Young Man Shot Dead in São Caetano, Brazil on Halloween

Young Man Shot Dead in São Caetano, Brazil on Halloween

Not too much information available on this one, I’m afraid. Although, he can boast the fact that he is the first non-da Silva, non-Santos to grace these pages in a bit.

A young man was shot to death in São Caetano, state of São Paulo, Brazil on Halloween night. The man, identified as 23 year old Lourinaldo Leandro Barros, was standing on the street when he found himself riddled with bullets. He was pronounced dead at the scene. No one has yet been arrested or identified in connection to the homicide.

Does this count as a trick or a treat?

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      1. IKR ??? nice pants….what a weenie…THATS why he was killed.. Right there… Some benevolent soul put the poor idiot out of his misery…you see ? There ARE stil? Good folks in this world… They saw the poor guy walking around in those hideous pants and instantly POWW put him out of his misery… they simply felt sorry for the poor guy

      2. If you are not a Da-Silva, or a crazy half breed Santos Da Silva, then stay the fuck home on Halloween, and lock your doors. And keep looking out the corners of all your windows, back and fourth, like a paranoid Coke-Head, with your jaw moving side to side at 100 mph.

          1. Methmakes you pick holes into your skin and dig out things that don’t exist like bugs or paranormal shit. It makes you want to chew on everything including random strangers, walls, chairs, yourself lol. That fucking drug is brutal on your psyche

    1. want to wear the best halloween outfit in brazil ?

      simply put an pink helm and go drive your bike on the street with an friend .
      2 guys on motocycle with pink helmets = freaking most scary thing ever in brazil

      brazilian translation
      trick or treat = run or bullet

    1. You could, but you had to toss the “realistic wax decoration” away before it reaches its 24h mark and it starts to stink… 😆

      By the way, i watched that 1963 movie last night. 🙂 Its pretty decent and unpredictable for a 52 year old movie, it didnt gave me any spooks, but i appreciate how rather simplistic/theoristic it is than anything else. The first half part was pretty dull, but the second was better i suppose. And i trully loved that Theo character… she’s so sharp and straight forward… 😆 I love it! But Eleanor was kinda of an annoying spoiled brat that gets her spirit so easly broken… i was expecting her to live in the end and the rest to die, but it just happened the oposite… so that was a surprise. By the way, you mentioned that you had to review it several times to pick up everything… and youre not the only person i read saying that, but i dont get it… perhaps im not appreciating it with my best capabilities or im just overlooking something, but did i missed something in particular from that movie? 😐

      1. There’s just a lot of small details, especially with the characters. A lot of the plot is actually driven by the character’s interactions with each other, and most of that’s very subtle.

        And how were you not freaked out by the “whose hand was I holding” scene? That’s the scene I always want to see people’s reactions to XD

        1. The only thing i noticed about the interaction of characters with the rest of the movie is that since the movie was made in the 60’s, the subliminal tobaco advertising of “lets make all the actors hold a cigar on their fingers on every possible calm scene, where theres not much action going on, so we can instigate new tobaco consumers to buy tobaco, because it makes chill things even “cooler”!” was heavly present in the movie… 😕

          The camera was entirely focused on just Eleanor during that hand holding scene. Its a typical movie foreshadowing technique when the character in play is not in interaction with the supposed character that it was supposed to interact. So it was just a matter of predicting what was gonna happen… 😐 It was a great scene that one nevertheless.

  1. He looked like a friendly sort of guy, a smiley selfie anyway, some wannabee tough guys don’t smile for the camera, they are waaay too cool for that, they always scowl instead. Scowl at this asshole – bam!

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