Young Man Stabbed and Decapitated in Brazil

Young Man Stabbed and Decapitated in Brazil

On the morning of Thursday April 26, 2012 a group of villagers from Murici, a municipality 54 km from Maceió, in the forest zone of Alagoas, Brazil found a decapitated body of a young male. His back was riddled with stab wounds and his head impaled on a stake of a nearby barb wire fence. Shockingly, as if he wasn’t mutilated enough, the murderers also cut the young man’s ear off.

The police said that the Cajueiros Street where the crime occurred is frequently used by drug traffickers. The victim was identified as 22 year old José Roberto da Silva (perfect Brazilian name on all accounts). José Roberto worked as a cane cutter in the town of Barra de São Miguel, on the south coast of Alagoas where he lived with his wife and her hellish in-laws.

Victim’s brother – Emerson Firmino da Silva said Jose Roberto came to stay with him because he couldn’t stand constant arguments with the in-laws. On Wednesday, the day prior to his gruesome murder, Jose Roberto returned home to his brother with scratches and when asked what happened, he replied that someone tried to kill him. Looks like the following day they succeeded.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. well, well. what to say about this? humans are murderous for their own reasons. it is so difficult to survive on a day to day basis in some parts of the world. you really have to watch who you piss off. likely he was killed for some bullshit reason or just for being a DaSilva. the murderers don’t care that they will meet their victims in the next life and their victims will be waiting to return the violence that was inflicted upon them. that’s one theory. i think the hate that infects all fleshy virus ends right here on Earth. no brain activity=no consciousness=no thought=no afterlife for us. murderer and victim go to the same grave eventually. i really question the point of life for the fleshy virus on this 3rd rock from the sun. we have the highest intelligence and ability to create great things on Earth and all we do is murder those we disagree with. smh.

    1. We have the ability to manipulate fire. That’s one of the key starting points of the F.V.’s rise to domonence.

      We seem to only truely thrive in mostly or completly man-made enviroments. This is another insight toward our strange, un-natural ways.

      We can not work together, dispit our numbers. Swarms usally work somewhat in unisen.

      The F.V. veiws decades as entire life-defining segments of reality….not a very good plan for long=gevity, only looking at things as a whole at little 10 year chunks.

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    2. for those of you who doubt my theory consider that the physical body is but a shell designed to keep your brain alive while you inhabit the fleshy virus. YOU are YOU only because you are self aware. thought and consciousness reside in the brain but they are not physical things. they are energy maintained by biological processes. when the brain dies there is no more energy generated to maintain thought and consciousness so you are gone forever. what say you Medex? that is the wisdom of the mouse. enjoy your time on this planet gorelings cause you only go around once. such is life for the fleshy virus. remember, all religious teachings about an afterlife are bullshit designed to control you.

      1. I love your theory and I agree up to the piont where you say “you gone for ever”
        Of course not. Your thoughts your conciousness inhabiting your body seeing life through your genes and your eyes is immortal.
        When you die you realize that you were not that one person named *******, but you were everything, the sky, the sunlight, the deers, the wolfs. You because one with pure energy and conciousness of the world, you everywhere and you are nowhere. Life in that fleshy shell was just a dream, and death was no more frighting than waking up.
        and I often wonder, when and where I will find my happiness, I often think whether or not it is a good thing to be alive in this fleshy virus body, but in the end i realize the obvious over and over again, because I am myself.

        1. @hawk, you go on believing that new age bullshit about being one with everything if it gets you thru the day. people cannot face death and mortality because they are so self important and cannot imagine the world going on without them. guess what? the world/universe does go on without anyone in it. in death the mighty and the small are at last =. you are engaging in mental masturbation. you are stroking yourself because it feels good. i mentally masturbate myself when i dream of hitting powerball lottery or fucking @bidity. why? because i imagine it feels so good. and it gets me thru the day. the ONLY thing you become one with upon death is the dirt. dust to dust and thats all we are.

          1. Yeah I did sound a little bit like an “aged liberal yogie new age douch”.

            But have you ever heard of DMT.
            Its a drug that whisk you away to the afterlife a glimpse of it. We all do DMT at night in our Dreams and at the moment of our death. Look it up. some call it the God Molecule.

            there is so much we don’t understand about what happens after death.

        2. “Everywhere and nowhere”. Reminds me of the akashic field, the realm that consists of nothing but pure information, the data of the entire universe connected with everything simultaneously. Or something like that. Fuck I can’t remember the rest but it was an interesting read. But when it comes to theories of the afterlife, ot the lack of, I won’t believe a damn thing until I experience it myself. Or un-experience it. Whatever. I need more weed now

          1. @hawk, decomposition is what happens after death. decomposition. why do you feel so different from a dead dog lying in the street? does he go to the afterlife as well? why not? that dog never committed a sin in his life. humans however are EVIL and do not deserve immortality. who would want us existing on another world or plane of existence. it all ends here. this is a prison planet and if we truly try to infect the universe with fleshy virus we will be severely bitch slapped by the et’s.

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