ZOG Mercenaries in Kiowa Helicopters Take Forever Shooting People in an Open Desert

ZOG Mercenaries in Kiowa Helicopters Take Forever Shooting People in an Open Desert

Group of ZOG mercenaries stationed in Afghanistan to accommodate drug trafficking operations of their masters filmed themselves showing us just how effective they are in wasting the taxpayers’ money. In the video, mercenaries in two Kiowa helicopters chased what appears to be two unarmed men on a motorcycle in an open desert with no cover whatsoever (or is it one guy riding solo? Difficult to tell). The losers wasted ridiculous amount of ammo just to satisfy their murderous tendencies on targets that had nowhere to hide and nowhere to run.

Thank you for your service… Not!

82 thoughts on “ZOG Mercenaries in Kiowa Helicopters Take Forever Shooting People in an Open Desert”

  1. It truly is bullshti.

    The problem is men in machines with guns and shit acting like retards because they give a fuck how much ammo is wasted ?

    We all know who pays for this retarded behavior don’t we.

  2. Fucking assholes. I’d love to have seen the guy on the bike empty few mags through the window of the chopper. The shooter is either fucking blind or sadistic, just tryin to fuck with the guy’s head. Fucking pussy. Big man when he’s hanging out the door of a chopper with no return fire.

      1. A rocket propelled gimp? Imagine the rider’s terror if t gimp was fired down and chased after him. That’s what we need to drive out extremists. A gimp army with crotchless chaps would have them running to the hills.

        1. 😆

          I’v got it now……..

          The only reasons these fucktards are chasing and killing each other is because of gay jealousy……… and chaps :mrgreen:

          DOH…….. now I get it, or do I 😉

      1. You’re such a wise cracking badass, and you really put me in my place. I’m guessing you haven’t a clue either, keyboard warrior. You’re so cool, and brave. Why couldn’t you be on that motorbike, you absolute legend?

      1. Ah, jewgle, jewkipedia, jewtube, microjewgle, jewbook are all owned by the same people. Biased information at it’s best. That’s why they hate alternative reality news outlets like BestGore and are doing everything they can to shut us down. Because the information we present is unfiltered.

        We gotta expose US and Israeli war crimes more often. I’m gonna see what I can find.

        1. Whatever you find or dig for just be sure to add extra support for the ‘walls’ as you go.

          Because we all know that these ferret holes can have a habit of collapsing in when the heat is on.

          NEVER trust anyone is unfortunately my motto these days.

  3. Those were warning shots. If they wanted him dead they would of put 20 holes in him on the first go around. The fact that he wouldn’t stop tells you he was probably up to no good. Without any info about who he was, or any context on why he was being shot at, it would be impossible to make an assumption on whether or not this was justified. I’ve said my peace.?

        1. Oh yes I have. Done plenty of research on it. It never happened in reality though, JFK refused to take part of it (being killed not long after, interestingly enough…).

          However, covert operations that did happen in order to start wars were the bay of pigs invasion, the gulf to Tonkin incident, which turned out to be a lie and ended up starting the Vietnam war (60 thousand dead US soldiers, 300 thousand permanently injured, 4 million dead Vietnamese and millions more permanently injured), and of course 9/11, the biggest inside job ever which led to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars (1.5 million dead Iraqis and Afghanis and still counting).

    1. @amnyc: the helicopter never asked them to stop so the first sign they knew of trouble was being shot at, and I agree with them- ride for your fucking life. Who knows what these little children in the chopper have planned for you

      Also what are they shooting at after the motorbike ? That motorbike is only in the initial scene. And what do you call those things that explode on impact, like a grenade? They seemed to aimed at nothing.

      The fools in that chopper just reminded me of pimply greasy teenage boys who still laugh at their constant erections, playing a new video game they just got for christmas of their parents. No idea on life and what it is like to have your home invaded by a bully like the USA.

  4. Its funny how its all fun and games talking shit and generalizing Brazilians, Muslims, Thais, etc..
    but when its America’s turn, they get all butt-hurt. Fucking hilarious.

    I dont get this hypocrisy…Maybe its because I dont let the rocks I live on define me as an individual.

    1. I can generalize the word hypocrisy.

      What did I just say with those 2 words generalize and hypocrisy 😆

      OOPS…….. Hang on a sec while I remove my rose colored glasses because you know I can’t see clearly with them on.

  5. Thats the American way, Obli. Makes me sad to be one. They can put down every nation under the sun but one person says a negative remark about it and holy fuck they go ape shit. Some country starts fighting amongst themselves, we come along to play world police whether they want it or not. (Yet I have noticed a trend of its citizens in general completly hating each other for no apparent reason then just to be assholes. I see it in traffic, in stores, everywhere. I give it less than 20 years before it completely self destructs.)
    The government and its sheep are the poster children, the rest of us get swept under the rug because we see through it and that makes us dangerous. Every time someone gets on the soapbox about how hardcore they believe in this world policing shit (in person not anyone here) I ask them why aren’t they enlisted in the military and over there instead of preaching, they seem to shut up real quick. Its easy to spend other peoples money and let others die for the cause. Vicious cycle. Sigh. At least I know there is more than just a couple other people out there that see through all of it, props to the Gore-Goers.

    1. Just speculation here, but in all likelihood it’d be around 02-03
      During the initial invasion people didn’t adopt the rail system (at least not widely) on their rifles.

      Could be completely wrong though as the video does appear to be of fairly good quality which would indicate it being newer.

  6. Says the tard basket with the name “reach around guy”. Don’t you have some Craigslist add to respond to? For someone bitching about someone elses use of online time, it was mighty white of you to take the time to create a profile just to point that out. I here Facebook calling, you best run along now.

