Young Girl Found Raped and Murdered in Tebing Tinggi, Indonesia

Young Girl Found Raped and Murdered in Tebing Tinggi, Indonesia

Allahu Akbar. It’s my favorite Muslim country in the whole wide world again. Kazzak my dear, what the hell were you thinking? Indonesia is not safe for a guy, let alone a girl. Every woman needs to stay the fuck away from the followers of the religion of peace. Prophet Muhammad taught them to respect women about as much as Jews teach their followers to respect non Jews.

An unidentified girl approximately 18 or 19 years of age was found raped and murdered behind a school in Tebing Tinggi, district of Paya Pinang, Indonesia. She was found by children who were on the way home from school in the early afternoon. The girl was not there when they went the opposite way in the morning so someone must have raped and killed her during the course of the day, in broad daylight.

If you have Indonesia on your Bucket List, you should scroll up, type “Indonesia” in the search bar to see what you’d be putting yourself into. An exception would be if your bucket list contains such items as “Stumble across corpse of raped girl” or “Watch someone get lynched to death“. Though you may easily find yourself being said attraction before you get a chance to observe it. Allahu Akbar!

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        1. I think it looks pretty nasty if a girl has a whole bush down under. But if everything’s shaved, it looks, just as said above, like an 11 year old girl who grew boobs a little too early. 😛 I’d take the midway, shaved but a little stripe of fur in the middle. Trimmed is also okay though 😛 but please, no bushes.

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        1. Lol @ mr dankim….so you’d rather hook up with a chick that looks caught halfway through puberty?
          I’ve never seen a full shave/wax job that DIDNT make the female look 11 with breasts. :s

  1. I definitely don’t want to go to Indonesia. Why would I? There’s too many other better places to go in this world. Places on my Bucket List: The UK, Germany, Australia… Maybe a few more, but those are the main places I want to see before I die.

      1. I’m trying, I’m trying! There’s plenty of places around the U.S. I want to see, as well. I’d love to get back up to Chicago one day. Maybe out West, too. Sigh… So many places, so little money. I swear if I won the lottery I wouldn’t bother buying a big house. Not right off the bat, anyway. There’d be no point, because I’d never be home.

    1. As I’ve stated before, One of Indonesia’s strange custom or Norm is to kidnap any girl that you want to marry, prehap a 30 year old old ugly piece of shit saw a 16 year old girl hes been eyeing, It would be the NORMAL thing to Kidnap her rape her and forcibly make her his wife. The family may resist of course but if you can do it, its legal and tradition. Bunch sick Muslim Freaks.

      1. That practice makes me Indo-nauseous. I’m too busy fighting off women who WANT a relationship to result in marriage. I’ll be damned if I’m going to hang out with men who force women to marry them. That’s just ass backwards to my attitude towards women.

      1. For some reason, I thought you were one of the Britons on here. I guess I’m losing track of people’s nationalities. Hey, thanks for that invite, but I’m going to need to see your face first. You might have a shark-toothed demon maw hiding under all that hair. Considering some of the things I’ve said, anybody could have it out for me… Better safe than sorry! 😛

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    1. How far forward are you leaning? It would seem that leaning slightly forward would help expell waste – while sitting upright completely would constrict the poop shute, as it were, and make defecation more difficult. I find that slamming a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning also helps produce a healthy bowel movement with little resistance. Lean forward approximately 45 degrees and paint that toilet bowl.

  3. “Bucket List”, no offence to you wonderful Yanks and Canadians but I hate that fucking word. lol! But you probably hate many words from us kiwi’s such as “bro”.. Folks are off to Raratonga next week fuck knows why full of dirty boonga’s, not my cup of tea neither is smelly Indonesia, but we tend to go there as its cheaper for us than to travel to uk..

    1. I love your DP. Not because of the tits (+props on those btw) but it looks very youthful. I see that image and I can clearly see crowds of anonymous sex, glow sticks and STD’s. then again I am rolling as we speak so who cares ( :P) Ave maria

  4. well,,,, unfortunetly i came from this god forsaken country indonesia,,, where they scream 5 x a day, just to pray to their DEAF Auhalahh DEMON gods shits. prefer to dip my ears in between ‘Lisa Ann’ Tits for 5 minutes when they pray.

    indeed its true, girls get raped and kill here everyday,,, by Monkeys out from Muhammad dick premature ejaculations.


  5. How lame does it make me if I admit that I swooned like a 12 year old girl when I saw Mark had mentioned me by name in this post? He could have said, “Kazzak, you are a complete moron and I hate you” and I probably would have still got all tingly…

    Anyway, I wrote a really long reply defending Indonesia, but the more I wrote, the more I realised that the reason I had a relatively easy 6 years was because I had friends in high places and paid a lot of money to a lot of people to keep me safe.

    Corruption is normal, accepted and expected in Indonesia.

    I love Indonesia, but I would throw myself in front of a plane to stop my sister going there on her own. Or my brother, father, mother, or anyone I care about for that matter. I can speak the language, I know how to defend myself, I have money and know other people who do too.

    But I can say, with 100% conviction, that the average Indo is too busy trying to survive in a shitty country to care about what religion you follow, what you wear, or what you do in your spare time. There are some bad people in Indo, but the majority just don’t give a fuck.

    Last thing – Tebing Tinggi is famous for underage prostitution. That’s the only reason I even know it exists. The dead girl doesn’t look at all underage – maybe that’s why she was killed?

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