn’t mean I’m right and you’re wrong or vice versa. Just like Obli said.. No one really knows for sure. So how can you qualify one as child abuse and not the other when you don’t know which is the ‘real truth’? All you know is what you believe. You’re pretty much in the same boat as me, sister.

        3. Since you are such a big bible believer, I will tell you what it says about the Jews. Jesus was talking smack about the Pharisies, so the Jewish Pharisies decided to have them killed. Jesus called them The Synagogue Of Satan. You see, the Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah. They are still awiting their Messiah. The Roam general Titus destroyed Solomons templ 70 AD. The bible says the antichrist will rule the world and sit on the thrown in the temple saying he is God. That temple is Solomons temple. You must have heard of the wailing wall in Jerusalem? That’s where all of the Jews go and pray and stick little notes in the wall as prayers. That wall is the last remnants of Solomons Temple that Titus destroyed. When the Jews are bobbing back and forth, they are praying for their temple to be rebuilt. They are planning to rebuild Solomons Temple on the temple mount. This is where their Messiah will rule the world from. And of course only a Jew could be the king of the Jews. The Christians will call him the antichrist. The freemasons main goal is to rebuild Solomons Temple. Since you don’t believe in a Jewish conspiracy to rule the world but you do believe in the bible, you better reject the Jewish antichrist. Now how would this antichrist rule the world? Do you think he would own all of the media? Would he ownthe whole financial system so nobody could buy and sell with out the mark? Would he control the world government? Are you shitting your pants yet? haha.

          1. The bible says that the Antichrist will come from the revived roman empire, some think this could mean the EU or the medditrainian union. I do know they are trying to rebuild the temple, but how are they going to do that with the dome of the rock sitting there. Something’s gotta give :/

          2. i thought the antichrist was anyone who refused jesus as saviour.
            besides, the antichrist is only mentioned as an individual in revelation. the book of revelation is not a prediction ala Nostradamus. it is an allegory based on what was happening at the time. an opium trip, if you will. the book of revelation occured and ended a long time ago. it does not apply to the here and now. and if your god is so great, why do the muslims believe that their god is not only real, but is the creator and author of all life?
            so why doesn’t your god write a new updated version of his book so that he can set the fucking record straight? so that he can justify and explain his reasons for using his own word to create so much chaos and false gods and death in his name? if he is a god of love…then he sent one man to represent him named jesus…just like allah sent one man named muhammed….despite the fact that he knew it would be pointless and in vain? if there is a god, why don’t animals show any signs of awareness to a higher power? why is it the only creature with the capacity to imagine? Mankind. why don’t animals leave caches of food as offerings in set-aside places? why don’t you spy groups of them just sitting in reverie as they are depicted in your fucking bible stories for children if there was a god, all living things would know it was true, would feel it. and therefor would then be able to make a concsious choice to turn to evil or good. like in fantasy and stuff. there is definite good and a definite evil but there is no black and white, good and evil…this world, it’s all grey and based on an individual level.
            there is nothing but mankind’s fucking refusal to believe that he is alone and that he has followed bullshit his entire life.
            embrace the dark, my friend. you will be much better off thinking for yourself.

          3. Like I said, only a Jew could sit in Solomons Temple. The Dome Of The Rock and Al Aqsa mosque would have to be destroyed before the Jews could build the third temple. War, earth quake, or a big bomb would take care of it. Anyway, I don’t know if a God exists but I do know that Jews control our countries and the world right now.

  8. you would think the really cheesy white shoes that the gunmen were wearing would have given them away….

    …its the first thing I noticed and thought wasn’t ‘kosher’

    but then perhaps I obsess too much over shoes…I do like me a sweet pair of shoes…*sigh* oh joy oh in my happy place..

          1. BWAHAHAHA!

            I like making people twitch…it is my specialty!

            And no unfortunately I am not smoking….I actually haven’t had any bud in months…and im going crazzzy without it

      1. Obli , you are partially right, some of revelation is indeed past , some is present or in transition to the future, such as Antichrist coming to power , Armageddon and the return of Christ haven’t happened yet but the Antichrist may very well be alive now. Take Jesus, he didn’t start his ministry mainly till he was 30.

