Youth Stabbed in Front of Morley’s Chicken in South London

Youth Stabbed in Front of Morley's Chicken in South London

Youth Stabbed in Front of Morleys Chicken in South London

On Thursday November 1, 2018, a CCTV camera at the Morley’s Chicken shop on the corner of Randlesdown Road and Brookhowse Road in Bellingham, south London caught a stabbing attack that left a 15 year old dead.

The footage from the security camera appears to show a group of young men armed with blades come running toward two youths standing outside the chicken shop. One takes off and is pursued by several assailants, while the other remains frozen in his tracks, and receives what looks like a single stab to the upper chest area.

According to the local reports, the 15 year old who has died was stabbed multiple times, which makes me believe it was not the chap that was stabbed on camera.

Props to Best Gore member @mujula for the video:

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        1. The Muslims here in Metro Detroit are quite well established, with the biggest issue being how to address the hajib as opposed to morning pickups of headless harridans. OK, we had the firebombing of a Muslim-owned Dairy Queen a few weeks after 9/11. Otherwise, it’s been practically dull, BestGore-wise.

          For example, over half the population of Hamtramck is Muslim, dominating city council yet resisting the urge to establish Sharia law. The calls for prayers are balanced by the Polish-Catholic church bells, but I’m unaware if they have halal pierogies.

          Detroit has Other Problems, but I think that’s a topic for another day.

    1. I lived in Wayne county for a year in Belleville. So many Arabs in Michigan. The city of Detroit can be so nasty. I loved Ann Arbor though. Back when I was nicer and stupid I had a few Arab friends there. ewww. Now I live in Miami. The Cuba of America. double ewww

          1. Actually, after thinking about this again, I have to retract my original sarcastic retort.

            I realized that I hate people who like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and likewise, people who wear MAGA hats.

            So I can’t say shit.

          2. no you were on it was pretty juvenile statement to blanketly hate on an entire town. I even have couple relatives there and I certainly don’t hate them so it was false statement even

  1. It’s fuked up that I feel safer in my 5th world hometown than Londonistan, even though my shithole town had some of the most brutal gun battles of the drug war. Anyone ever seen Children of Men? That’s how Europastan feels like these days kinda like Redneckistan feels like a dystopian futuristic dark place.

        1. Yea it’s like, I’m all for being creative with the username. But I’m just here to make fun of niggers, gooks, spics, muslims, retarded rednecks, trendy dipshits, pop culture, and other shit that we all can agree on sucks.

    1. I’ve had that problem too, but only couple times, months back… It sure made me upset.. actually, I forget what it made me feel cause I don’t have that problem anymore…

      Who needs to watch moving pictures when you have a still frame and synopsis 😛

          1. Only Svarg’s fagots depart their meatbags from the anus terminal. More self empowered beings try to depart from other holes, like the antianus /mouth/ or even the top of the head like the driver with shotgun below. Tho I’m not that sure about him, that hole was too big and windy…

      1. @m8 South African mob ‘justice’ simply means killing White people. In my example I’m just saying that we would have the ability to kill the rapist of our mothers, if we needed to… or killing off the stabbing muslim hoards when they misbehave. I just think times will come to that.

        1. Meant african mob justice where they go onto alleged criminals, not specifically the south african which you suggest is a very politically correct one.

          Would certainly be interesting to watch it happen when the times arrive.

          1. @m8 I see what you mean… well yes, I mean we could also say Irish justice as well, during the Catholic/Protestant debacle… killing your enemy and their family sends a strong message. I don’t advocate it, but I also don’t advocate fuckbags (legal or illegal) going around stabbing my loved ones either.

          1. @1stwrldproblems Indeed. It’s the same reasons I hate certain people in America; That “no English” shit doesn’t fly with me. I will start speaking fake language and say “No Spanish, No Spanish!” if a non-english speaker ever needs something from me, assistance, etc. Fuck off and die.

          2. I don’t know if sarcasm or genuine, but regardless, yeehaw brutha stick it to em, as for the halfbreed barbaric, can you explain why you’re linking that article?

    1. A blonde female friend of mine who lives in Londonistan says she doesn’t walk where indians congregate cuse they stare and follow and look creepy as hell especially at night.

  2. I lived and worked in London for years and thank fuck I got out.

    Niggers are out of control there and chicken shops are like a second home to them.

    They actually do eat fried chicken all the fucking time and murders are usually committed in the chicken shops themselves because that is where all the woolly haired, fat lipped woggy coconuts can be found.

    London is now like planet of the apes except the niggers there are far more stupider, uglier, smellier and violent than the movie apes are.

