Young Brazilian Ex-Con Executed with Several Shots to the Head

Young Brazilian Ex-Con Executed with Several Shots to the Head

A 23 year old ex-con by the name of Jordan Luiz da Silva was shot down in front of some homes close to where he lived on October 9, 2014. Several shots up close and into the head dropped the young man on the side of the street and despite the crowded, cramped living conditions, no suspects have since been named. Military police were on scene to close off the area and collected evidence although the who and why of this murder are still under investigation, but I’m willing to bet that he knew his killer.

He was still young, we all make mistakes. A man can still turn himself around at that age. I didn’t wise up until in my late twenties and before then I deserved whatever fate would have fallen upon me. We all made our choices, but the righteous man can sleep soundly and have pleasant dreams.

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  1. Yay i’m up to date again. Couldn’t load new pages for over a week. Vasily said flush the DNS-cache ( thanks Vasily, for replying ) – alas it still didn’t work.. So i spent the whole evening handpicking through a week of new posts. One awesome post after another. Had a good laugh too. Hope everyone is well.

    1. @H.Thompson, I’m sorry to tell you but you’re still a week behind, today’s the 19th.

      It would appear that the reason for why you have been a week behind for a while now is less to do with your internet settings and more to do with the fact that you are actually living one week in the past behind everybody else.

      This strange time phenomenon that you have been experiencing and that oddly enough you are able to communicate with us in the present (your future) is very fascinating indeed.

      Let me know if you want last weeks lottery numbers, or should I say next weeks lottery numbers.

        1. I must admit sometimes I do get that deja vu feeling where I feel like I’m experiencing something that has already happened before.

          It most often happens to me when I’m viewing Israeli/western news articles, and oddly enough shortly after a general election as well.

  2. He was convict for wearing flip-flops, and he died repeating the same mistake, im guessing. 😆

    Yeah we all make mistakes sometimes, but only the foolish commits the most horrendous ones knowing the consequences, unfortunately there are plenty of foolish people today…

  3. I would like to brag and tell you all that I sleep like a baby every night, but that would mean I always wake up crying for my feeding at roughly two in the morning! I don’t do that anymore. 😆

    I believe I would change my name if I were a da Silva living in Brazil these days. Proportionally speaking, 23 is roughly retirement age for one of them.

  4. The only thing that is written in stone is your tombstone. It is never to late to change. And if your a da Silva that should be the first thing you go about changing.

  5. Grab another da silva headstone from the fucking big pile. I often wonder, in souvenir shops where they have personalised names on stuff, is everything just covered in “Da Silva”? It must also be why they give their soccer players names like “Ronaldo”, “Kaka” and so on. Cause if you say “did you see Da Silva playing yesterday?”, you just named the whole nation. And they say “which one?” and you reply “the fella in the flip-flops”, and they still wouldn’t have a fucking clue. All the Da Silva deaths here, and yet I’ve never met a Brazilian in person who wasn’t sound as a fucking pound. It’s all a bit mad really.

  6. Poor kid he never had a chance…I didn’t snap out of my rebellious phase till my late 20’s also. I guess cause our brain doesn’t fully develop till about 25 so that probably has something to do with it. My poor brain!

    1. Is that a fact about our brains? I believe it because I did a lot of stupid shit until I turned 25. It was very odd, like I was very suddenly mature on the day of my 25th birthday and could immediately see how much of an idiot I had been until then. On the 21st I’ll be 29, these past 4 years have been way more productive than my 1st 25!

    2. There is a sine qua non condition in life…..for your success or failure ( succession of failures may bring success though ) it’s your environment at your birth… he will be given an other chance to live another life….
      We’re just migrating souls…..There is no evil…..just ol good souls trying to live in one of the many material universes……judging others is always so funny…..not accepting the difference. ……trying to put down someone in order to desesperatly elevate one self seems appealing. …..sounds to me to be a little “wormly”……Some people just should grow up…..for a better world……
      Not judging just sayin !

  7. Your honesty is humbling Obli. I also made many mistakes while young, and stupid! Luckily, like yourself, the grim reaper did not come to collect me either. I now strive to do the right thing everyday, and i try to help out anybody in need, whenever possible.

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