Young Snitch Shot at Night in Brazil, Death Tickles Her Fancy

Woman Shot at Night in Brazil

In Brazil, a young woman allegedly is shot dead by drug dealers.

The young female elitist walks to a predetermined spot, told to kneel on both knees – showcasing flawless motion. Not positive what starts tickling her fancy, except disbelief at predicament she finds herself in.

Showing visible signs of discomfort, the young lady fondles her crotch region. It appears she is secretly trying to get her panties out of a wad.

Something else tickles her funny. This time, presumably it’s the 5 ounces of love-juice running down her thighs, escaping from her time capsule box. A glimpse of glee escapes from her petrified lips, thinking about the happy thoughts of yester-life.

She never took the time to read the fine print on the back of her pussy-pass voucher, stating:


Thank you @laurahorlle for adding:

Basically she’s just a snitch who passed valuable information to some dude named Coringa. That’s what they say in the video.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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95 thoughts on “Young Snitch Shot at Night in Brazil, Death Tickles Her Fancy”

    1. I’m thinking more “Young snatch shot at night” With a little extra cheese on her taco hence the scratching…Or maybe this no good “Gob shite ” Had one last look for her pussy pass…

      1. She: I was doing nothing
        Shooter: No way, let’s go, stay still, on your knees
        Camera-man: Come on be quiet, what did you tell the little Joker?
        She: (inaudible), i did not speak to Joker anything, i (bang) alas, alas Gaxa(nick)… (bang, bang, bang)
        Go, go, go!

  1. She obviously wanted to save her own life by trying to turn the men on in a desperate attempt to live. To the rest who are just horrible human beings about being this cavalier about a death over something there would just result in a fine jail in the U.S. come at me 🙂

  2. Not the load she was hoping for.. I think she was asking to be fucked one last time. How could they say no to atleast a blowjob when she gets on her knees and asks all polite like that? Heartless pricks.

  3. Unless they were using a cobra shit hand guns no reason for that discharge. unless they were shooting at her with tracer rounds. these numbnuts probably wouldn’t know the difference either way. tracer rounds will still hurt and teach her a lesson before they plug her holes so either way in this case either team wins

  4. hmmm…. ok.

    look like she doesnt appreciate the loud sound coming out of the first shot and cover her ears.

    surprising she died… look like the guys doesnt even care about shooting her dead, they look like just shooting her randomly before get the fuck out of here, not even took time to put a nice bullet well placed… random shots lol

  5. With those bony shoulders, small hips and very long arms(trait of male), this was probably a tranny.
    -By being deceivers 24/7(btw, you have all celebrities being trannybrities), they sometimes jump on someone who have sharp eyes and brains. This case is most likely the fucking up with wrong person/s over God only knows what.

  6. Her cooch was probably soaked thinking she was about to be raped then the firing began much to her dismay! She was thinking she could handle being raped since she’s had more cock inside her than a hen house which is why she probably why she seemed so calm.

  7. I Wonder if they took the Time To Tickling (Her Clitorial Fancy First) by Tapping That Young, & Sweet Little Young Putang???

    I Mean,,, She Is Only wearing a dress which would make their lives so much easier being that they would not have to fuck around with pulling-off/down some super skin tight jeans, along with fucking around with belts, & shit!

    So in closing,, How Many Of you’s think that they all gang-banged her first, before Offing-Her In That Dark, And Evil-Looking Jungle???

  8. Just another body which wasted by south american zombies.İf ı would there ı would just hug her,kiss her beautiful face and nose.Dont get me wrong but-I would also fuck her.But not so hard,slowly.İmpregnant her,giving her my heredity.İf ı would be there….

  9. Now you can see how someone like boppin’ Betty Short ended up the way she did in ’47. This girl probably was a cock tease to the wrong public social disease specialist doctor and she deserved the big sleep. Nighty Nite, skirt…….You should have remained a virgin and not broken your dear old mom’s heart.

  10. As my palm reaches my face. I stare at my screen in disgust at the low morales.
    Settle down; keep your hedonistic cock for a deserving woman!
    Thanks to the translator, we can see (rather hear) she disobeyed orders by leaking info(gossip lol). She knew it was cumming!

  11. Now I’m kinda wondering if she (He?) was a sub & thought that this was another type of BDSM play that would merely result in a good time. She has that pain slut look in her eyes & her overall countenance (I’ve seen that look on the faces of a few 24/7’s I’ve collared back in the day).
    She might’ve just thought that they were doing gun play with her & didn’t expect the bullets.
    (If that sounds far fetched, refer to the Judas Priest classic “Eat me alive”. Real lyrics from real experiences.)

  12. Are all Brazilian men such faggots? I’d rather rape her & keep her around for more. At least have her work for you guys. She seems to make a good snitch. Or have smuggle drugs. Damn though, at least fuck her. Stupid twink fags.

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