    1. @yournextgirl
      You are correct.
      But you assume that I pass on my own beliefs to my kids. I assure you I don’t. My children participate in religious festivals at school. Without a tut , scoff or comment by me. Shit I even have 2 bibles in my home.
      Whatever they finally decide will be of their own making.
      Fresh young brains should be allowed to expand freely and without a fence.
      it is here on BG I can speak my mind.

      1. Who wrote the bible ?……. that’s right, a fleshy virus.

        Kids do not need access to such nonsense which suggests that god or jesus WILL return ‘someday’.

        In the meantime, tell them to continue ‘believing’ and they’ll be fine because the book says so………… What a joke.

        Visiting pattaya or bali without life insurance is true reality πŸ˜†

  9. Thanks @ whirly if you meant me. I always enjoy good debates utballows those reading to thing about things in a new light and also to think for themselves. Also @ obli your comment was well received , you said your points intelligently without resorting to childish name calling and what not. I get your logic but to me that’s the main issue. Man is highly intelligent but not so much that we know everything. One scripture Christ says ” I’d tell you everything there is to know but you could not bear it” so to me we don’t and can’t at this time know everything about the spiritual realm.

      1. Its hard to be sure but I do not believe the earth to be millions of years old . I’d place it somewhere in the tens of thousands. I think cavemen were right after the garden of eden, and dinosaurs existed either with man, possibly dying in the great flood or just before. Creation took seven days , yet the bible says a day to God is like a thousand years, so if that’s literal Dino’s could have roamed the earth thousands of years before man was created. Man was made on the sixth day , land creatures before that.

        1. Under the right conditions, fossilization can happen quicker than we think. In some cave in the states , a girl dropped her teddy bear and the stalagmites coated and permiated it, causing it to be fully fossilized. They carbon dated that ol teddy to be millions of years old which was only decades old. The extreme pressures of the floodwaters could have also played a part in fossilizing the Dino’s and vegetation. See ? Science and faith are not enemies.

          1. They most certainly are enemies. You do realize the most brilliant minds amongst us place the age of the earth at approximately 4.56 billion years old. However, 45% of adult Americans believe the earth to be no older than 10,000 years old because that’s what the Bible states. That’s the equivalent to believing North America is 25 feet wide. Not only do people who vote for Senators and Presidents believe this, but people that become Senators and Presidents believe this nonsense as well. I find that fucking horrifying, and I don’t horrify easy. The earth is not tens of thousands of years old, it fucking can’t be. There are fucking trees on this planet that are 1500 years old for fucks sake!

          2. nevermind all the ancient dinosaur bones we have been finding and dating wayyyyyy back…hmm..perhaps they were dropped off by aliens??? those sneaky bastards!

          3. Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago and ruled the Earth for hundreds of millions of years. Those are scientific facts, not theories. We are lucky enough to live in a time where we have all this evidence, to give us at least some understanding of how we came to be and how long we have been here, and some of us refuse to accept the truth no matter what the evidence says. I don’t understand why some people aren’t able to just take a step back and look at things in an unbiased manner. Peoples religious faith is determined by where they were born, and to what extent those closest to them rammed it down their throats. Religion is the biggest con ever perpetrated on mankind, and if people don’t realize that soon it will be the death of us all.

          4. Well I’m not an expert obviously I’d have to do a lot of research but even still you guys would not believe the truth right in front of you. Must be awesome to be among them who have it all figured out to a tee. Even if I shot divine fireballs out my ass y’all wouldn’t believe lol. Anyways I’m not swaying you and you ain’t swaying me so we agree to disagree but in the end, whatever end you will see …

  10. This is very sad, I thought maybe he had not been taught about love, .. folly, their ideology, their environment, … makes him a terrorist.

    I mourn the victims of the brutal murder, ..

    so, GOD BLESS US!

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