Young Woman Dies Bent Over Stone Wall in Sinaloa, Mexico

Young Woman Dies Bent Over Stone Wall in Sinaloa, Mexico

In CuliacΓ‘n, capital of Sinaloa, Mexico, a young woman was abducted from her home in Lomas del Sol, taken to a road in la colonia Ignacio Allende and executed with fire from goat horns. She was found dead minutes later, bent over a stone wall with her ass up for taking by stray dogs.

Mexican authorities confirmed the woman’s name was Susana CuΓ©n Higuera. She was 25 year old. Initially there were allegation that she was the niece of pre-candidate for Governor of Sinaloa for the PAN-PAS, HΓ©ctor Melesio CuΓ©n Ojeda, but those were later ruled out.

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      1. @Trainwreck lol thanks for the relay baby girl πŸ˜‰

        @Omnos sorry I’m so hit and miss lately to much bullshit going on but I’m hoping things will settle down so I can do more than read the new posts and go back to refraining from strangling a few select people. I do hope everything has been going very well for you hun.

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    1. she’s been already dead and you stand a chance fucking her up too but its first come first serve ,and as the cops were there first you gonna be second .
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  3. She was pretty but also was well aware of it and that type tend to cock tease and get involved with wrong people . wonder if she just fell in that position or was placed like that maybe killers were leaving a msg . Either way after days of saggy boobs it a refreshing change to see a nice ass .. Most of been a big sound to her head as she has blood dripping down both her ankles …

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  4. Ive been here along time a good few years, Had another account a few might remember if i said the name. In all these years all the writers and most commenters have such hate for a beautiful woman, Why?
    All we know about her is she was stunning and liked to dress nice and buy nice things so we all assume she must be a bitch or a drug-delaers or gang leaders girl who deserved to be killed!
    Why can’t she be a beautiful girl, who liked to dress nice and worked really hard and like lots of girls i know spend their hard earned money o things they like?
    All the men who are slagging her are the very ones wanting a beautiful girl.

    1. You might be right. She may be a middle class professional woman wuth enough disposable income to dress well and pamper her body. However, you must consider in Mexico many people live in abject poverty and struggle to survive the best way they can. This could include working in the drug trade. A good looking young woman may opt to attach herself with a narco who who appears wealthy and powerful. Such men are often sociopaths with no conscience. This young lady may have offended her narco boyfriend in some way.

  5. Make up or no make up, she was a real beaut.
    Dumb mexicans though with this crap ‘goat horns’ renaming.
    Its an AK-47 Kalashnikov you Mexican butt ends. It doesnt need a rubbish new nickname.

  6. Nice face but her ass is a bit chubby. Perhaps she “two timed” the wrong man and patd the price. Perhaps she would have lived longer if she concentrated on getting a degree in engineering or science rather than being some monsters “sqeeze”.

  7. It was nothing to do with drugs, gangs or other criminal activities. It was people from her facebook who just couldn’t take anymore of her shallow duckface selfies. THere is only so many self obsessed boring photos you can take before you have to kidnap and execute people.

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