Young Mexican Man Murdered for Standing Up to Armed Cop Gang

Young Mexican Man Murdered for Standing Up to Armed Cop Gang

Young Mexican Man Murdered for Standing Up to Armed Cop Gang

According to the backinfo I got, the armed gangsters who are seen in the video entering the establishment with the intent to stir shit were cops.

The incident happened in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico. A young man appears to stand up to the gangster cops, and gets pistol whipped which sends him to the ground to die. The cop may have discharged his weapon while smacking the man with it, fatally wounding him.

The killer cop and his accomplices then flee the murder scene like the shits that they are. ACAB!

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

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67 thoughts on “Young Mexican Man Murdered for Standing Up to Armed Cop Gang”

  1. that guy cleary didnt wanted to kill him.
    he just slapped his face like “shut the fuck up asshole !” and move on.

    that dead poor guy just fall completly paralyzed. a good hit, it happen sometime if you punch hard and good. but the chance to kill are low unless the person have some health trouble already.

    also he still move at the end, soo probably some skull fractures or something. i bet the ground hit him even harder than the pistol.

      1. hurt like a punch with the metal thing (forget the name .. knuckles or something)

        i took some hit from pistol handles in the back and in stomach. it sure hurt and can broke a bones.

        but like i say, i guess the most important skull fractures was done by the ground, wich he hit pretty heavily because his body is completly paralyzed.

        1. @jadedcunt
          As long as the cartels eradicate each other, I’m fine with it. Great viewing material nonetheless. If I’d personally know someone in there, I’d buy them an HD cam, so we, BG members can really enjoy some good matter and material.

          1. @jadedcunt & @violetcunt

            Y’all need to direct “Hostel IV” together. It’ll be an awesome flick. Cartel violence, carnage, a Mexican thrown in a wood chipper, and a death spray onto the crowd is a quite innovative idea. Eli Roth would be super jealous. I could probably write a few sequences of y’all’s movie. 😉

            Any other original idea would be great!

    1. I don’t have a problem with Mexicans. The Mexican people are being victimized by the same people who are victimizing the United States citizens. Most people don’t understand that shit. I stand in solidarity with my Mexican brethren.

        1. They shot my buddy`s great dane during a noise complaint response. It was a very friendly dog too. But your right, they don’t normally use their guns unless they have to. Our cops like to use fists and tasers first.

          1. @violetcunt

            Sorry to hear about your buddy’s great dane’s untimely demise by the hands of a dick cop. With your brief oratory, I gather chicks and dicks do not intermingle at all, in your vicinity???????

    1. @scardian

      You bet! I’m going to go on a long rambling now, as some members here are already getting accustomed with it I’m sure, so sorry in advance. It will be a good read though.

      Whenever a bunch of illegal immigrants or rapefugees from a place with bad culture reach somewhere nice, there’s a vertiginous spike in the crimes rates. It’s also funny to see how most of the people in the caravan already are safe in Mexico, but they insist they must go the US. In the US, for instance, Blacks already commit about 53% of all violent crimes and are majority in the prisons, even though they only are 13% of the population. Latinos take 2nd place. I’m talking about legals here, who were born in the country or immigrated legally to the US. So just imagine what a bunch of illegals will do if they get to enter the country all at the same time.

      Take a look at Europe with the muslim rapefugee invasion. Germany, Sweden, France, England, Italy and every single country who accepted these subhumans had increases in their assault, rape and murder ratings, not to mention all the terrorist attacks. Sweden for instance, became Europe’s rape capital. There’s also the fact that the native population of all of these globalist infested countries are becoming a minority in their own countries, they are being straight out replaced. The joys of multiculturalism! Diversity is our strength!

      Meanwhile, countries who don’t buy into the globalist agenda, like Poland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and even non-European countries like Japan, are all doing very fine with a good economy and extremely low crime, which is committed by their own population alone and not by outsiders. These countries also are nowhere near of having their own native population becoming a minority in their own countries, thus preserving their territory and rich racial and cultural heritage. They don’t need no diversity.

      Of course all of these problems are caused not only because it’s a huge amount of people, but because they are part of a completely different culture, a vile culture, which is not even a bit compatible with Western or Eastern European culture and civilization – which alongside with the European race itself, is what the nefarious jewish globalist agenda seeks to destroy.

      Do you really think if all of these refugees and illegals were Japanese or European or South Korean all of this problems would be caused? Not even 1/4 of them!

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