Young Indonesian Man Kills Own Grandmother for Not Giving Him Money

Young Indonesian Man Kills Own Grandmother for Not Giving Him Money

Best Gore member @Gorenesia sent us these pictures of a young Indonesian man who stabbed his own grandmother for allegedly not giving him money after he took a trip to her to ask her for some. He explains:

This event happened on September 15, 2017 in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The perpetrator’s name is Syamsul Rijal,22 year old. He lived in Pampang of Makassar city, and traveled a long way from there to Kampung Gadde of Bulukumba Regency just to beg his 80 year old grandma “Napisa for money.

His Facebook profile was full of albums suggesting he had an obsession with owning traditional blades and Batu cincin (Mark’s note – I looked up “Batu cincin” and it seems they are rings).

He loved bragging about his blades by posing in intimidating ways for cameras, and posting pictures in his Facebook account. He also got his body tattooed and I’m sure he was struggling to find a proper job.

He’d always dreamed of buying an eye-catching Batu cincin. He wanted one for a long time. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the money to buy it so he tried to extort some from his own grandma, which resulted in murder. Actually the word “extort” doesn’t seem to fit in that sentence because apparently, he only begged his grandma for money.

To make things worse, he did that very often and also his grandma wasn’t rich either, as we can see how bad her house condition is in these photos.

Napisa refused to give him money that he needed. Napisa’s refusal made Rijal go berserk and stabbed her multiple times using a Makassarese traditional blade “Badik”.

After murdering his own grandmother, he stole a bike of Napisa’s neighbor that was parked in front of Napisa’s house and then fled back to Makassar on the stolen bike.

Not long after, he got captured by locals and then brought to police without incident. Rijal was charged with murder and faces up to 15 years in jail.

Thank you for the pics and the backstory, @gorenesia:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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52 thoughts on “Young Indonesian Man Kills Own Grandmother for Not Giving Him Money”

    1. @1purple8
      Laughing my fucking ass off…

      Is that where we’ve come as a society? Where you can coin a term like “granny killer” and it perfectly describes a percentage of the population? Richard Ramirez was an example of a granny killer.

      You know, I’ve always wondered…if there has ever been a woman that was old, or so ugly, or just so deprived of sex, that when some random horny guy just cut loose and decided to rape her, she actually enjoyed that shit. You can’t convince me that there hasn’t been at least ONE case of rape, not counting statutory rape, where the woman was like, “Are you gonna call me tomorrow?” when the rapist was busy trying to climb back out the kitchen window.

  1. Ok I’m not close with my grandma but I certainly wouldn’t kill her… How in the fuck do you kill your parents parents?? I swear all these natural disasters are God’s way of getting rid of some of the scum on this planet. He’s definitely a piece of shit and deserves to be tortured.

    1. Bark all you want, unwiped shitstain! This isn’t the place for Malaysian trolls to spread their stupidity! I’ve been wondering so much why people of your kind always leave the same idiotic comment on everything that involves INA Especially on the realm of the Internet..Did you sign up just to show others how stupid you’re?

  2. He actually looks like a meth addict and this crime it’s looks like a drug crime begging his grandma for money while coming down!! I’m not surprised about his obsession to collect those shits either but he definitely look like a junkie!!

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