Young Woman Shot and Set on Fire in Alagoas, Brazil

Young Woman Shot and Set on Fire in Alagoas, Brazil

Young woman with big earrings and flip flops was found shot and burned to a crisp in Cachoeira do Mirim (Mirim Waterfall), a district of Benedito Bentes, in the state of Alagoas, Brazil. The woman had no ID on person so authorities were unable to confirm whether she was a Da Silva.

She was found by two boys on bicycles. The reporter says that the boys at first thought she was a doll, but realized it was a murdered person when they got closer.

As is always the case in Brazil – nobody knows anything, nobody heard anything, nobody saw anything. The roots of Brazilian omerta run deep and so even if there were any witnesses to the crime, they refuse to come forward in fear of being targeted by a couple on a motorcycle.

Props to Best Gore member ElliD who says that even though she’s from Brazil, she’s not a Da Silva. I never asked her if she wore flip flops when she sent me this video. Opening 14 seconds of the video are an advertisement put in there by Emergencia 190:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Young Woman Shot and Set on Fire in Alagoas, Brazil”

    1. Not irony, but coincidental. And yeah, as someone who worked in news for 10 years, a bad “stack” putting a burned body after a gas story. But seriously, the news in Brazil… WTF??? “I want a tight shot on this corpse! Tighter! Get right in there on the goo and her head! Stay on it!”

  1. Damn it, i feel i should be wearing my flip flops are i write this hahahah!!
    Yeah, news in Brazil are 99% of the time uncensored, regardless of the time it is broadcast.

    Did i just hear something about forking? I don’t want to be left out!! 😀

  2. Is it just me or have her breasts turned into hollow burnt nothings? They look like a cake has burnt round the edges but the rest of it didn’t bake so it collapsed.
    Or maybe I need glasses.
    Or a psychotherapist.

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