Young Brazilian Brutally Murdered by Stoning in Caruaru

Young Brazilian Brutally Murdered by Stoning in Caruaru

Of course it had to be Caruaru cause where else could a brutal murder like this happen than in the goriest city of the world’s gore capital.

A young man was brutally murdered by stoning in the early hours of Friday February 15, 2013 on the corner of Dorgival Xavier de Lima and Abel Miranda Cavalcante, a few meters from the canal in Vila Kennedy, Caruaru, Brazil. The victim, a young man of about 20 years, was not carrying any documents so his identity is unknown. Dozens members of the Brazilian death cheer team gathered round for their nightly entertainment over the corpse, but none had seen him before. I think I can help with identification – Da Silva!

According to residents of the area, screams were heard by a man at around midnight which prompted the residents to alarm the authorities. Although the police and the ambulance arrived on the scene quickly, the victim had already died and the attacker(s) gone with no lead as to who they could be and where they had fled.

It was just another day in Caruaru. By the time you finished reading this, someone else was brutally murdered in Caruaru. That city just rocks like that:

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