Young Woman with Throat Slashed After Being Raped

Young Woman with Throat Slashed After Being Raped

A young woman was allegedly raped and killed by having her throat slashed in Thailand. Although I’m not entirely sure about the “rape” part, because she would have checked in to a no name motel with some guy.

Typically, bitches go to motels with some shady guys to score an easy dough. But in this case, it looks like it was the other party that scored dough, cause apparently the dead woman’s cell phone and gold necklace went missing. Maybe she was one of those flimsy women who don’t take meat down their throats, so he let her throat taste metal.

Thai police have arrested a suspect, who apparently had previously been arrested for murder, but released 2 years later.

Here’s the translation from Thai (I hate walls of text as much as the next guy, but I find I can never tear myself away from walls of translation from Thai):

Brutally night !! Hear screams at night Open Doors was shocked to see the bodies were killed, the deadliest super clean!!

The correspondent reported that at 10:30 am. Today (2 July 2559) Meta Chatchaphol Ratanasrimetha the teaching staff pharmacist. Kaeng Khoi, Saraburi. Have prompted the killing, death. The no-name motel End Of Line Road Soi 8 municipal district Khoi report to their superiors know. Before being taken to check

The arena motel It is a one-story row house mortar facing collide two rows of five rooms, room No. 17/5 found Miss. Chularat’s 27-year-old Savannah. M 3. Phra district, Chiang Kwan. Et teachers school in Saraburi. state bodies lying on the couch of blood. Wounds were slit the throat of a state funeral be near a gaping wound bare neck showed a sharp kitchen knife bloody long one foot placed first volume officials kept as evidence.

From the preliminary investigation that fans of the dead were police in Nakhon Pathom. The time will come to die once. Morning scene Fans can call the victim’s death, but did not go through. Calls for teachers at a nearby dormitory. Come see the room, it was found that the door had closed the door prize. But the door did not lock the wire grid. When pushed out He found a young teacher killed it. The audit found dead cell phone missing. But Housing phone Two dimes gold necklace was gone as well.

The initial assumption that the attacks could have come alone. The visitors hoped to rape The deceased, an attractive young woman. But the flex die battle It was the assailant with a knife slitting his throat. Then the assailant took the phone and a gold necklace fled. Now the police know who the villain is. The arrest followed a prosecution is accelerating.

Police. Kaeng Khoi Saraburi. You can arrest a suspected murder of a hundred teachers have already been found committing crime since 2556 and acquitted in 2558.

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      1. I too wish that the person or persons who killed her had subjected her to the lesser of the two evils: They should have just murdered her but not have raped her. Any woman will tell you that rape is worse than murder or atleast equal to it.

    1. I too wish that the person or persons who killed her had subjected her to the lesser of the two evils: They should have just murdered her but not have raped her. Any woman will tell you that rape is worse than murder and that she would rather be murdered than raped any day.

  1. Her prince charming is going to come along soon. He will kiss her and she will wake up and marry her prince charming.

    What’s that? She’s been killed?

    Well then. Her necrophiliac prince charming is going to come along soon. He will kiss her and…

  2. “Brutally night !! Hear screams at night Open Doors was shocked to see the bodies were killed, the deadliest super clean!!” – Sounds like a movie plot or something… 😆

    “Today (2 July 2559)(…)” – Messages from the future it seems… 😀

    “(..)state bodies lying on the couch of blood.” – Black metal lyrics… 😆

    “From the preliminary investigation that fans of the dead were police in Nakhon Pathom.(…)The visitors hoped to rape The deceased, an attractive young woman.” – So Thailand has a cult of necrophilia composed by cops then?

    “(…)the assailant took the phone and a gold necklace fled.” – Ahahah! I can imagine that poor gold necklace running away from the rapist… Run little gold necklace! RUN! 😆

      1. they all look decent/level-headed when a camera is put in front of them. a womans life is her image. its their obssession, its their card in life. she needs to look good or a certain way to attract a mate etc. look at how they live their lives, listen to their chit-chat .. its all ‘whoa those look amazing, that dress looks gorgeous, your hair looks super and the rest. it consumes them as they become women of breeding age. everything revolves around image. how things look, how they shimmer, how the colours contrast and the rest of the materialistic bullshit. its a false world but its their world. even their make up is a mask of who they really are. all about the materialistic. all about how something has appeal visually. this will even trickle down to when they buy prams for their fleshy offspring .. they will strive to buy a pram that gives a certain ‘look’ a certain ‘feel’ or has a hint of etiquette. its also how they judge men too to a certain degree. ‘man with big car big wallet good clothes he can provide for me and my mini fleshys’. this is how they become naturals when a camera is pointed at them. the internet is now swamped with women putting two fingers up and grinning ear to ear in exotic places or places of travel. all about the image. image is their hamster wheel. the internet is perfectly designed for women… sit back post a filtered snap then they can get their cheap pleasures from the inevitable following comments from predictable males who need to release the URGE TO JIZZ. oh yes women are born little performers/actresses in every sense of the meaning.

