Youths Cutting Body of Person with Machete, Then Burning It

Youths Cutting Body of Person with Machete, Then Burning It

Youths Cutting Body of Person with Machete, Then Burning It

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Venezuela. The video shows youths cutting the body of a person with a machete, then burning it.

That’s a good way to dull the blades – hitting the pavement so much. Got to love how the whole thing had the feel of a family outing.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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          1. Haha i did have it up once but that was before scaredforlife started his nonsense. Now i doubt anyone could put up a real pic, i did put up the mayor of london hoping scaredforlife would take it but masterplan ruined my plan by telling everyone

          1. Yeah, I should think so. I work for a private company who owns two airports in Brazil, one in the south (where I live) and one in the northeast. I attend both of them and in the south I’ve never had any problems, but the other one in the northeast I receive complaints about it every single day, due to the violence that surrounds the area. And it’s getting worse.

    1. You have it all wrong, after translating the South America gibberish the fact of the matter is that the dead spic was trying to get directions to the United States. These two fleshy viruses deserve a medal for what they’ve done or at least send them a wet stone to sharpen those machetes.

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    Omg what a disgusting people!
    I would compare them to animals but that would be injustice to them.
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    All in all:
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          1. He’s the clever one , he might live longer, those two are just the scrotes like the ones in england who get used and always end up in prison, prison is full of those types

    1. Arm the negros I lived around in oak addition, outskirts of Houston, Texas, with machetes and you’ll be pretty close to your wish. Well…… nope. Pretty much anywhere in the U.S. is better than the animals over there.

    1. true story, the uk has been on fucking lockdown permanently for a long time… crime has gone far underground. this sort of blatant murder is only possible in the country, but the christian groups are and have been clamping down via their cuntish ways..

      the uk is still and evilland… but shit used to be so bad here. the fun is for those knowing they go to prison now… and knowing how shit life is anyway, having been to mental hospital 5 times, it has its benefits, for one youre still alive… unless they bring in the death penalty for any crime then theres always going to be perks to bieng in prison… and thats why i love black ppl.

  2. These aren’t ‘human youth’ at all. These are ‘savage animals’ more like it. I do not think being a decent and good human being is allowed at all in these kinds of shit hole places. Otherwise – this wouldn’t happen and these ‘youths’ would be loving their fathers and learning to be human. Nope, won’t happen. Hence this.

        1. Bahaha!
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          I’m actually surprised some do gooder hasn’t cried about it and demanded the name get changed.

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  3. The guy holding the camera said something about practicing witchcraft along with some insults :/ they might’ve been told that this person was practicing some for of magic and paid the price for it countries like this don’t take that sorta stuff lightly as you can see from the video 😮

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