Young Mother Shot by Burglar While Baby Played on Her Back

Young Mother Shot by Burglar While Baby Played on Her Back

Burglars broke into a house in Setor Bairro Feliz, in the city of Goiânia, the capital of the state of Goiás in Brazil and forced young couple and their children to lay on the floor while they searched the house for valuables. One of the burglars later found another child – a boy of 1 year and 4 months in another room, and brought him to the living room where his partner was ravaging. The burglar put the baby on mother’s back so he can play and does not get in their way.

After collecting jewelries and cell phones, the burglars set to leave with the heist, but before they did, one of them shot the mother in the head, while her son was on her back.

The mother was 27 year old model Lorrane Melo. The man who shot her – Marcos Alan Pereira, managed to forget his own cell phone in the house so the police soon traced him down and arrested him.

He confessed to the crime, but said that the shooting was accidental. He said he and his cronies monitored the house for 3 days before going in. Two of his accomplices – one who ravaged the house with him and one who waited in a getaway car outside, were still at large. Neither the gun, nor the loot have been recovered.

Lorrane Melo suffered serious head trauma, but survived being shot. The child was not injured. The incident was recorded by a security camera.

Setor Bairro Feliz, where they live, means Happy Neightborhood…

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    1. Het you believe it was an accidental shooting? Had to be right? They cased the place for several days. They were aware of who and what to expect… I am shocked and happy the woman made it. They should let her take her own kind of justice on this piece of shit.

      1. Hello, And welcome to our little comunity . Just keeping surfing through BG i promise youll find the wosrt of the havnt seen nothing yet !!!! Lol and we have really caring crazy assholes on here.” Commentators .the posters and so on but really youll injoy alot of these guys posting and funny as hell i love them all haha .Happy trailing!!

      2. Welcome. I’ve been coming here off and on for a long time and sometimes it’s a little slow and I don’t find anything that “strikes my fancy”, but give it some time. You’ll have that moment when you stubble across something that not only makes your jaw drop and this look of what. The. Actual. Fuck come over your face, but you’ll hate everyone around you for several days…happened to me a while back. I literally watch disney movies with my 5 year old in pajamas for like 2 days.

  1. This happened two or three months ago.

    “Really, so why did you not send it to us?”

    Well, I try, but guys here do not hear me…

    Just turning on the TV and we will have a lot of stuff to BG. We also could stop speak english and chang to portuguese, the gore’s international language.

        1. Yes, good point @Mikey. Me too.

          This video is truly shocking. I hope she makes a fill recovery and those three excuses for human beings get everything that is coming to them.

          You are supposed to be safe in your own home. How can this happen to a young family?

  2. and when we were all happy mood, laughing of that burglar who attacked with small knife and runaway, The burglar part 2 attacks again to kick us in the groin and cruel life cuts this smile out of our faces with that same dirty, rusty knife
    Why So Happy

  3. If you don’t mean to shoot someone, aiming the gun at their head isn’t the smartest move. If it was my family I’d hope he gets out of prison, so I’d have the chance to kill him myself. They were there to rob, all she did was lay on the floor and not interfere, and still ended up with a bullet in the skull. I’d put this fuck up there in the same bracket as rapists and paedophiles.

      1. He’s the type of fuck I’d shoot a few times to kill him a little slower than a well-placed headshot, and as he lays there breathing heavily trying in vain not to die l, I’d piss on him. Just to put the finishing touch on the whole ordeal.

          1. Pissing on him is going too easy, taking a dump on him sounds more called for (making sure you eat plenty of cabbage,corn, peanuts and beer before hand)!!!

          1. Haha, that reminds me, I need to get in my Mom’s attic, I still have the big plastic Castle GreySkull!!! Hmmm wonder how much it might be worth??

  4. A lot of people who “have” put up cameras for security reasons because of all the “have nots” out there who have not yet figured out that there is no such thing as a successful criminal, drug dealer, user ect. It all ends one way. Like I tell people unless you have the money to post bail when arrested, hire an attorney and pay off the judge you are not a gangster. You are just a small unimaginative punk ass hood waiting to go to prison or the graveyard. That being said living in the land of the Da Silvas you probably want more than just a camera to record your victimization. I Keep a German sheppard and a rottwieler. Knowing it would be very difficult for someone to shoot them both before the other would get them. “takes a headshot or two to put down dogs of those breeds” That would give me time to get to my shotgun wait for them to come up a staircase with a landing on it, into the kill zone. I am not a “have it” so unfourtunately I would have no cctv video to share. But I will take pictures to share with you all here on Best Gore. I feel for that lady and her family. I know the husband and kids are glad she lived. I hope also she was not damaged to badly. Hopefully they have the means for the medical care and therapy it will take to treat her. Well they got a hell of a file for they’re family videos.

  5. Here in Western Australia the vast majority of lowlifes wear black Adidas trackpants with the white stripes down the legs. I see even in Brazil it’s the attire of choice for the casual gunman-about-town,although I’m not certain I saw any Flip-Flops…a fashion no-no surely?

  6. Lorrane made it through her first surgery, but her right eye is blind. Doctirs said that is because of the temperature of the bullet when she was shot, and they cannot say if she will be permanently blinded in her right eye. She is stable and even talking, this made me remember that mexican football player Salvador Cabañas. I live in Brazil and follow the news, I will update once I get more information. The investigators said that the show was not by accident, but more of unexperienced hands and adrelaine of the thug holding the gun, which was trigger locked.

  7. He should have to have a photo of both mother and child tattooed on his entire chest with the words “child abuser” tatted on one cheek and “mother killer” on the other. Then just turn him loose in scociety and let happen what will.
    Death is fast and teaches others little. Public branding and exposure shows others what it means to live in daily fear, the trials of trying to land a job, rent a place to live, make friends or lovers…
    Your life truly becomes a living hell.

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