Zetas Leader Heriberto Lazcano aka El Lazca Killed in Sabinas, Coahuila

Zetas Leader Heriberto Lazcano aka El Lazca Killed in Sabinas, Coahuila

Big news from the war of Mexican authorities against the drug cartels – Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano aka El Lazca aka Z-3, leader of Los Zetas, the notoriously ruthless drug cartel which quickly rose to power by sowing fear and terror, has reportedly been killed by Mexican marines in Sabinas, Coahuila.

While no official statement by the Mexican government has been released to confirm El Lazca’s death (authorities wanted to do some DNA tests to ensure that they have the right guy), the Navy issued a press release with a statement that “there is strong evidence that Heriberto Lazcano, leader of the Zetas was killed on Sunday, October 7, 2012.” The Navy allegedly ran fingerprints checks which confirmed that it’s Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano they killed.

The Sunday shootout reportedly stated in Juniper road to Progreso. Federal forces reportedly surprised the Zetas who were watching a ball game. The Zetas responded by hurling grenades at the marines. The shootout which followed resulted in deaths of two Narcos, one of them presumed to be El Lazca, and one marine. One more Narco managed to escape.

But then the case took an interesting twist – the corpse of presumed El Lazca was taken to the Sabinas Garcia funeral home (from where the photo above is) which was then stormed by a group of armed men who stole the corpse from there (along with corpse of the other killed Zeta). Hahaha… how precious would it be if El Lazca staged his own death? The amount of money he raked in while leading the Zetas must have been monstrous. He’s made some enemies along the way but since he had all the money in the world, he just needed to use some of it to bribe a few marines who would kill a look alike and tell everyone they got El Lazca. Once the public and his adversaries accepted that El Lazca was dead, he could undergo plastic surgery and live happily ever after somewhere in rural Colorado.

This would make perfect sense. He already has so much money he could live in unfathomable comfort for the rest of his life and still leave an unspeakable fortune to his kids. With El Chapo after his ass (and indeed slowly closing in on the Zetas) and with people from his own ranks also looking to take over his place (Treviño Morales has been rumored to plot El Lazca’s removal so he could become the leader of the Z’s), the guy had few people to trust and little to still gain. Why continue keeping his nose in the hot waters?

Plus the events surrounding his death are plain suspicious. The leader of the Zetas would most certainly have a group of highly trained, heavily armed bodyguards around him at all times with several layers of hard to penetrate armed factions through which one would have to get first, before reaching his unit. Then you have the fact that he was the leader of one of the most notorious drug cartels – how is it that his corpse was taken to a funeral home instead of some highly secure, military facility before his identity could be confirmed scientifically? These are just my speculations but if I were El Lazca, that’s what I would do.

If you’re interested in news about Mexican drug cartels (not limited to gore), check out Borderland Beat. It’s the best website on Mexican Narco wars in English language on teh interweb.

The video below is from a press conference in which the Navy spokesperson confirms to the media that they killed Heriberto Lazcano (that’s what I think is happening cause I don’t understand a damn thing):

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79 thoughts on “Zetas Leader Heriberto Lazcano aka El Lazca Killed in Sabinas, Coahuila”

      1. Yum, drugs. I would hate life if I had to deal with being sober. I tried that route. I don’t even care if wars are raging for my Marley.
        My Pcp cones from USA and no one dies for it even if there are chemicals stolen from corpses mixed in. its not the drugs causing the war its greed. These cartels could come together abs make even more money but they are blinded my materialistic greed.

  1. we’ll know in 3 days if hes dead or not..if hes not dead and just planned this whole thing out is because he knows his time was coming so he faked his death so his enemies will stop looking for him..zeta trash..they had no more cash anyway..thats why there business was extorsion , kidnapping . taxing small businesses and all that shit..run lazca run!

        1. el uniko ke la a sabido hacer es el nacho coronel..dudo ke este muerto..los zetas quedaran como los arellano..el mismo cartel se divide en dos y ayi estuvo..es lo malo de calentar el terreno porque muy pronto te hechas a todos encimas y tienes a todo mexico queriendo acavar con tu cartel..fucking zeta trash

    1. Oh man, reminds me of the dude from nip/tuck!!! He got a face change and faked his death to keep from going to prison for child rape I think… Wow. I bet the surgeon is on his payroll though.

        1. “El senor de los cielos” even after his death the gov wasn’t convinced…..same scenario here see the Mexican.gov uses their bodies like trophies no body no trophy that’s y they.are.eager to.get the body back trevino is next in line

  2. I first heard about this last night on a news channel “crawler” at the bottom of the TV screen. The quick blurb didn’t give any details beyond the person being a Mexican drug cartel leader that was responsible for “hundreds of deaths”, and I got all scared that maybe it was El Chapo who bit the dust. Thankfully, it’s not. His contributions to the world of gore are too good to end yet.

