Young Girl Raped and Murdered in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Young Girl Raped and Murdered in Siem Reap, Cambodia

In Sout Nikom District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, a naked corpse of a young girl was found in the brush. It is suspected that the girl had been raped and murdered.

The girl had gone missing on October 13, 2016. The grisly discovery was made 3 days later – on October 16. It appears that she was killed by being strangled with her own shirt.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          2. I can never respect a man who doesn’t know the value of a man. Or a woman who doesn’t know the value of a man. Respect is a two way street. There’s difference between a warrior and a cuck. A warrior protects the vulnerable, not the privileged. But I’ve already said that. You’re not a warrior. You’re the cuck.

          3. So explain. At what point does a murder become a valid response to a so called ‘pussy pass’?? At what point does a man being against rape be a ‘cuck’? I see both points, but lately your responses are just unadulterated bullshit based on bias. You want to be the big man, showing us how not to be sheep? Fucking show it then. Because being a dick over innocent women being raped, children being killed, and men being murdered, mean shit when you cant back it up, end of. You just sound like a whiny racist. I joined this site thinking differently.

          4. What the fuck are you whining about? This whole website exposes real life the way it is – raw and unfiltered. As a website exposing raw reality, this is where your female privilege ends. I eat feminazis for breakfast and as such, have nothing more to explain or prove to you. If you seek political correctness, you’re on the wrong website. Here there be equality, regardless of how much it infuriates entitled women and pussy whipped manginas. My goal on here is to document the darkest aspects of life and human nature the way they really are, not watered down so some privileged snowflake doesn’t get her precious feelings hurt.

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            You’re no deliverer of truth or wisdom, Mark. You’re just a very damaged, hateful, antisemitic, woman hating racist who posts pictures of crime scenes online.

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    2. The only problem, as it is with most extremists, is there is simply black and white. People in the middle which outnumber extremists by far, see things in grey. Sometimes it’s a woman’s fault; sometimes it’s a man fault. Extremists blame whichever gender they dislike no matter the circumstance. But always remember that the real world isn’t black and white. Radical thinking people are just really loud so you can get the illusion that represents the world. Don’t think that. That just gets you down. Poll 10 people you know and most will have an answer that’s not extreme or filled with blind hate.

  1. Would someone care to tell me what the fuck is the shit on her face? Looks like plants or insects or something of that sort. It definitely looks like it came with the “natural” environments she died in.

    Thanks in advance if you happen to have any idea what that shit is.

  2. Your right vincent it gos both ways both are the victems in this situation but to be biased to one side is completely ignorant theres two side’s to evry situation and when the guilty is found then justice will be executed whatever that may be in what ever form i prefer a good old tyre necklace havnt seen that in a while hehe

  3. Interesting occurrence that the head has putrefied and has become a maggot-newyork city but the rest of it doesn’t even appear dead.

    As for the impromptu cover-up, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was one of the fucking cops on scene which caused this.

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