Youth Shot and Killed by Police During a Riot in Cali, Colombia

Youth Shot and Killed by Police During a Riot in Cali, Colombia

A youth was shot and killed by police after their actions prompted the residents from el barrio Las OrquΓ­deas (the Orchids neighborhood) in Cali, Colombia to riot. It is not very clear to me what the police did that irritated the residents to the point of rioting, but as they were retreating, the cops opened fire and killed the boy. Several other people, including the boy’s relatives were wounded.

This is not the first time police killed a boy in Cali under dubious circumstances.

Props to Best Gore member ColombianBastard for the video:

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          1. colombianos are annoying anyways. they should have shot all them with a ametrallaDora prrrrra. causing rockus for teams loss. like the players give a f about this guy getting shot

        1. @CB, I have a Columbian friend here in the USA, and he refused to talk about the game at all. He was really depressed. I don’t get it, why are people are so affected by a game? I like to watch sports, including soccer, but I’m not going to go out and kill someone if my team loses. That’s just crazy.

        1. 3d fractal zoom! You gotta watch it. Wish it was around when I was into my acid, all form and function can be reproduced with maths.

          Looked up in the sky today ( love clouds) saw ripples exactly the same as ripples left in the sand when the tide goes out, makes you wonder.

          1. Mathematical symmetrical patterns. Quite interesting. Always fascinated by the symmetry of the moon to the sun , bloody marvelous accident !.

            Algebra , trigonometry , nah too dull.

            You know when you close your eyes while tripping ? , well , apparently , the patterns and shapes we see in our minds eye , are mathematical too !

            Does make you think my friend.

      1. I hate cops just as much as anyone else. Probably a lil more lol. But if I was a cop in that situation I would of shot in the air a few times before I started pumping rounds into the crowd. Maby they did I don’t know. In all honesty those people were acting like jungle Bunny’s.

    1. Cops should not use deadly force unless they believe their life is in imminent risk.

      That’s what they are trained for right? That’s what they “train” for Is being able to respond to situations and disarm people through hand to hand combat. However, why bother doing work when you can just pick up your gun and shoot em?

      I’m tired of seeing cops shooting because a 100 lb kid had a steak knife.. That’s not something to warrant deadly force. It’s not hard for three “trained” cops to disarm a kid. I’m also tired of seeing cops beat someone for “resisting” when they are already handcuffed and on the ground. They do it because they operate with impunity. What’s the worse that will happen? Vacation while they get paid until it slips out of the news, then they are reinstated. Every. God. Damn. Time.

      A cop slit the throat of a dog that was tied to a telephone post. What happened?.. Nada.

  1. This is very unfortunate but not as bad as American gangs of civilian killers. If this happened there in the USA, I think there would be twelve bodies and it would have happened in the first two minutes of this riot starting.

    What ever happened to water cannons and rubber bullets?

    But have to say, I love the Colombian coppers on their trail bikes, so freaking cool.

  2. New account here.
    Been surfing this website for a very long time, indeed. Every since there weren’t really that much content on here, if I must be honest. It’s pretty badass to see how far it has come. I remember when I first came on here as I was curious to see what killing was like, but the thing about this website is that once you come to it, it’s hard to never return haha.

    Was gone for a long period of time and in this time was when Mark went through his troubles with the system. But to be honest, after I’ve spent the last two weeks going through a hell of a lot of new stuff on this site, I can definitely say that all the new content providers are a brilliant addition to this site. Mark would be proud of you all πŸ™‚

  3. Wow….are we really surprised though? Cops takin advantage of a situation to take out their violent tendencies? Still.didnt kill em like Germany was yesterday lol. @ broke, hru feelin bro? Nybadguy, you ever used to drop bottles n shit on cop cars in nyc from rooftops? Lol this kinda reminded me of that

    1. I’m doing okay. I have my good days and bad days just like everyone. I’m used to the pain and stiffness now so it does’nt even phase me when it takes me longer to get out of bed in the morning or I avoid doing certain things cuz it hurts to do them. Once you break your spine you are never really the same again but i guess I don’t need to tell you that.

        1. @broke…i was in Emergency room yesterday. Passed out. 4 stitches in my eyebrow, new annular tear L1-L2. My last lumbar to tear!!! Lol. Got some nice bloody shots for that post and new avatar at least!! I didn’t plan on a good day for today, but not too bad. Im glad its not a bad day for you. I’ve woken up with dislocations with my Gumbi-ass lol. Gettin to sleep, stayin asleep, wakin up are the worst arent they?

          1. @SAT, how did you cut your eyebrow open? Do you mean you passed out and fell down? That really sucks, hope you feel better soon. Looks like you deserve a post of your own here.

    2. Can’t say I’ve pooped on cop cars. But one time me and some friends broke into a school bus parking lot and pissed and shit all over the seats in some of the busses. we never had issues with cops growing up in Brooklyn because the cops were paid off. I grew up in “clubs” if you know what I mean. If we did do anything stupid on the block we were sure to get a few kicks in the ass in the street by the old timers.

      1. @ ny, we used to drop bottles and what not on they cars and then break out. I know what you mean, same way in ozone park, the ‘neighborhood’ raised you by their own standards. Had a friend who wrecked 5 cars from the 65th, ohhh they beat him within an inch of his life. Brooklyn is wild, love it.craziness!! Haha nice way to say Fuck You!! Shitty ride to school the next day!! Sorry for mistypes, was not even close to sober while typing yesterday.

        1. Haha. So you know the deal man lol. You ever hangout in Forrest hills? We use to hang out in the graveyard there’s like a huge ass drop off at the top where you can see Fuckin miles of queens. A lot of 40s n blunts up there man haha. Good ol days. You still in NY?

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