Young Nigerian Woman Has Her Heart Removed by “Ritualists”

Young Nigerian Woman Has Her Heart Removed by

The body of a young Nigerian woman was found dumped in the brush in an undisclosed area. The body, found back in February, had the heart removed from the chest cavity and the guts pulled out into a pile. The crime is believed to have been committed by ritualists in the area, harvesting body parts for sacrifice. The woman’s identity has not been released. In many parts of Africa, this crime is still all too common. As we have already seen bone smuggling and organ harvesting many times right here on Best Gore.

Some areas of the world remain more primitive and still hold beliefs that make those of the developed world cringe. The thought of killing a young woman for a heart to use to gain money or some other ‘power’? Disgusting… wait, does this actually work?

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  4. But she has her head. I was looking for blood, & see little:

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  6. Who ever did this obviously wasn’t a novice, almost perfect circular cut at the bottom juncture of the ribs, giving the closest access to the heart that doesn’t involve cutting through bone, the guts look like the were ripped out in one maybe two grabs, then free access to the heart. Having read about some of the “rituals” still preformed in modern days by primitive people this girl was most likely alive till the point her insides were ripped out.

    1. I’d bet money on it. That she was alive as guts were pulled out. Notice that she was sitting in a flattened plastic sack or mat or something.
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