Young Man Hardly Makes Sound As Killers Stab Him to Death in Brazil

Young Man Hardly Makes Sound As Killers Stab Him to Death in Brazil

While there is barely any talking in the video, according to the info I got, this happened in Brazil. The video shows a murder of a young man in the backwoods.

The victim is first stabbed with a knife by two masked flip flop champions, and once seemingly dead, he’s finished off with a gunshot, which induces deathly gurgling sounds. Incredibly, during the vicious stabbing he hardly makes a sound, yet he took a few nasty stabs to kidneys and spine.

Props to Best Gore members @momox and @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Heyy, sKeleTor with the first comment, niice!
      What the hell happened sKels? Did this one escape your dungeon, or what??
      Brazilians be showin’ you up, muh dude.. I hope you aint slippin!…

      1. He-man’s refurbishing the dungeon. It’s almost done. And the young man’s corpse is on it’s way to my location right now… he’ll be going straight to my private quarters where I can probe him.

        1. Excellent! I must say I do admire me a chick that can appreciate a sick n’ twisted villain! We should get to see my boy, Carnage in the new Venom movie, although I hear they’re saving him for the end sequences ( like 5 mins. total screen time), to set up the sequal… 🙁

          1. Either Doc pranked me or he thought your name was KaTie?… BTW, Skels, you could’ve cleared that up back at 11:20 yesterday with your ‘refurbishing dungeon’ comment.. That was one helluva delayed reaction! 😉

    2. Damn, I thought he was dead till the end, even after all that stabbin and some lead poisoning he still managed to make a few sounds. In all honesty, I believe knives are more deadly than guns, at least in some situations. A knife is silent, it creates a hell of a lot of bleeding plus it requires a little bit of work on the stabber’s part. Of course a gun is like remote control death, and in the end much more satisfying, especially to the head.
      In the end though, a knife is more useful in survival…after you kill the prey, it’s much easier to prepare for disposal or consumption with a knife. Ya can’t cut a steak with a gun. Ok, I think that’s enough outta me…

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  2. Back to black with some slap and tickle and a little gurgle on exit.

    As brutal as that was, the execution method can be considered quite quick and humane compared to say being flayed, dismembered, disemboweled and finally having your still beating heart ripped out in front of your eyes.

  3. Back when I was a kid, you had to actually search for dead bodies. Now a days, killers just leave them out in the open. Where is the fun in that? Also, the eggs are plastic, and filled with candy. I miss real eggs. At least then, when you didn’t find them the first day, you got to play a second game a couple weeks later, using your sense of smell.

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