  7. funny how everyone hates americans till they get they’re tit in a ringer. I for one would be damn happy to disengage from the problems of the world and when you poke us with a stick we fuck you up. Keep it simple ftw

      1. yea you and your kind gay liberal ect .just don’t get it. you think I shouldn’t be proud im an American? whatever shit hole country you live in I bet my country has saved more than once. you are jealous as you should be that you have nothing right or wrong that you believe in you criticize and tear shit down like a child you think you can do better let you and your shit country do it I hope your from Europe and when the Russians are ass raping you don’t call us ignorant americans to help

        1. the day as an American I feel the need to grovel or hate myself ? see that’s why I live in America we don’t do that dance here. as for Obama well im just not that political. Obama, bush whoever they are sure don’t have my interests at heart. no thanks to politics I like being clean. that really is our problem in America these assclowns in no way serve us. the best we have ? that’s a bad joke. but never mistake our people for self hating or groveling. we die on our feet not on our knees

        1. national pride is no different than supporting a sports team. your country is the best because it happens to be the rocks and imaginary lines you live in. if you lived in Russia, you would feel the same about Russia. Murica is better than most places, yes but don’t be blind. I am american citizen and pay taxes. that is as far as “patriotism” goes with me. I have no country. wherever i live is my home. I would never kill people because pussies in a suit tells me to. certainly not over imaginary lines. my father served in Vietnam…i should say, was forced to serve in Vietnam for two tours in a country he didn’t know shit about, didn’t speak the language and sat in a jungle with people trying to kill him. and then he and his friends come home to be spit on and called murderers by fucking dirty ass hippies.

          the day i see a president and politicians leading troops into battle, i might change my opinion. like the old days

  8. Get him! I had better aim when I played Duck Hunt back in the day!

    Also, those gun sounds remind me of the chopper scene from Full Metal Jacket. “Get some! Get some!” Great fucking scene. Love that gunner.

  9. It’s like the Afghan version of the great escape. The husband arrived home to find wife#4 had been seen by mohammed the milkman, a rogue gust of wind had lifted her burka just a tad, and he caught a glimpse of her chin. Only one thing for it, get down the quarry in the chopper for some choice rocks to stone her with. But upon his return she hopped on his Ackbar 750 and made a break for Saudi Arabia. Surely a better life awaited her there, she thought.

  10. I was only 7or8yrs. old during the early part of the vietnam war , so i did not even realise what a fucked up situ in evry WAY poss. it could be for both sides. but i do remember hearing a story about an american door gunner in a chopper describing a fictional acct. likely based on the truth. it was supposedly a crude attempt at `HUMOR`
    RE: GOOKS`. The door gunner was being interviewed by a reporter who asked how he felt about killing unarmed men, women and children w/his .50 cal. machine gun who were trying to run away in a rice paddy. & the punch line of jhe `joke came when the incredulous reporter asked again `but how can you shoot the women & little kids` and his reply was `oh shit that’s easy you just don’t lead em as much`!
    yeah i laughed. then, but it does not seem so funny now? it could have made into a movie script.

    still true today if a soldier thinksthe enemy is subhuman vermin it is your job to kill em all just do not film it or admit it.

          1. That’s why I respect/like you a lot buddy. Even when people have made stupid comments to you (like I just saw in another post a few days ago) you didn’t fire back like some do. You handled it with class & basicallysaid “Hey it’s ok, I wish ya well.” Not that it matters, but that stuck with me 🙂

          2. Haha thanks man. Tricky place, the Internet. Sentences can be taken with whatever tone the reader puts to them, so I think sometimes it gets lost in translation. What can ya do when ya live in a shoe, and you ain’t got no sole?

  11. Image, your driving down a road in your country, and a helicopter full of foreigners of another race from the other side of the planet are trying to murder you. Sounds pretty despicable doesn’t it? You can thank the Blood Thirsty Jew.

  12. I think you guys shouldn’t be taking random conclusions just based on what you saw in this video. Altough never having been in a war zone, nor being any military expert myself, I can understand war ain’t such a simple thing, and I’m not talking about the political\economical issues of the thing, but the psychological effect it has in the men stationed there. Army, navy, airforce, spec ops units, they’re all human beings, and have families and friends, so most times the question is “should I take chances?”. Maybe they where after that motorcycle for a while, who knows who the rider was? Maybe the shots where indeed to scare the biker into surrendering. Many soldiers are afraid to kill, but many more are afraid to die. Besides, you get a lot of fellowship in the army, you share sadness, pain, the difficulties of the constant drills, etc. Once you start seeing so many of your friends getting shot at, k.i.a or sent home cripled for life, you just want to make the other side pay, you need their blood, and you don’t give shit where you get it, just want to make them suffer.

    1. @LostHope

      You have an incredibly one sided view. What about the lives of people they kill? What about those people who live in the countries they invade? What about the lives of their children they rape while holding rifles to the heads of their parents? You are concerned with the oppressors, yet make no mention of the oppressed. if the oppressors are shot at, it’s because they’d murdered countless oppressed who could not bear to watch their family and friends being slaughtered. That doesn’t bother you, though, does it? Very one sided, my friend. And sadly, sided with the rapists, not the raped.

  13. The pilot is flying to fast and why keep turning around over and over again? Your in a helicopter not a plane, a helicopter can stay in one place. Either way the pilot and shooter don’t make a good team.

  14. I find it amusing when people speak of ‘pussies’ and ‘cowards’. I guess him/her who speaks in such manner imagine themselves to be the person to stick up their fists and say, fight like a man! While merc’s, gangster’s, whomever is the person walking away chuckling after they’ve shot you dead.
    And once you’re dead the world won’t say how brave you were but instead state how stupid.
    And here’s a smiley face 🙂 to try and make up for a lack of wittiness in this comment.

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