    1. El Chapo must have friends here in the US as his wife gave birth to twins in California last year. She came from Mexico, had her kids here, then went back to Mexico. Odd, if they knew she was here would they not want to question her?

      1. His wife (and now two of his kids) is American and she has no warrants. Tr authorities could do nothing. As for our hosts comments above Z3, and other capos know that rolling deep draws attention. His truck was armored and la marina didn’t know they had Lazca, that’s why the body went to a morgue. He’s dead. The world is a brighter place. Case closed.

  3. El Lazca, for those who love gore he ran an all you can eat buffet, I don’t think even he could have given us more murder. I think it very strange that they took the body of such an important person to a funeral home and left it there, usually these types of dead people would be held in government storage given that they attract a lot of attention so its very possible that he staged his murder.

    1. Agreed @Empty soul, the only hard evidence of his death are two photographs and his fingerprints, no evidence at all really, and it’s not the first time ‘El Lazca’ has been reported dead.

          1. I have to call your disgraceful attempts at humour, “American humour”.

            Not funny at all.

            Infact I wish death upon all of you who even chuckle at Ms.Vorhees’s statement.

            I picture a fat-assed post-midlife crisis American man, screaming at his elderly mother to cook make him some chicken nuggets. Nuggets on the way, the fat-ass is satisfied. Time to post that feel good ‘all-American’ lame-o statement that’s only funny if your dear old mother has some nuggets coming.

            Die you fucking embarrassments.

  4. The Zetas have a history of storming funeral homes and jacking the corpses of their slain leaders they did it with the founder Zetas founder “el Z1” and a couple of other dead Zetas as well, I guess its the only way that they can have a private funeral for their leader without having to worry about the cops using the body as bait to collect information on wanted Narcos attending the funeral, by stealing the body they insure their privacy from cops, media, and enemies.

  5. Wow, wish I had cannabis right now, this is mind blowing in every way.
    What if Lazcano is Guzman’s lost brother and they find out after a bloody shoot out. They hug each other then out of no where, guzman shoots lazcano in the head, lazcano is like “Porque?” Guzman doesn’t reply and walks away as down tempo narcocorrido music plays in the distance.

    1. Damn! That would be crazy! Then guzman climbs in his armored car only to have Mexicos new president sitting inside talking on the phone with Obama to which he then stoicly turns to guzman and replies…”four more years”

      1. El Chapo and The president of Mexico work together. When this corrup president took charge one of the first things he did was to allow El Chapo to scape from prison. Now the only leader left of the Zetas will support the next president, in january it will be official, and Im sure he will do his part to show the Z cartel full supoort, the i bet we will have more beheading but this time of the Golfo Cartel, since his protection will have ended.

  6. I really hope this fuck is dead. I don’t support the Mexican drug wars in general, but when the Zetas first showed up and started killing women and children related to narcos rather than the narcos themselves, I started to hope the other cartels took them out.
    When we saw Chapo’s mother, sister and brother get killed, I felt pretty bad for the guy. The Zetas are despicable even compared to the other cartels. If I were ever in Mexico, and Chapo offered me a job hunting Zetas, I’d take the risk. I’d give Best Gore the most gruesome narco killing seen on tape. Some real Law Abiding Citizen shit, cuttin a dude up while keeping him alive…
    Fuck the Zetas. They’re also the cartel most known for American deaths, at least from what I have read/seen/heard. I applaud Chapo for helping the Mexican/American athorities bring the Zetas to their knees. It has taken a long time but it is CLEAR that the Zetas would be a much bigger problem then they are now if Chapo’s cartels hadn’t put pressure on them.
    Since that other Zetas leutenant died in a gunfight, and this guy’s supposed death, I’m finally starting to think the Zetas will die out soon. Now’s the time to really start hammering these sick fucks with lead. Snuff them out while they’re weakening.

  7. The guy on the left looks totally bored and more interested in his cell phone. Before that he was fiddling with the papers. That text message was very convenient.

    That picture on the left of the dead Zeta looks weird, well his eyes do; he looks like he is squeezing them slightly, which would also account for the mouth being open like that.

  8. Ok here’s what happend according to what that that guys saying on the report, the Mexican marines tried to pull over a vehicle that fit the description of another vehicle which had attacked them earlier when they tried to pull over the vehicle the vehicle fled and began to fire on the marines to which the marines fired back at the suspects wounding and killing the driver bringing the vehicle to a stop a man came out of the vehicle firing at the marines with an AR15 mounted with a 203 grenade launcher the same that was used in the earlier said attack against the military by the suspicious vehicle, the marines responded back by killing the man wielding the AR15 and a third occupant appears to have gotten away, the marines then took custody of the bodys and took them to the said funeral home where they took pictures and finger prints of the man that came out shooting since he had no documents identifying him, the driver was identified quickly by his personal documents found on him, later on after they left an armed group stormed the funeral home and stoled the bodys, after getting back the finger prints of the unidentified man it came back positive for heiberto lazcano el Z3 they also did digital face analysis that also came back positive. It appears that the Mexican marines didn’t even know who they had killed and that why after they were finished they left the funeral home and did not leave anyone to guard the bodys.

