Young Man Survives Murder Attempt in Hyderabad, India

Young Man Survives Murder Attempt in Hyderabad, India

A vicious murder attempt took place in Hyderabad, India. The victim, despite looking bloody and lifeless, apparently survived.

I don’t have much backinfo beyond what’s mentioned above. Judging by the wounds, slice marks on his neck and chest, along with the heavy blood loss, this attack may have been carried out with a bladed weapon, perhaps a machete.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the video:

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38 thoughts on “Young Man Survives Murder Attempt in Hyderabad, India”

    1. @hindustan I watched the video, you, probably have better sight than mine, however, I did not see a single movement or twitch you were referring to. To me, honestly, his half-opened eyes look pretty much lifeless. Very young kid though. Probably, my best guess is either done for a stupid girl or for mere petty some of money. Life’s a bitch!!! Thanks for the video, though.

      1. @trust

        Right brother! I don’t remember clearly what the Hindu said but it was something stupid like Hindus being compationatte or something ridiculous along those lines. I try not to reason with Hindus. I read here how some try unsuccessfully to reason with Hindus.

        But, hey, at least they are good at keeping entaitained.

    1. Yes, i agree, as after you said this i looked again, and he did look like he was deceased after this 30 sec. mark. Poor kid, he did not look older than, like 18 or 19?? Way too young to die like this.

    2. @hindustan Well, after downloading it, I watched it again a couple more times around 00:30 like you mentioned and yes, I just noticed his right eyeball rolled and there he goes………….! Yup, I guess he just gave in, in the end. We all do at some point…..!

  1. I log on to a shitload of new material to dissect. I was thinking there wouldn’t be any uploads BEING mark was moving up a mountain today. Here I am sitting on my bed wanting an upload and marks moving up a FUCKING mountain. Sound of that. Lol. Love this site. Mark thank u buddy!! You spoil the shit out of us. @happy

  2. How much fucking bad luck did he have to survive this? He could have finally entered eternity but no, he had to suffer in a bloody mess. If I were him I would be pretty pissed at my “killer” for not finishing the job correctly… I mean, really motherfucker? Really?

  3. Not only weapons, but also modern technology are like razorblades in the paws of monkeys. These third-world people look at all kinds of shit on their smartphones and then they think it’s cool to try and copy the murders they see. Because their naive minds think that copying anything from slightly more developed countries, including crime and murder, will elevate them. That’s how primitive they are.
    So modern technology is not just a blessing, but also a curse, because it spreads all that’s toxic across the world, free for any primitive mind to absorb it… like a virus. A bad virus, because the human mind loves to absorb anything that’s vile.
    It’s a bit like the medieval Plague, but much more insidious.

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