Young Man Gets Pushed and Yelled At, Then Shot on Street in Venezuela

Young Man Gets Pushed and Yelled At, Then Shot on Street in Venezuela

Young Man Gets Pushed and Yelled At, Then Shot on Street in Venezuela

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Venezuela. The video shows an apparent argument on the street, which for the most part involves an overly aggressive man pushing and yelling at a younger looking guy.

Once the aggressor gets done yelling, his sidekick pulls out a gun and shoots the guy. One of the girls hanging out nearby screams out as if she took a shot as well. The video ends a bit too soon, but that could be because the person filming realized they should shut it off to take off before too late.

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  1. Well THAT escalated rather quickly. Medical authorities advise that large amounts of lead may be detrimental to optimal health. If you think that your lead intake is too high, see your doctor…or mortician today to discuss strategies to reduce your risk of lead induced complications.

      1. They were on a basket ball court so here’s how I think it happened. They were playing for money and red hat’s team lost. Everyone but red hat paid so the winning team argued with him then shot him. Just another day in Venezuela.

      2. It was only a category 4 chimpout, see below for more info. 🙂

        Category.1: Typified by hooting, hollering, ooking, eeking; normally incorporates a copious amounts of arm-waving, head-bobbing, chest-pounding, and other posturing, and inevitably includes copious amounts of profanity and usually escalates the threats of violence.

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  2. Oh yeah.. She took a bullet.!
    Don’t know if she was intentionally targeted though.?
    The way they were holding their pistols & firing wildly, most likely not.
    The other 2 (initial shouter/pointer & a quite guy) pulled their guns out pretty damned quick.!!
    Clint Eastwood style.. Impressive.!
    I’d love to know what it was he did that cost him his life..
    Drugs, money or a woman.. Likely candidates, eh.?
    Oh well… Best not to dwell, this is just the first video of the night.. NEXT…!!

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  3. This is fake . The real back story of this video is .

    This is not in Venezuela this is in Puerto Rico .

    Every Sunday Night Pastors And Actors from The Towns Catholic Churches Go to THE PROJECTS ( HOOD) to spread the word of “GOD” .

    Since they’re in the PROJECTS they always do an acting scene that has to do with the DRUG violence in Puerto Rico .

    To teach the youth about the dangers of the Drug Industry.

    There’s a full video of this video that shows everything that I’m talking about .

    I’m Puerto Rican and I grew up watching this bullshit when I was a kid . The Church always go to the “gancha” which is the Basketball Court to set up their Play .

    You can always hear the pastors loud ass voice through the giant speakers all over the PROJECTS/SLUMS

      1. This is all fake those are prop guns with blanks .

        That girl with the skirt is a catholic bitch from wherever that church is from .

        Later on in this video the Pastor starts explaining how stuff like this happens to people and blah blah blah

        1. Thanks for the info…

          I imagine if the Pastor would stop giving Hole’y communion and cease FAPtizing little boys, the church may gain additional followers.

          As far as the girl. If she can twist a joint and Hotbox the congregation, they can turn her into a Holy Roller, by the time the Collection plate rolls around.

          Can I get a witness?

  4. Translated: The guy told him that he loves the MAGA hat and it is his favorite color. The guy wearing the hat said he preferred blue.

    The guy told his buddies to take him down. Nobody wears blue in his neighborhood.

  5. Oh they fucked it up truly and nicely . Not only they killed the man with the base ball cap , they also knocked down one of the girls .

    The man with so much boiling anger perhaps was dead drunk with another one of his accomplice . I think it was a brawl they brought it out on the street .

    The young idiot didn’t realize they were dangerously armed to the teeth and tried further aggravating an already fueled up matter . It was the girls he was trying to impress and in the bargain all he got was several shots pumped in to his meaty self , beside seriously endangering the women he came with and may have gotten one killed because he was non apologetic .

    Makes me wonder in these days where the world is gone so fitsy ; is the word ‘APOLOGY’ gone non existent .
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