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          1. What a fucking crybaby you are, where did I endorse anything? Just because tonight you’ve suddenly developed a conscience about all the nasty gore on this site and think your above me or anyone else who makes jokes about it. You’re a fucking argumentative hypocrite.

          2. im getting to you people. im getting under your skin. the seeds are slowly being planted in your souls.i am sent for a higher purpose. i am here to restore order and the laws of nature. my wise words and harsh reality talk is seeping into your spirit essence and transforming your soul your chakras are on fire. in time you will see i am your third eye. soak it all in like a sponge and revel in your spiritual awakenings.

  3. The gruesome murder took place at the victim’s apartment room in Tambon Kaeng Khoi, Kaeng Khoi district of Saraburi on Friday night.

    The suspect, 27-year Chatri Ruamsoonnern, who stays in the same apartment next to the room of the victim, Ms Chularat Towanna, a school teacher, was arrested by police the next day.

    Chatri reportedly admitted that he killed Ms Chularat. He told the police interrogators that he fell in love with the schoolteacher for quite some time because she was good looking.

    On Friday night, he said he decided to slip into the victim’s room after the light in her room was off by unlocking the door from the inside through a gap in the window mesh. He admitted he tried to rape her but she resisted his attempt and cried for help so he decided to use a knife which he carried with him to slash her throat.

    Police, on Sunday, took the suspect to the apartment for a re-enactment of the crime but decided to call it off for fear that the suspect might be attacked because many people were gathering to witness the re-enactment.

    Police said that the suspect had served a two-year jailterm for rape and was released last year.

  4. Seriously, fuck you Mark for that piece of shit commentary. I’m glad you have the world figured out. People like you and the most extreme of feminazis should have to live on an island together away from people who have no clue why you hate one another so much and aren’t even part of either side’s wacko views. Fuck it’s frustrating being “normal.” Feel free to call me triggered, special snowflake etc. What I am is just a regular person who thinks misandrist cunts and misogynistic jackasses are one in the same. And you both need mental help.

      1. I addressed Mark so I obviously know it’s his house. So if he wants to reply, he will. I’ve never seen him tell anybody to get lost for not agreeing with him. He offered his commentary-free site but didn’t demand we go there because he’s not afraid of insults. He’s not a child. I’m sure he’ll speak for himself.

        If you agree with his commentary, that’s your business.

        1. You know, it’s very obvious your looking for a fight. I wasn’t rude or snide to you, but because I don’t agree with your way of getting your hurt little feelings across, I’m the enemy. If you really just wanted to talk to Mark, you could’ve gone to his page, not spit your nasty venom at him for all to see. Believe me, I’m not sticking up for marks comments, Im simply stating a well known fact. Go to the other web site.

    1. @dethbyplaster

      Mark just says it as he sees it, it’s nothing personal against any individual members and you don’t have to respect or acknowledge his views but he nevertheless has the right to say it.

      Personally I go on and on about niggers and how much I dislike them and you can bet there are black Bestgore members and casual viewers out there who would love to kick the living shit out of me for those views, such is life in our severely conflicting world.

      On any given subject you will find many people arguing the furthest extremes and everybody else falling somewhere in-between, moving back and forth as their life experiences and viewpoints change overtime. Mark’s viewpoints therefore stand out the most because he is the website owner, however you do not have to accept those views just as Mark doesn’t have to respect or accept anyone else’s either.

      Modern life in our day to day societies tricks us into believing that everybody is the same because our governments punish us for exhibiting/and or underlining those differences. It can therefore be jarring at first when witnessing that people tend to be extremely opposed on most subjects and viewpoints and only pretend to be similar out of fear of repercussions and/or social ostracism.

      To conclude, what you see on Bestgore is the reality of what we truly are when freed from social repercussion/ostracism. It is not nice, it is not pretty and it can be outright disgusting at times but it is what it is.

