Young Indian Woman Takes Her Last Breaths After Her Throat Is Slashed

Young Indian Woman Takes Her Last Breaths After Her Throat Is Slashed

Young Indian Woman Takes Her Last Breaths After Her Throat Is Slashed

The video from India shows a young woman literally taking her last breaths after having her throat slashed. It would appear that the video was filmed by the people who conspired to kill her. The man partly seen walking away from the woman before she collapses from the throat slash may be the guy who opened her up.

The weird commentary accompanying the video doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t understand what the woman is saying, so perhaps it’s some form of a news report she’s doing?

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    1. This is the first comment so I’d like to add the translation here so everyone can see. Some users have given translations below but they are a little inaccurate. This is actually a female robot voice for Hindi from like a type to speech app and is probably a WhatsApp video. Hindi is also a difficult language to translate to English directly because a lot of it is slang.

      Here’s basically what it says. In the beginning, I think the person who typed it is talking to the murderer/rapist who did this. Basically what it says is “if you aren’t a son of a whore then come forward”. “A girl was abducted, raped and killed. The police is doing nothing. What has happened to her might happen to you tomorrow. I beg you to help her. Think of her as your sister and share it so much that it reaches the media and politicians. Share it in every group you are in for the sake of humanity. “

      1. What she actually said was that this woman was raped and killed brutally and this could happen to your sister or mother too. So share this video to as many as you can till it reaches to any idk woman NGO or some politician.

  1. Bag her up and make some dindhu curry, all that semen inside her from all that cock carouseling makes a great stuffing. I call it Curry à la crème. A fine delicacy made from aged human meat and diced flip flops.

    1. @sidewinderny what they didn’t mention is Dindu diddu a pretty good job cutting off Rajesh there’s dick n balls. What happened was Dindu paid this fine young lady for her services, and when the skirt was lifted Dindu flipped out, righly so, and cut Rajesh’s throat. Afterwards he decided, having already paid for the pussy, that he was going to get some pussy….even if he had to make it himself.
      You’re welcome

  2. What is wrong with this guy!
    This has got to be fake, because any self respecting Hindu is gonna light the bitch on fire, saw the dudes head off and carry it to the police station.
    No, this is all wrong! Alll wring. Noooope I don’t think so.

  3. Well, guys and gals, here’s the translation for the stupid automated commentary voice that I got translated from a pretty darn reliable source – yes, it does sound like stupid translation, but I asked my source to just follow and translate it AS IT IS. My translator said, it is almost EXACT translation and therefore might sound weird. For instance, I asked why would the commentator say that the girl was KILLED and then was RAPED? I was told, it doesn’t make sense, but in India, it is a normal practice of switching the phrases of a sentence, so it certainly doesn’t mean that she was killed first and then was raped, but in fact it means, she was raped in the house and then was killed. Weirdos, I know, but here you go:

    “If you are a child of ONE dad, send this video ahead, if you are a child of TEN dads, don’t spread it. A girl was killed and then was raped in the house. The police is doing nothing because today what has happened to her will happen to you tomorrow. I beg you with holding my hands together and consider her your own sister and spread this video among all the media and forums.”

    What the FUCK…! Well, fuck it…!!!!!

        1. @happy
          Agreed, agreed, and ummmmmm yes, agreed.

          BTW, you are a very well informed person, but for the sake of information, not just to share with you, but with the rest of my gorean family members, here is the ugly-ass of #MeToo movement’s founder Tarana Burke

          Warning: Please, have a look at your own risk, if you get a heart attack, I won’t be responsible.

          (ummm, I am NOT sorry for calling this ugly-ass an ugly-ass, cause to me, it is just NOT a face, but an ass that somewhat resembles a face. Pardon my racism, and believe me, I am the least racist person you’d ever bump into).

          Finally, I was seriously shocked when I first saw Tarana Burke, I thought to myself, “Who the FUCK would ever touch her, let alone raping her?????”

          1. … Hahaa!… Jeeeez I hate to say it, but not only is Tarana Burkes “rape” unbelievable… The fact that the “rapist” didn’t kill her then himself afterwards is even more astonishing..!

          1. Seriously? Wow…! Didn’t know that. I am pretty sure all of those will be trendsetters in their own shitty ass way, like #MeToo crap.

          1. @complex

            That too. But trust me, they literally drink cow pee and some of them (not all) drink their own menstruating blood too. Also, they have a very large temple in India, where they have towering size statue of their black goddess (Kaali Maa), erected in a wall, and there comes real menstrual blood (collected and arranged in a way to drop from the statue pussy) that they consider sacred and drink and put on their forehead and do shit like that. Its unbelievable, but I have witnessed them doing. I can send you a link if you have a strong stomach and wanna watch this crap.

          2. @complex

            Here you go friend:

            manstural blood drinking woman (if you’d like to call her a woman – I don’t)

            cow urine drinking Hindus that they also consume of most of their everyday condiments and other sweets, deserts, toothpaste, and what not

            Cadavers of everything and shit of everything eating Hindus

            Manstural blood drinkers of Hindia, who consume it to be fertile

            Check ’em out @complex and let me know what do you think. Enjoy! (Although, there is nothing to enjoy in any of these videos). Don’t watch if you have weak stomach. 🙂

    1. Here’s my version, parsed through google translator.

      “If you have a father of your father, then send it forward and get 10 children’s offspring, do not send a girl to death and take her home and raped her. Even the police is not doing anything because it will be here with you tomorrow. Help me add my hand to this place as your sister’s sister, spread it so much that save me and your daughter, give the slogan to the person giving up, leaving in whatever group he has for humankind and

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