Young Man Riding Pillion Assassinated by Gunman Riding Pillion in Najafgarh, India

Young Man Riding Pillion Assassinated by Gunman Riding Pillion in Najafgarh, India

In the Najafgarh area of Delhi, India, a 24 year old man riding pillion on a motorcycle with his friend was shot dead by a gunman also riding pillion on a motorcycle with an accomplice.

The assassin got off holding a firearm in each hand. He ran toward his target and quickly shot him in the head at close range. As the target collapsed, the shooter finished him off with one more shot. The target’s friend took off, and so did the assassins.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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48 thoughts on “Young Man Riding Pillion Assassinated by Gunman Riding Pillion in Najafgarh, India”

    1. PIGgray seems it, “I’ll be wearing a bright yellow shirt and he’s in blue, just so there’s no mistake, i’ll stop until you’ve whacked him” good plan. If he wasn’t in on it they’d have shot them both.

  1. Never trust 2 people on a motorcycle. Wish i saw more clean assassinations like this in New York. Most gang bangers miss and shoot by standers. Although I don’t work in the morgue out here any more, there was one time where a drive by missed and shot a girl eating dinner. Like how the fuck do you manage that? Took 3 hours to mold the clay for her face. But I digress, fucka mopad.

        1. Bruh, you dont see that shit like in these fuckin countries swarms of mopeds, where can 2 jagoffs can ride around the city blocks and do ‘clean hits’?
          Yea they’ll get it off once, twice, but the next time a muthafuckin moped is even smelled on the block, I can guarantee that shit is Swiss cheese.

          1. I can see that going down in the next security cam vid from India. Then Sanjay his accomplice mosies up on pogo stick and hacks him with a machete…

  2. One lane, two bikes hauling two apiece involved, but three heard fleeing from the scene.

    Four directly involved, or affected, in the least, one extra sees the deed but chose to step on it and leave. Two guns, more shots expected, but he’s effective with the squeeze, first drops one from his seat, the second etched him in the street. No count on who could witness it, they’re not mentioned or seen, video images don’t capture motive through what reflects on the screen.
    So what’s the census? Is this death from dealing drugs or stealing things? Is he a deeply debted fiend, or a disrespectful teen? Is he a cop who’s record is blood speckled and unclean? Or is he a normal man who fucked a wife and wrecked a husband’s dream? I don’t take offense if you question what I mean. Senseless as it seems, I like to think death has a need.

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