Young Man Fatally Stabbed at West Cross Shopping Centre in Smethwick, UK

Young Man Fatally Stabbed at West Cross Shopping Centre in Smethwick, UK

Young Man Fatally Stabbed at West Cross Shopping Centre in Smethwick, UK

In the town of Smethwick, West Midlands, located about 4 miles west of Birmingham city in the UK, a 20 yer old man was fatally stabbed. The incident happened outside West Cross Shopping Centre at about 16:40 on April 26, 2020.

The victim was reportedly taken to hospital in an air ambulance, but died before arriving.

The mobile phone footage of the stabbing shows the young man being struck in the chest. Seconds later, he loses control of his body and falls backwards on the pavement.

He stabbed him bro. He stabbed him twice…” Any actual English people still left in England? It’s not the first time someone got stabbed in Birmingham.

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  1. This occurred in the F1 Pizza / Post Office car park near the roundabout by the Texaco.
    The housing estate opposite this area is appropriately named “Concrete Jungle” for a reason.

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  3. So I was born in Birmingham and grew up in smethwick. My old high school is literally a 5 minute walk from this centre. I used to go there on lunch break and play street fighter in the arcades.
    Smethwick has two main areas, cape hill and west smethwick.
    Back in the 90s cape hill was full of blacks stabbing each other and Pakistanis who wanted to be black.
    West smethwick was the better part of town and consisted of mainly white people but with a good few boatloads of Indians too.

    With our pussy government doing fuck all for the British people and everything for the third world, Birmingham and it’s surrounding towns (ie smethwick) have become full as asylum seeking Somalian type diseased scum. Areas like cape hill are beyond hell now…in fact, certain areas of Birmingham are policed by ‘Islamic patrols’ and have sharia courts…but mainstream media never tell you this.

    It’s that bad….the black gangs (or gangsters as they try to call themselves) have moved out and moved to west smethwick. The white people have long gone due to the area become shit, house prices dropping, crime going up…typical ethnic shithole.

    Let’s take time now to remember that the UK is on Covid-19 lockdown…but it somehow doesn’t apply to these mothers tit abandoned primates…or the ragheads you hear, bravely sitting in their car, filming.

    The argument was between two fag gangs. The mongrel apparently ‘dissed’ the Spade in front of his girlfriend the other week and the spade threatened to kill him.

    Adhering to social distancing like good law abiding citizens, the two gangs end up clashing outside a chicken shop (when they evolve a bit more they may discover other meats too).

    The spade produces the knife a while before you see him stab the half breed mongrel and appears two be on two minds, psyching himself up…plenty of time to walk away…but no, mongrel man is the don of his botty boys and taunts the young spade saying “you ain’t gonna stab me…you know why? I’m a gangsta”

    Those were his last words.

    The ragheads carry on filming but shit themselves as we all know they only like confrontation when the odds are on their side of about a million to one. The blacks all scarper over the road and into a housing area aptly named ‘The Concrete Jungle’. The Indian chicken shop owner is gutted as he thought he was going to sell all his chicken…now it’s going cold and the 1 or 2 white folks left are buying more knives and leaving them lying around hoping that this plague will cleanse itself and smethwick will one day return to the town that is mentioned in the doomsday book and it’s former industrial glory.

    The air ambulance was called, but mongrel never even got that far. He was pronounced dead at the scene. He didn’t need the chopper……he was a gangsta after all!!!

    (Fuck, I enjoyed writing that)

  4. Smethwick is an absolute shit hole and not English anymore I drove through there once for work and I didn’t see a single white person for 10 minutes. All other Arabic language signs up everywhere, burkers. My ancestors would be ashamed. We need a purge.

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  8. Plenty of us left, just not in the Shittiest areas of Birmingham (like Smethwick) or the shittiest areas of London (like Hackney)….not rocket science is it. Anyway, it is just an immigrant on an immigrant, who gives a shit.

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