Young Couple Killed Near Pattaya, Thailand

Young Couple Killed Near Pattaya, Thailand

Pictures of murders or traffic accidents from Thailand are usually better than this set. For some reason there is no pic of medical examiners posing for a family album with corpse’s head and there are no decent close ups so much is left to imagination.

Pattaya is an extremely lucrative town. It’s the biggest brothel in the world which in turn attracts millions of tourists each year. They all spend thousands of dollars while in Pattaya and that translates into billions in annual incomes. Obviously, since Thailand is such a civilized country with the rule of law (yeah, right), it’s the local twinky mafia that gets to keep a lion share of this massive bag of money.

Thai twinky mafia controls much of Pattaya and whoever doesn’t play by their rules gets killed. Many foreigners were murdered by Thai twinky mafia in Pattaya, but because it’s not good PR and could potentially jeopardise the billions of cash money, murders of foreigners are made to look like suicides. Thai twinky police are part of the scheme so cases of murdered foreigners are closed without further investigation officially ruling out any foul play and declaring it a suicide.

Locals are just plain shot dead. Why would they bother throwing them out of a high rise if they can just shoot them in the street? Nobody will care if it’s not ruled a suicide. But let’s focus on the more important aspect here – the deadly flip flops. There is no really good photo of the man shod dead, but the pic of his feet with only one still wearing a flip flop says it all. The curse of the flip flops is undeniable.

And then there is this awesome emo mullet hair that Thai twinks like to wear. They even combine it with stupid sunglasses for an utter moron look and they even think it makes them look hot. In this case, though, the sunglasses are off but you can bet they went back on after the ME’s were done. A Thai twinky won’t pass up on an opportunity to look like a loser fuck lightly.

Gallery of photos of a young Thai hooker and some dude who got killed near Pattaya is below. BTW, the saddest part of Pattaya mafia is seeing old, crippled women with bloodied lips thrown out in the street to sell jasmine necklaces to foreigners. They are very old and get beat up all the time for not selling enough. The desperation in their eyes is heart breaking but knowing it’s the twinky losers who abuse them for monetary profit makes it all so much more painful:

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9 thoughts on “Young Couple Killed Near Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. My cousin Willie (real name Guillermo, but like a typical cholo he uses a fake English-sounding name) works for the Tijuana mafia. Guy must have killed over 50 people already, which is small business over there.

    We come from a well-to-do family, and once I asked him why he got into the mafia, since he could have had a good life without going the illegal route. He told me, all serious, that killing is fun. And I guess it’s true, since all over the world people like these get killed and they won’t even steal a wallet (hooker and john were probably both dirt poor to begin with).

    So there you have it, kids: killing is fun.

    1. Just like anything else in this world, if it involves an adrenaline rush, it’s usually addictive or “fun”. Killing is no different. Many military personnel also enjoy killing after getting a taste. The only difference is that the government condones it, on their terms, of course.

      1. lol so true. Law #1. vigilantism is illegal, the law and jurisprudence is proper.

        Exception to Law #1. $50M bounty for whomever brings/kills Osama Bin Laden.

        As long as its govt sanction its ok.

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