Young Man Becomes Victim of War Fought by Drug Traffickers in Manaus, Brazil

Young Man Becomes Victim of War Fought by Drug Traffickers in Manaus, Brazil

The shootings of a young man of about 20 years old, at dawn this Tuesday, March 14, 2017 in Rua Oliveira Dias, São Francisco neighborhood in Manaus, Amazons, Brazil is being reported by the local press as another crime that may have direct connection with the bloody war that has been fought by drug traffickers who run the drug sales outlets in the Southern Zone of the city.

The murdered man was standing at the corner of the street, which is known for its illegal, but bustling drug trade, when he was surrounded by three unknown individuals who began to assault him. Eventually, one of them told him to kneel and shot him in the head.

Two more shots from a 380-caliber pistol struck the victim’s chest, who kept performing agonal breathing for a while before dying.

At 0:10, the video shows what I’m told is a bullet casing and three portions of skunk weed.

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  1. His shirt seems to say something akin to “Be faithful to death”.

    Yes, focus on those three leaves, you dumbass, because that’s REALLY the most interesting thing happening here. Actually, considering the fact that murder is an every day thing in Brazil, they probably are.

    Brazilians are pretty tenacious when it comes to life. Nearly every example of agonal breathing I’ve seen on this website has come from Brazil. It’s like they’ve evolved to survive headshots.

    1. It says: “(…) Sê fiel até à morte, e dar-te-ei a coroa da vida.” – Apocalipse 2:10

      “(…) Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.” – Revelation 2:10

          1. Yes that’s right,i have this *cough* this cold,and uuuh*cough* yeah its cold here. Lol nah i actually was just bragging about being”sick* by pretending to be sorry lol

      1. Oh yeah, the sound of someone dying is SOOO beautiful… Tell me how beautiful it is when I nail your tits to the table… You see, 10 years ago, edgy losers would listen to Marilyn Manson. Now, they just spend all of their waking time on bestgore LMAO.

  2. that thing on the ground looks like a fucked up bullet jacket. sometimes the bullet will impact a hard part of the body, or some object, and the copper jacket will separate from the lead core of the bullet. so you sometimes seek this jacked up looking piece of copper. a high quality bullet is constructed with the jacket bonded to the core, so they do not separate. separation usually means decreased penetration ability. penetration of at least 12″ in ballistics gel is the minimum safe penetration ability for the round to reliable reach vital organs.

    sure most people’s heart is less than 12″ deep from their chest, but in a shoot out you can expect to have to shoot through car doors, windshields, clothing, the sternum, ribs, oblique shots also striking at weird angles, etc.

    1. “Yeah the old 12 inch rule.
      Thought it was 14 inches.
      I admit I’m a bit rusty.
      I always use 9 millie.
      So it don’t under penetrate.
      As 380s have been known to do.
      Though I do like the 380.
      It’s easier to conceal.
      And that is why it was made.
      For the money though there’s better.
      Like the Ruger Lcr.
      The Glock 26.
      Or The M&P Sheild.
      All are 9 millie.
      And easy to conceal.”

      1. I think a .380 is perfectly adequate. Training is more important than the gun or the caliber. Plenty of dumb niggers shoot off 30 rounds and hit nothing but air. But 1 well trained badass who is intent on killing you, is gonna put them all in your chest, and one in your head. A .22 in your aorta and youre dead. 10x 9mm or even 45ACP in non vital areas and you can survive.

        I knew an army guy who was shot 17 times with a SAW at close range. It was 12 or 14 actually struck him (some were taken by the body armor). He survived. So every limb was broken. He had lungs punctured. He came extremely close to dying But he made it.

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