      My advice, if you can learn to roll with the punches and grow a very thick skin you will learn far more about humanity on this website than you ever will from any educational textbook.

      I find that I like you dethbyplaster so I hope you can do the above and stick around because we human beings grow stronger and more wise when forced to address and deal with that which we would rather avoid.

      1. I’ve seen plenty of members address Mark in the comments. Not sure why it’s bugging everybody today, but okay. Sure, he has a right to speak. I have a right to respond. This free speech thing goes both way. I’m very surprised you’d chime in though. I usually see you in your own lane with your own opinions. I usually agree with them, actually. Of course, you have a right to say something to me. I’m just surprised is all.
        I’ve had personal insults, BIG insults, hurled at me on this site and my skin is thick enough. Today, I got angry. It happens.

      2. Thank you @empty-soul

        The thing some individuals don’t get about Best Gore is that it’s a “reality news website”. What it means is that it exposes real life the way it really is – raw, unflattering and uncompromising. In other words, the content on Best Gore shows the true face of mankind, instead of white washed, polished, and watered down version of it, cleaned up of anything that might hurt someone’s precious feelings.

        It only comes naturally that content that’s devoid of pretense is accompanied by commentary that’s devoid of pretense. To use your example – we all could white wash, polish, water down and clean up what some white people think about some black people, so the output is all politically correct and acceptable by prudes’ standards, but that still wouldn’t change what some people really think. There’s enough political correctness and white washing all over the internet. Best Gore will not do the same disservice by painting the grey spots pink. We expose the world it really is, and that includes what people really think.

        The problem with prudes is that they never have enough of political correctness. You start by white washing what you speak, then they will demand whitewashing pictures that are posted, then videos, etc. It’s is a steep and slippery slope they want to get us onto.

        Besides, if we watered everything down, the website would fail at exposing the privileged class, which is exclusively who whines at Best Gore, because reality, much as equality, threatens their sense of entitlement. Therefore accurate and descriptive commentary that calls a spade a spade is necessary for the realization of the goal of exposing the detestable caste of entitled cunts.

        1. @happy Mark, your comments (on this post) don’t express the real world and how people really feel. It’s what YOU think. It has nothing to do with being PC for me to think that you saying (paraphrasing) – She be might a flimsy woman who wouldn’t suck cock so she had her throat slit – was a weird ass thing to say.
          Is thinking that’s crazy being PC? No. Is thinking that’s uncool me being entitled? No
          Sorry, I’ll never think it’s okay to think a “bitch” deserved to have her throat cut for not blowing a guy. And only a tiny fraction of people think that’s okay. I’m not PC. I’m not entitled. I’m fucking normal. So, whatever, I’m a prude, snowflake, entitled cunt etc. in your opinion. I think what you said was bs. I’ll keep thinking it. And life goes on.

          1. @dethbyplaster

            I don’t usually chime in because the situation doesn’t normally call for it however you do appear to miss the main point in that Mark has never claimed to speak for all people, he has only ever claimed to speak for himself unlike our governments and media outlets who pretend to speak on behalf of everybody else.

            Whenever I read a newspaper I listen to all presented perspectives but never outright accept any of them preferring instead to do my own research/debating based upon my own personal experiences thus coming to a conclusion that best represents my own individual standpoint because that is how life works as we are all different and therefore require different approaches.

            The “real world” is therefore a matter of individual perspective just as those with left wing political ideologies stand opposed to those with right wing ideologies, it is all a matter of personal circumstance.

            Mark’s comments may therefore be distasteful to you but they do not overrule you like government/media rhetoric would.

            I therefore find Mark’s commentary to be fair based upon the fact that my own will is not automatically overruled by his, that his comments can be said to be distasteful is irrelevant.

            By all means hate Mark’s comments, nothing prevents you from doing so.

          2. hey guess what plaster .. the way mark says things sounds normal to me, its how ive felt all my life. but this is the road my life went down. yours could be different so you see his write-up different. in fact what he says is how me and some other unlucky in life people talk and think too. thats because its OUR road. all my life i have told my mother what a disgusting good for nothing whore she is and that i will dance on her grave stone when shes gone, she accepts what i say because she fucked me over big time and she knows im right. what mark says on here is spot on to me because i dont have the rose tinted priveleged glasses that you obviously do.