    1. All this is according to the video which is a press release stating that they in fact killed heriberto lazcano and gives details on to how it happend, apparently they killed him and didn’t even know it till after they got the finger prints a digital face analysis back but by then the bodys had already been stolen

  9. my god, looks like Los Zetas are cornered by the bizarre mexican government-el chapo team…..Undoubtely, the removal of Los Zetas will be a huge relief for the mexican populace, but quite a sad event for gore lovers….so enjoy it while it lasts, hehe

  10. My opinion is that it was him that was killed. He had a huge bounty of which the government got part of also, on top of that the guy (“Zetas regional leader”) they caught hours before must have snitched on Lazcano to save himself. Just my educated guess. Lazcano is TOAST!

    “The United States has offered a $5 million reward and Mexico an additional $2.3 million for information leading to Lazcano’s arrest.”

    “The report of Lazcano’s death came just hours after the navy nabbed a suspected Zetas regional leader accused of involvement in some of the country’s most notorious crimes in recent years.”

    “The navy said it received complaints about armed men in the area and sent out a patrol to check out the reports. Gunmen tossed grenades at the patrol from a moving vehicle, wounding one of the marines. His injuries were not life-threatening.

    Two of the gunmen were killed in the ensuing shootout, the navy’s statement said. In the gunmen’s’ vehicle, authorities found a grenade launcher, 12 grenades, what appeared to be rocket propelled grenade launcher and two rifles.

    The Zetas earned their notoriety for brutality by becoming the first to publicly display their beheaded rivals, most infamously two police officers in April 2006 in the resort city of Acapulco. The severed heads were found on spikes outside a government building with a message signed “Z” that said: “So that you learn to respect.”

    Even with the death of Lazcano, the Zetas would still be run by a ruthless capo, Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, who has a reputation for being even more brutal than Lazcano. Trevino Morales, also known was “Z 40,” has taken on a greater leadership role and has even been reported to have replaced Lazcano as operational chief.”

    1. But then again, it does sound a bit fishy and this could have been his way out to enjoy his life, as the new leadership takes over.

      The report i read didn’t mention the corpse being taken from the morgue or anything about them watching a ball game, it said they were in a vehicle… I wonder if this was staged and the paid marines couldn’t keep their story straight

    2. One more thing that makes me think the marines were paid to fabricate this story, the more I think about it….

      First: Why are there only two pictures of his corpse…and not a single picture of the wounds, blood, or his whole body??

      and 2nd:
      “Under Lazcano’s leadership, the Zetas recruited more hit men, many of them former Mexican soldiers, and hired “kaibiles,” Guatemalan soldiers trained in counterinsurgency, transforming what had been a small group of assassins into a ruthless gang of enforcers for the Gulf cartel.”

      This makes me think the marines are definately in his pocket and this coupled with the fact there is no BLOOD or wounds even on his face.

      He also looks like he is still alive in one those pictures while the other looks like he had makeup on. They could just say someone took the corpse then give a sample of his DNA to be tested. Meanwhile Lazcano is airlifted to a safehouse while he plans his escape…

      Also collecting the bounty would be hard without a body if anyone was hoping to collect.

      Who knows interesting story though 😉 makes you think.

  11. That’s not him…is all a lie…At the time of his supposesly death he had a convoy of over 25 trucks (SUV) as bodyguards…and his truck had stage 6 bulletproof he had over 75 bodyguards with him…and out of all those people they only killed 2 people…lazcano and one of his bodyguard????….and then they stole his body???…yeaaaahhhh righttt!!!

  12. Ok! Which one of you SOBs stole the fucking body? If youre going to do that, at least post the pics of you dismembering the damn thing.
    Seriously though, that is awesome that his body was stolen. I hope its true just for the story factor that would take the tale to the level of “EPIC”!!!

    1. He is dead, he had too many enemies and lost almost all of his influence and power. Actualy the New leader of los Zetas wanted him dead. The marines just got lucky and didnt know whom they just killed. Besides the Mexican Army and the Marina are the only ones who become really difficult to bribe or corrupt. Thats why some prefer to quit the army and get in the cartels. I dont blam them since low rank soldiers are treated like shit by liutenants or higer rank assholes. But those who stay are a true example of dignity and courage. Now if you speak of the Federals, thats a bunch of corrup motherfokers, i love whe the army puts them in the shitty place where they belong. Search in youtube Ejercito vs Federales, you will see this is the only faking place where authorities put their guns against each other faces.

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