Young Venezuelans Blasted with Shotgun After Being Killed

Young Venezuelans Blasted with Shotgun After Being Killed

In Venezuela, two young men were gunned down while riding a motorcycle. Once dead on the road, the killers blasted them with a shotgun at close range.

Venezuela has been under vicious attacks by the likes of Soros funded mercenaries whose goal is to overthrow the government and install a puppet regime. The mercenaries do the exact same thing they did in Ukraine, Libya and Syria recently – kill random civilians to frame the government with the atrocities.

The tactics worked in overthrowing the legitimate governments of Ukraine and Libya, though Syria is still holding its ground, but is relentlessly attacked by the Zionist press that manufactures the same stories currently manufactured about Venezuela.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the below video was one of their theatrics.

The guy in the video says “métele mas“, which translates as “put some more in him“, which in this particular case would mean “shot him again.

Props to Best Gore member @juandemarco for the video:

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57 thoughts on “Young Venezuelans Blasted with Shotgun After Being Killed”

  1. damm thats happaning all over venezuela right now. there are everywhere in venezuela riots and the police(state) shows no mercy and gun the people down like rats i hope they kill that retarded president soon

      1. most of them are poor so they flee to colombia why would they go all the way to panama trough area controlled by Guerilla that makes no sense and it cost way more money to go to panama instead of colombia. i think once the president is gone the people will return to their homes

    1. Soros? The govt does not know what they are doing…do you know that CITGO is owned and operated by the venezuela government…they should be stuffed with cash yet you would think they are some tiny african nation…everyone is starving.

    1. I ride a motorcycle, but I always wear a helmet, knee pads under my jeans, and elbow pads under my shirt and hoodie. I fell down once almost a year ago and broke two ribs, but I remember my head bashing the pavement, but my helmet saved me. If you take the right precautions, you will be fine and suffer minor injuries. I wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for my helmet so the people who protest helmets are a bunch of idiots.

      1. Take a close look at your motorcycle insurance…you will see that medical payments are severely restricted….they know the risk that you have on that bike and they don’t want to pay for your injuries..Insurance companies do not make money paying claims..they make money by DENYING claims.

  2. I wonder if it has anything to do with this:

    “The proven oil reserves in Venezuela are recognized as the largest in the world, totaling 297 billion barrels (4.72×10^10 m3) as of 1 January 2014.” (Wikipedia)

    1. well, Venezuela has always had huge oil reserves. The problem is not that, actually, that even helped postpone the tragedy for a time. The real cause of the tragedy is marxism, in a hispanic version called bolivarianism.

    1. Yeah why cant they close up on their fckd up humans all that fckd up flesh and disfigured! figures wer used to seeing evryday huh . Really this was a cool video kinda wanted a lil mor bt itz ok.

  3. “Venezuela has been under vicious attacks by the likes of Soros funded mercenaries whose goal is to overthrow the government and install a puppet regime.” –> Mark, even though I don’t agree with you, I respect your anti-zionist opinions, but I can’t keep quiet on this one. There is no food or medicine in the Venezuela. The country has the highest inflation in the world at 800% (and keeps going up), and it is currently one of the most, if not THE most, dangerous countries on Earth. There are no $’s to either produce nor import enough food and meds. The few supplies that actually get to Venezuela are either brought by the government and sold as a miserable bag of goods with milk, sugar, coffee, dough and cooking oil only to those who enlist in the government party (PSUV) and are willing to make very long lines, OR they are brought by (what’s left of) private industries and sold at your regular grocery store (if you actually do find the product) but much, much more expensive by far, not affordable to your average Venezuelan. Minimum wage is about Bs 150,000 (which is around $30). The basic food basket is around a million (1,000,000) Bs, which is $200, and trust me, not many people earn that or more in Venezuela. I live in the capital, Caracas (for the moment), and many family members, friends and people I know can’t find their meds. They simply don’t take it. People are dying not only from lack of medicine, but of starvation as well. People are paying because of the rampant corruption of the socialist government, and failed socialist policies. Soros or the US haven’t got anything to do with this. Quite the contrary, actually. Venezuela has been isolating itself and has nationalized US corporations for a while (last one was GM a couple of days ago). If anything, they’ve made friends with US enemies, Cuba, Russia and China, and has let them exploit its resources non stop. Venezuela was, and still is fully dependent on oil sales. Oil prices go down + unbelievable and shameless corruption, then this happens. You don’t need a Harvard MBA to understand all this. The people have had enough, and it’s pretty obvious that we’re talking about the overwhelming majority here. That’s it.

    1. Everything you say may very well be true, but it has nothing to do with the fact that Soros and Co. are sponsoring the unrest. Much of the hardship the people of Venezuela are experiencing is also manufactured and forced on the country in order to turn people against its government, so Zionist can be installed. You are exactly where the Zionists want you – prepared to trade temporary hardship for temporary improvement in conditions followed by eternal enslavement. This is exactly what they want.

      1. I’ve not been impressed by someone’s opinion for a long time.
        It’s almost impossible to find another American who truly understands what’s going on in this world. 99.9% will simply echo the convenient Zionist rhetoric from their favorite media while claiming to express their “own opinion”; which is why I gave up those bar table arguments. Even adults these days sound like nothing more than government cyborgs thus your insight is a sigh of relief

        Just one thing wrong with Maduro. Unlike Chavez, he’s playing more of the power game than the numbers game with the Zionists. Although he’ll eventually lose, it’s still refreshing to see people out there who’ll not simply bend to puppets of the puritans

  4. Legit the start of the video when the guy started speaking reminded me of Family Guy when Peter thinks he can speak Italian because he has a moustache “Bopity bapa, bopa bipa bopa bapa bipa bapa!”

  5. They Should make motorcycles expensive as fuk so they cant buy the (and flip flops) cause they don’t know how I use them… And flip flops are cursed and they can’t use them either.

  6. Maybe they’re artists, and they felt that this particular piece didn’t have sufficient blood splatter. ‘I’m not satisfied we’ve projected our passion…feel like something is missing…’ ‘…more blood?’ ‘Yes!’

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