  5. I have the utmost respect for the men and women who sign up to teach our children with the shit pay and red tape afforded by the joke of the governmening democracy. This chick was teaching their little Thai-bastard offspring only for some little bitch ass stalker freak to take her life because she had a limited sexual propensity for fucking freaks of nature. The injustices of the world begs to differ with the many shite examples of religion in this world of homosapienistic born darknesses, which has no geographical bounds or bias. People=Shit.

  6. My wife knew her… she wasn’t raped… that man try to rape but when she started screaming he cut her throat and escaped the scene… apparently the translation says that same but you are so keen pushing that Google Translation allways there and not listen people.. asked you many time why can’t put that original police report so everybody can do theyr own translations?! I don’t mind if you do that Google translation but please it cannot be too hard to copy/paste that original here too….

    1. My wife knew her… she wasn’t raped… that man try to rape but when she started screaming he cut her throat and escaped the scene… apparently the translation says that same but you are so keen pushing that Google Translation allways there and not listen people.. asked you many time why can’t put that original police report so everybody can do theyr own translations?! I don’t mind if you do that Google translation but please it cannot be too hard to copy/paste that original here too….I love this page and I’m glad somebody is showing the ugly truth about world as how it is… I hate to be negative… be the voice of truth.. stop using auto translator/give opinion to choose. ..

  7. Whatever! This bitch was trying to be all uptight with her pussy and shit and paid the price. She should had let him had the pussy and live another day and call the cops! But, nooo. Her violent self kicked in and got her killed.

    However, where is the Brazilian gore? If I don’t see a brazilian before I go to sleep I’ll have nightmares!

    1. There have been cases where women allowed themselves to be raped and lived. I recall one case where the victim asked the rapist to change a lightbulb after the rape, just so she could get his fingerprints and it worked, he was in the system and was arrested. Deservingly so.

      Rape is disgusting.

      I hate the rape culture narratives, it’s a bunch of bullshit coming out of the mouths of assholes who refuse to acknowledge false reports or the rapes of children and the rapes of men by women (or other men). However this is one fucked up species in terms of sexuality. On one end you’ve got religious fanatics who shame sex (and tend to have a high rate of sexual abuse in their communities and we could be talking about Mormons, Christians, Muslims, etc.). On the other you’ve got brazen sexualization where anything goes, even the justification of sex with children. I don’t know of a culture that isn’t sexually fucked up in one way or another.

      I’m guessing you’ve never been raped @Wallabeast I could be wrong, knowing that some people deal with having been raped in some strange ways. But come on, you seem to begrudge this young woman for not choosing to be raped. She fought and lost. She may not have seen he had a knife. That little bastard deserves to have his dick cut off and shoved down his face like the story Mark posted a day or so ago. Wish I could do it myself frankly. He is a serial rapist who thinks he is entitled to put his dick wherever he wants. He is taking up space on the planet. Meatbags like him deserve to die.

      1. @I-Program-myself

        First, I don’t support rape in any case. Yes, I was a bit straight forward in my comment.

        But really, if a woman sees herself in the situation in wish her life could be spared by putting up with the uncomfortable though of letting someone release him/herself through sexual pleasure while using her/him even against her will, why not?

        What you wrote in your comment is an example of going along with rape and raising your survival chances during a rape about the woman and the rapist changing her light bulb.

        I don’t and I didn’t begrudge on this poor young lady refusing to go along with rape. Maybe she was innocent, maybe she was a good person. Maybe she was not a cock-teasing going around slut like many sluts I see. So my comment is mere speculation she got violent during her rape, and the rapist slashed her throat as a result.

  8. Prostitution is not easy money, even for the prostitutes who like the work.

    Sure, some are lowlifes but not because of the work they do, they’d be garbage no matter what job they do. Some are the most honest people you could meet. Some have huge compassion like the erotic service provider featured in the doc called ‘scarlet road a sex workers journey’ she caters to handicapped men who otherwise would never get touch or intimacy let alone sex- which I believe most people take for granted. Some prostitutes provide the only tenderness that war veterans get. For men (and women) who aren’t interested in a full on relationship, a prostitute provides much needed intimacy and release. Sex is a human need.

    There are people who want to provide erotic services. Many in fact.

    People are also driven into prostitution by wars they had nothing to do with creating.

    People are driven into prostitution by poverty. When Greece’s economy tanked prostitition increased by 150% in a matter of a very short time.

    Prostitutes are a very stigmatized population thanks to stigma and stereotypes which of course some people live up to. But most prostitutes are nothing like the stereotypes.

    But easy money? I would never say that.

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