Young Man Assassinated with Shotgun in Cariacica, Brazil

Young Man Assassinated with Shotgun in Cariacica, Brazil

A young man who seems to have been the target of assassination in Cariacica,
Brazil, is seen in the video being comforted in death by a woman.

The incident happened on March 1, 2017 and shows just how devastating a shotgun blast to a human head can be.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Young Man Assassinated with Shotgun in Cariacica, Brazil”

    1. That had to have been something like a tungsten slug wadded and packed into a shotgun shell fired obviously at close range…no kind of shot pellets would have done that. Check out…they test all kind of slugs for both rifled and unrifled shotguns..interesting shit..

      1. An SSG Shot with 8 to 10 pellets the size of the tip of your pinky would most definitely do this type of damage, @the2ndcomingofmrslider as i have tried it with leftover Halloween 0.59 cent, smaller Pumpkins. It was a blast,(pun intended)lol, shooting them with various gauges, and different numbered shells, 3” Slugs included. My Gun Collection includes, A 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 410 gauge, A 22 cal. Bolt-Action, long rifle 15 shot Repeater, Another 22 cal. but this one is is equipped with a Scope, is Semi-Auto c/w 5-10 Shot Clips. A Remington 30-06 cal. Bolt-Action, also equipped with a long Range Browning Scope. A Russian SKS Military Rifle cal. 7.6 x 39 mm c/w with adjustable sites, 10 Shot Attached Magazine, complete with brand new Bayonet, with a wooden 1200 Rounds Bullets with attached & ready, quick-Load Strip-Clips “from Russia” and in “Mint Condition” ta Boot.
        So come down to Ontario Canada, for some Good-Old-Fashion Target Practice, Boys & Girls, as this would be one hell of a good time.

        1. “Oh yeah I love the SKS.
          It is a wonderful weapon.
          I have a small collection.
          A Mossberg 500.
          And a Glock 19.
          An SD9Ve.
          Smith and Wesson snubbie.
          And a Marlin 22.
          Plus a big can of Sabre mace.
          It’s called a home defense fogger.
          Which I have just to spray someone with.
          For things like road rage incidents.
          Or rowdy beer drinking days.
          I let my sister use it on me.
          I instantly regretted it.”

        2. Oh, well! Nice collection guyz! No Sig Sauer at all!? When it counts, Sig Sauer!

          Love my P220 and my german P226R for target shooting at the local club. Looking for a P227 now. Never been a Glock fan… it’s just the striker trigger… not my type of feeling.

      2. Either double O buck or slug at point blank will do that damage with ease.
        @Thedre, lucky you! I live east coast (New Jersey) and it’s a hassle to get a great collection together. Can’t even buy a pellet pistol gun without a purchase permit! NJ is a joke.

      1. I once saw a gangster get shot in the head and killed in a pizza joint.
        The guy’s hot ass Mexican girl friend was a going all hysterical and throwing her hot ass on the ground and crying, me and all the other guys were just looking at her wonderful ass!!!

  1. Shotguns are unmatched at close range. This was probably a 12 gauge, as it is the most popular.
    But it also comes in many sizes, and gauges, like 10 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge & 410 gauge. And all can come with various size BB,s or a single Slug. Powerful & deadly motherfuckers, they are! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It’s a cover-up. He was actually run over by a drunken Fred Flintstone. You can see an axle and one tire from his stone-age car that haven’t been removed from the scene yet. The shotgun blasts were to conceal any lingering evidence. Yabba-dabba-oops!

      1. having a gun does make more people capable of killing, many people don’t want to get their hands dirty enough to stab someone but a gun takes away the attachment to them so you don’t have to feel what you are doing. It makes killing easier for everyone too just run off and leave no dna.

    1. if you mean one shot and all ten dead then no. no chance at all realistically. unless you take a very heavy, solid slug (brenneke black magic) from a long barrel and line them up in a row. it could very well penetrate all ten from close range. also buckshot varies greatly in size and weight effecting penetration, energy, velocity, pattern spread, and all can be changed using different sized barrels and choke combinations, down to the soft or hardness of the pellet, wad structure, powder charge, and buffer.

  3. at close range from a shotgun, anything coming out of that barrel is going to fuck you and your momma up. heavier projectiles will generally penetrate deeper. but at close range even 71/2 will act as a frangible slug. by the way, I am the self proclaimed firearms and ballistics expert of bestgore.

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