Youth Shot Dead by the Police in Cali, Colombia

Youth Shot Dead by the Police in Cali, Colombia

From what I understand, this incident stirred a little bit of controversy in Colombia. The police say the youth attacked them and they killed him in self defence, but the passenger who witnessed the shooting maintains that the cops were not threatened, calling the shooting a murder.

According to the police report, Clisman Eduardo Túquerres Coque was pulled over by Cali traffic wardens on suspicion that he was operating a motor vehicle impaired. When asked to provide documents for inspection, the youth allegedly responded by exclaiming “You don’t know who I am” and struck the officer in the face. Meanwhile, a female passenger who the police allege was also intoxicated kicked the officers with her high heel boots, causing injuries to their legs.

There is no video of the alleged attack, only of the aftermath whereas the male youth is already dead. It is impossible to judge who was in the right and who in the wrong from what the video shows, but it does stink of a mouthy youth who thought he could get away with anything and no cop could touch him cause his uncle is a cop too. Nobody needs young punks who drive impaired cause they think they’re untouchable around:

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