    They make online rap videos of themselves mocking other rival niggers all the time which of course sends the simian brain into a terrible, frightful rage often culminating into a tribal battle royal wherein one nigger ensemble(ensambo) battles another to the death.

    The above is often cheered on via the screeching sounds from the female niggers(an whorechestre).

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    The libtards then all crawl out from under their perfumed, latte flavoured rocks to blame poor white working class people for it all because their white skin somehow antagonizes the poor little chocolate coloured howler monkeys.

    Yep. London is a toilet alright. A shit filled, shit stained toilet that all the world’s worst poop has been shit into and the flushing mechanism no longer works.

    London………what a fucking shithole.

    Shame really. Check out swinging 60’s London compared to London today. It might as well be from a different planet.

    1. As a white working class British citizen, can confirm london is no longer london, now it’s Bangladesh and central African republic all in one. Shame really, all the men and women dying for their country for what lol. So we can open the borders and let em run rampant, how long till the world is fed up? Britain First fighting back!

      1. I really wonder how that party is even a so-called “racist/facist” party to begin with since to me they seem like the very few worthy options over there. Something tells me I begin to really dislike the living hell out of the left a lot.

        1. I’m not hugely into politics, with that out the way i’d say if we did not have right wing politics and there was no social structure we’d end up like the middle east and the rich and powerful would make one and force ONLY there agendas, disagree and the last thing you see is a hairy bloke called ahmed shwarma king allah with a sword

          1. For not being that dug down into what is going on, you seem to have at least something that points into the right direction since now there are clear examples of it unlike a decade ago when we didn´t that much of a jackshit of which side is behind what back then.

    2. Your eloquence by no means diminishes the truth in what you are saying.

      Sadly, the same is happening in other English cities, and in other countries as well: Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden. Compare these countries in the 80’s, 60’s, 40’s or even centuries before. It indeed seemed they were from another planet. At least some minor towns from the interior and the countryside are still intact – White as snow. That’s where I plan to live and form a family once my life is well established and I have enough money. To be honest, that’s the best place to live for any sane person who knows what’s going on, lest they keep experiencing the joys of multiculturalism and cultural enrichment. I would not go as far as saying England is doomed, but it is almost.

      It is also rather comforting to know there are plenty of countries in Europe bravely rejecting and resisting the (((Globalist))) menace. In said countries, not just minor towns or the countryside are good, but their territory as a whole is succeeding in the preservation of their racial and cultural heritage.

      Hard Brexit now!

      1. @eraserhead-2

        “At least some minor towns from the interior and the countryside are still intact –White as snow. That’s where I plan to live and form a family once my life is well established and I have enough money”.

        The above is exactly what I did. I made my career in London…..because that is where all the work can be found all thanks to political leeches focusing on London at the expense of everywhere else.

        I luckily got on the London property ladder back in the 90’s before uncontrolled immigration came in and drove all the house prices up to silly levels which meant I could pay it off without needing the wage packet of a footballer or a bank manager.

        I then sold my house for 3 times what I paid for it and got the fuck out of London.

        When choosing a new place to live I researched the various areas I was looking at locating to and read the pros and cons section. It was then I saw a particular area that got a lot of positive comments, the usual stuff such as good transport links and low crime etc however it was the negative section that made my decision for me.

        It read something like this, “one of the bad things to point out about the area is that it is not as diverse as one would expect and has come to appreciate from a modern British living experience”. Lol.

        As soon as I read the above I fist pumped the fucking air and shouted Bingo.

        I won’t say exactly where I moved to but it is a nice leafy area near the countryside with lots of greenery and no black people what so ever.

        The jobs are not so well paid outside of London but my fucking God is it worth it.

        Life without niggers. I “beez” in heaven.

    3. @empty soul
      I live in London, in the Northwest area, one of the best and safest surburbs. 3 months ago there was a shooting near a fried chicken shop. Entire place was sealed off by police tape and I had to take a detour to get home.

      Last year, I found a 12 inch machete hidden in my front garden.

      Am really pissed off at the shooting. Massive inconvenience. It will lower the property prices in my area.

      1. @mrspock

        “Am really pissed off at the shooting. Massive inconvenience. It will lower the property prices in my area”.

        That is one of the main reasons why I left.

        I am not a rich man. My entire financial value is my house and my wage is barely lower middle class standard nowadays.

        London house prices are not going to keep going up anymore. With all the London crime(thanks niggers) and the fact that the government is putting into place restrictions on wealthy foreigners buying up property for investment purposes the house prices in London are going to stagnate then decline within the next 10 years.

        The reason why I moved to a leafy area outside of London with transport links into London is because crime and overpopulation will drive the more wealthier Londoners into moving out of London and into these types of areas which will boost the value of my own assets.

