Young Person Gets Stoned, Clubbed and Bludgeoned to Death with Pickaxe

Young Person Gets Stoned, Clubbed and Bludgeoned to Death with Pickaxe

Young Person Gets Stoned, Clubbed and Bludgeoned to Death with Pickaxe

I got no backinfo whatsoever, and couldn’t reliably tell whether the victim is a man or a woman. I want to think it’s a man, but why is he wearing girly shorts? Maybe that’s why he got fucked up like that?

The video shows the young person laying on the ground with their head on a curb. The captors then proceed to hit him on the head with a pickaxe, throw large stone blocks at him and club him with a stick. The stick pretty much disintegrates from violent beating. The pickaxe bludgeoning probably did the most damage.

I couldn’t tell where the video is from either. There’s hardly any talk in it and when it happens, it’s hard to make anything out. I’m guessing it’s from somewhere in South America, but have nothing to back up my guess.

Let us know in comments if you know more about the video. Many thanks to Best Gore member @decayingbody for this one:

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106 thoughts on “Young Person Gets Stoned, Clubbed and Bludgeoned to Death with Pickaxe”

    1. This hoe was dead after the first two blows and the concrete block. I like how the stick bounces off the head at the end. It’s broken, but someone still tosses it as to not waste that one last piece. Waste not, want not I guess.

          1. I’m saying that was a kid…. have some compassion. Don’t give me that BS “this is bestgore go somewhere else.”

            What if that was your child getting her skull cracked open.

    2. I do love seeing a cunt gagged. Shut your fucking mouth
      However, I needed to hear her whimper after the blow. Disappointing, but violent and depraved. Each one of these vignettes are documentary into the human soul. BG is an education that every human should learn. I’ll give this one a 6.

  1. As i can hear from audio, its a woman.
    After the big rock smashed her head against the bar she had laid on , it didn’t have a chance, by the sound of her skull crushed like coconut shell…
    And the pointing up eyes , death came fast , but suffer was much slower,
    I wonder who those Nazi busterds…
    A bunch of cowards and evill monkeys
    That will go for it only when there force and number is only greater…
    They need to be punished…
    To break their bodies until paralization, and cut their eyes in half when still in their sockets…and leave the alive , so only sarrow and darkness will make them die slowly..
    As same of suffer of their victim…

  2. Her name is (or was?) Thalia Torres de Souza, she was 23. She was murdered in the Granja Portugal neighbourhood, which is located in Fortaleza, capital of the state of Ceará, Brazil.

    According to the backinfo I got, she was killed to settle a score related to the Faction Wars in northeast Brazil.

    Anyway, brutal shit.

  3. Good news everyone!!!!
    She’s ok and going to make a full recovery. Doctors in the town of Shittsville …just south of Ballstown have confirmed a young lady boy with a slight cameltoe and flattened head was admitted recently. The doctors were able to use a tire pump to reinflate her head. Yikes two weeks on this damn site and I’ve become calloused to the human condition…..And I’m a convicted killer jesus 🙁

  4. I’m actually nervous to watch this shit. I REALLY do not like pickaxes, or axes, I mean I totally love axes for their intended use. Whelp. Here I go, watching this shit even though my entire being is saying “no, don’t, you hate pick-axes, wait why did you use a hyphen you fucking retard?”

      1. I just saw a comment about somebody finding her fb profile and checked it out. It’s just so sick how people can do this, I can understand a fist fight if there’s a problem but this kind of stuff is taking it way over the top.

        I originally saw a motorbike accident from this website, that’s how I discovered it but wow.

  5. Does anyone know why she was killed? I noticed on her facebook her boyfriend was also killed. Can someone from Fortaleza tell me the story behind the murders. Looking at her facebook has got me interested in finding out what happened

  6. The pickaxe attacker is also a woman, so is the one filming. Have no clue about the third ( or + ) one but by the speed that those huge rocks came flying on her it could be a man. Its probably something linked with drug gangs, as the boyfriend was killed like 18 days before her.

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