Young Brazilian Women Stab and Attempt to Behead Another Woman

Young Brazilian Women Stab and Attempt to Behead Another Woman

That up there are some wannabe Brazilian female G’s, who can barely hold a knife in their hand firmly enough to deliver a stab or slash worth noting, but took it upon themselves to stab and attempt to behead another young woman.

I don’t have much information right now, but the video is from Brazil. Best Gore member @EduardoHueBR says he could not identify the accent to say which region this is from, only certain phrases, like “die, you motherfucker“.

Thanks a lot for the video, @eduardohuebr:

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176 thoughts on “Young Brazilian Women Stab and Attempt to Behead Another Woman”

    1. You don’t see blonde woman do this in white countries.
      Im sure RedIce would love to hear about this one.
      I wish that race stayed in their country… but no.
      They’re coming to a town near you =White genocide=

    1. Yeah they really seemed to home in on her spine… Not a lot of penetration there, But I’ll give that one. For amateur bitches using kitchen knives their attacks were mostly “on point”…. Ya get it, on point…. Nvm

      1. Shut your stupid repetitive cock sucker. Hitler wasnt brown. Josef mengele? Dahmer? Armin? Luka? 2 maniacs 1 hammer? Gacy? Bundy? Stalin? Lenin? Ivan? Riiight. Shut your fuckin color comments and contribute to the gore you platypus fucker

        1. When these kinds of crimes are committed in first world countries they are BIG news. But then I come on BG and see faces being peeled off, cartel torture sessions, people being lynched & burned alive, children being brutally murdered, fags thrown off buildings etc.. 99% of these ultra violent videos are taken in brown countries. Remember the attention Luka Magnotta got? If that happened in Mexico no one would have even heard about it. That’s just the way it is.

  1. Geezus, bru-tal! When you find out, I’d like to know what this girl did to deserve this… I’m sure it involves a man but what a bunch a fucking pieces of shit. I hope they get ass raped with the same knives they used.

      1. Aww when did food stamps cover rims extensions or long nails. Have a nice tall glass of 90 year old male with parkinsons sperm. Savages come in every gender and color. You stupid bitch you

        1. I used to live around the corner from some people. Only one of the seven had a job. They would pool the resources from their food stamp cards. Almost every day I drove past, they were grilling piles of meat drinking beer. The employed ones paycheck paid for weed, gas, and the occasional used ATV. They were white and so am I. It’s not a racist thing. People manipulate the system. Niggers come in all colors, and the tax payer gets fucked.

  2. i mean, did they even behead the woman successfully???
    and, as a woman myself, jesus h, put your hair up when you get down to work. i put mine up even before eating.

    probably their first time to the rodeo… luckily they didn’t wear white adidas, they woulda been ruined with that hot mess of a scene.

    poor victim.

        1. You’re still here you dead dick emaciated mutt. Ive been hoping for you to drop fuckin dead for a few years. Seeing you in a cast again will be good enough since you insist on staying. Cheery o arseloch

  3. They’re horrible at this. These girls should learn their place in the kitchen or pick up a hobby like pottery or knitting. Do something more constructive with their time such as playing a instrument, paint, read, write a novel, volleyball, make up a innovative mathematical equation, start a communist movement, try a new foreign cuisine. I mean there are so my activities I can think of but they would rather do something they are not good at doing. Hypothetically, if I we’re to become a killer I would have to be utterly addicted to it.

  4. Ugh common! This was such wasted potential. Almost jack off material but not quite. So close to seeing an at least half naked woman getting decapitated by other half naked women. But nope. Let’s just film her back and keep stabbing her

  5. Oh, the power smart phones hold over these wretched imbeciles.
    Ok, without the phones we wouldn’t see this shit, but for fucks sake, these retards just cannot put the things down for a second.
    Instantaneous sharing of everything but having a dump.
    The way this is heading, this brand of heinous, feral behaviour,will be common in the not so distant future. Millennials are living in a digital anti world, where once common traits and customs have no place. Probably THE worst addiction to have blighted society yet.

  6. Dumbasses. This kind of glooves are used solely by hairdresses to protect their hands from toxic beauty products harm and to keep their hands clean from that crap. Actually they do not offer protection against biohazard. I even realize the bitches have got fake straight hair and fake colour.

    1. calling yourself a Christian doesn’t make you one. this applies to any walk of life.
      also, i’ve never heard of Brazil being a “90% Christian country”. that’s the first time i’ve heard of that one.

      1. Yes, brazilians are 90% “””””christians”””””, but I agree with X, here I am PRETTY sure that 0.01% of christians have read the Bible (Plato, Aristotle, Agostine, Thomas Aquinas, Liebniz, Schelling etc.) and at least 50% of them don’t even know how to read.

        The problem here in Brazil is definitely NOT religion, but govern and state.

        Tax is theft, specially here in Brazil.

        1. It is very common people vote on candidates indicated by their priest or pastor, and you know there are a significative number of pastors who are also congressmen. Unfortunately we can not apart government and religion in Brazil. This country is being governed by religious leaders, since congressmen have a huge power to vote or ban laws, they are even stronger than the executive power.

          1. And of course I have OBVIOUSLY mentioned 90% as an figure of speech, just to say the major part of the population confess this creed. For this reason you will ” never heard of Brazil being a “90% Christian country””

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