        The wealthier areas of London will still maintain their value for a long time after I expect but common sense tells me that those rich areas directly on the doorstep of nigger areas will see a large rise in crime and burglaries will shoot through the roof as the pickings become more limited and concentrated.

        You know what Mr Spock, I have lived within areas that had large Indian, Chinese communities before and never had a problem. Everyone was nice enough. However I always thought the Muslim areas were bad and to be avoided but the niggers are on a whole new level of bad.

        Niggers drive anywhere they live into the ground. They are impossible. Avoid their areas at all costs.

          1. Yep. They would steal me and then march me to the nearest cash machine where they would demand my pin number and card under threat of violence which they will carry out anyway regardless of my action.

            I also have an attractive white girlfriend so she would be raped as well.


            We can’t all love and worship niggers like you do. Some of us have to live in the “real” world, not your libtard one.

          2. @asskingforanal

            The only person who has been constantly bringing up the idea of niggers in hot tubs is you.

            You can’t pass on your naked nigger fetish to me at this point because everyone reading the comments will see that it is a projection on your part.

            As I said though you are free to love niggers all you want, even the hot tub niggers that you can’t seem to get out of your mind. However I’m not going to.

    4. @Empty-Soul I only have to agree. I was born and raised in England, in the countryside and I can only imagine the level of stress you went through. Being here in the countryside I have never ever seen a dirty, filthy and worthless nigger in my life. Same with those smelly, horrid and evil muslims. It’s 95% White, 0.3% Muslim and 0.1% Jewish. I’m happy and I don’t have to worry about my family getting killed or raped by a dindoo (not that I would ever allow some banana eating monkies to get within 40 feet of me) it’s a great feeling to be able to sit in my chair, relax, jerk off, eat, work and sleep. It’s almost like a paradise and you feel freer and one with nature because whenever you’re in a big city you’ll have 3rd world negroids coming in to stomp it to the ground. The police here are not liberals, neither are the peoples. Trying to find a liberal here is like playing “Where’s wally?” same with niggers. You just won’t find em! I’m happy you got out of that toxic retarded shit hole named “London”. It’s funny seeing people moan about England is “taken over” but the fact is the Patriots don’t live in these big nigger cities. They’re spread out among villages and little cities almost like outposts waiting to strike, waiting for a civil war to happen. If there is a civil war I will make sure to stomp some nigger heads. Good job I’ve only visited London 3 times and let me tell ya…they were the most depressing times of my life. Let’s just say if the muzzie negroids try to pull some shit. They will be fucked.

      1. it wont last though coon. when the entire country turns to shit then people will FINALLY realise that we do not belong together, its already happening in London people see what golly invaders really bring. the multikulti utopia is fading and fading very fast, so its either civil war and the british military comes out to play .. or its send you all packing on boats. either way you are going back.

    1. *wails* NOOOOOOOOO!!! That’s what I loved about Maine when I moved here, it was super vanilla when I moved here 30 years ago, but they’re coming in slowly. At least it’s still crackerville where I live, most of them have congregated in the cities.

  3. Multicultural diversity on the Sarf London Chitlin Circuit.

    By August the killings in London for 2018 alone had reached one hundred. The death rate of young people due to gang violence had already outstripped New York’s killing rate by early April 2018.

    This is not a surprise. It is all about the Drug Business. This is a Business Model in action. Dealers as young as 10. Enforcers running areas. Makes you wonder what the London Police are doing?

    London Police busy checking Facebook for perceived anti-transgender hate-crime comments.

    1. Probably the same as the swedish police are busy doing which is driving refugees to the dentist for a huge discount for the dental care. I thought it was a joke when I heard it the first time.

      1. Because im sharing them it doesnt mean anything…

        Gang members killing gang members is no problem…

        Im not one of these youths.

        So what r u talking about sunny jim ?

  4. Meanwhile in Londinistan the police aka (Jew hit sqaud) were arresting a group of men for burning a cardboard model of Grenville tower. Good to know they have public safety as there first come concern. I thank god for where I live in Britain way out in the country where sheep and cows out number us 10 to 1 not Niggers with knifes.

    1. life is worse than that.
      some peoples wake up a morning like normal day, drink a coffee, open the door to pick up newspaper, and get shot in the head by random bullet shooted from a gunfight betweena gang and police.

      shit can happen anytime , anywhere to anybody.

      better to enjoy life, we only have 1 and its short enougth.

  5. Don’t just stand there.. RUN! Oh wait nvr mind.. yah you see people running away common sense tells you that something is wrong right? Especially if you see a hooded figure with a huge knife running towards you.

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