Young Man Shot in the Head in Brazil, Dies Holding His Flip Flops

Young Man Shot in the Head in Brazil, Dies Holding His Flip Flops

In Bonito, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil a 19 year old identified as JosΓ© Cleisson “Luquinha” de Andrade was found at the banks of a stream, fatally shot once in the head close to the street that he lived on. Residents of the area reported having heard what sounded like a single gunshot overnight and when they check the sound out, they found de Andrade’s body, clutching his flip flops. He was an ex-con and was believed to be involved in drugs.

Props to DaSilvaFlipFlops.

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      1. Lol that circus monkey I could beat him blind folded with my hands tied behind my back……….in a tank with many soldiers with guns so I’m sure he’ll have something to say which probably go along the lines of how unfair the fight was but who cares I won

  1. He died while holding his flip-flops, hummm? I wonder if this is a drug deal gone bad maybe the dealer didn’t like him trying to trade his used cheap assed flip-flops for drugs. This is Brazil after all, there must be a lot of bartering here but somethings you just can’t barter you need money to buy it. Another fine example of a dead drug attic in Brazil.

  2. Can’t help but see some similarities between me and him, except for, you know… I’m alive and he’s not alive. Lol. I am thinking of giving up flip-flops lest I’d meet the same fate.

    But seriously, though. The title cracked me up. Brilliant! πŸ˜€

    1. Very observant of you @gramps, you have a talent for spotting such anomalies. Yes, it appears he was rolled over so the cheer team could get a view of the entry wound !. That’s how they roll down there. O:-)

  3. One of those photos is staged. They put the flip flops of death in his hand because they know the views of this site and wanted to get a giggle. Next one will have ‘da silva’ written on his arm in biro.

    Also…….isn’t it a coincidence that the gun person shot him just above the white arrow he habitually stuck under his nose. Bet he wishes he had stuck that arrow on the fleshy part of his arm. So he could still function as a human being.

  4. maybe this poor guy was trying to run away from his killers,but end up in a slippery road were flip flops also known “Tsinelas” in the philipines are not a big help thats why he decides to hold it. till death do us part though.

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