Young Syrian Girl Shot to the Side of Her Mandible

Young Syrian Girl Shot to the Side of Her Mandible

Apparently the victim in this video is a girl. She was shot to the side of her mandible (lower jaw). The wound looks nasty, but survivable – Syrian jaw boy survived having his entire jaw blown off. But… she doesn’t move in the video and looks pretty dead so who knows. Maybe a good actor or maybe there were further wounds not shown in this video.

The video was shot in Homs Talbiseh, Syria on September 20, 2012. Here’s another video of a boy shot in the temporomandibular joint:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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29 thoughts on “Young Syrian Girl Shot to the Side of Her Mandible”

  1. This brings back hard memories for me. 4 and a half years ago (June 28th ’08) I had a 5% chance to live and a 90% chance to be a vegetable after a almost point blank (Half the length of my arm) shot to my head. It was a 22magnum hollow point that prior to the bullet hitting me in the throat went through my left index finger and took off half of my thumb. From there it entered the left side of my throat on a diagonal path into my jaw, cheek, and even damaged my third and fourth vertebrae, barely missing my jugular vein. The left side of my face is full of shrapnel (Being that it was a hollowpoint) and I’m very lucky to be alive, albeit with a brain injury and PTSD though regardless of that I’m alive and not complaining.

    I’ll never forget the intensity and “slow motion” style shock I went into, it felt like a full minute before I heard the actual gunshot. I lost a vast amount of blood due to incompetent police that were searching the house while I was bleeding out and not helping me, as I recall they seemed almost to ignore me as if it was over with anyway but when I noticed an ambulance was pulling up the driveway I staggered out of the house, collapsing in the yard on the hood of my car and they drove me 2minutes away to a parking lot to be heli-vacced away. 18 Hours of surgery and a 3 day coma plus two astonished surgeons that I even could talk, let alone function…

    Anyway, I’m a new member here and since the content matter was so similar it gave me flashbacks so I decided to share my survival story, I hope nobody minds and I’m so happy to be a member of best gore. *salute* – Turns Off Pain

    1. I know the slow motion shit you’re talking about I got that today! I got pulled over for no seat belt and had a bag on the dash board. Man I about shit myself when I relised he was coming up on me.
      (leftover crack;Gang control)

    2. Welcome aboard the gore train and may I say that I admire your spirit, normally a person with PTSD would probably stay clear of a site like this in case it forced them to remember but you are doing the opposite, can I ask whether you liked this sort of stuff before the incident or is it because you came so close to death that you seek comfort by facing the reality of life through looking at death.

      1. @ Empty Soul

        You are very correct about the PTSD, *normally* a person would move as far away of the subject matter that reminded them and gave them flashbacks of the event.

        Before I was shot I had been a Masochist for many years, Branding, Slicing myself to the bone with an 11″ K-bar Tanto and having females do similar things to me. So this might be one portion of it I believe.

        Another thing is also my love for armaments and weapons of all kinds. I do admit that in the first year or two when I saw a gun I would get the shakes and even handling one could induce *very violent* blackouts where I become something that still terrifies me to this day as I “blackout” and then hear from the people I love about how “evil” and terrifying I became. But regardless of this, even while I was in the hospital I made a oath to myself that I would get back to shooting no matter what. The rifle itself was not to blame but the person behind it.

        I’m very amazed by the insight of your question. Yes, I intentionally did a 180 and embraced everything that would intensify my PTSD since as I know from experience of other mental illnesses that you can *never* run away from your own mind and have any success. It’s better to confront the pain and better understand it and this decision has done wonders for me.

        Wow, I have to thank you for your question comrade. It’s very hard to see myself and figure out these things alone as a mind prefers to blind you from the pain, but when you pointed that out and I had to think about it. This conversation just became another “puzzle piece” in place to the on going repair of my mind.

        And I just must say this again, I’m so very happy to be here and even more so now after telling my story and seeing the interest, maturity, and respect to my story and survival, it really hit deep in my soul. Many many times where I have shared this story I end up with idiots actually trolling me about it. Finally a *mature* community and one also that I finally know I’m home.

        -Turns Off Pain BG MEMBER FOR LIFE!

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