17 Year Old Thief Suffers Heart Attack and Dies During Armed Robbery

17 Year Old Thief Suffers Heart Attack and Dies During Armed Robbery

Do you remember this video from São Paulo, Brazil in which a thief suffered a heart attack and died mid armed robbery at a gas station? Something very similar happened again at another gas station also in São Paulo, Brazil. The other robber was 25 year old. This one only 17. Ms Karma is taking them out young.

The 17 year old thief arrived at the gas station with an accomplice on a motorcycle and approached an employee of the convenience store with a gun in hand. While in front of a refrigerator, the robber suffered a heart attack and collapsed to the ground. His accomplice frantically entered the store and tried to help the assailant but the boy was out cold. So the accomplice took the weapon and fled with R$ 170 in stolen money. The whole ordeal was filmed on the store’s CCTV cameras.

Soon after, the victim’s family arrived at the gas station and tried to revive their 17 year old scumbag relative. Because he showed no signs of life, they took him to a hospital where his death was confirmed by a physician. According to police, the use of drugs may have contributed to the myocardial infarction. Still… WTF? A heart attack at 17? I mean good riddance, but it’s scary that a young heart could give up like that.

Props to Best Gore member Yochan for the video:

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86 thoughts on “17 Year Old Thief Suffers Heart Attack and Dies During Armed Robbery”

  1. I tend to fall over like that at the store when they’re out of the beer I want… Poor kid. I can relate. Those floors are nasty!

    Okay, seriously. A 17-year-old having a heart attack? There has to be more to his demise than that! The only 17-year-olds in the history of world who ever died of a genuine heart attack were fans of The Beatles when they first hit the music scene back in the early 60s! Not really, but just look at the old footage. Calm the fuck down, kids. Seriously. Was there any music playing in the store at the time of the robbery? ? Help! I need somebody! ?

      1. Hahaha! God, I hope not… That song… Torture. My mom used to blast that shit like a true piece of white trash redneck shit. I don’t want the poor people of Brazil to have to endure it like I did back in the day.

        1. Ha ha to the first part of your first comment BTW. My biological mother is so mentally ill I permanently ran away from home at 14 to save myself but at least she played 60’s and 70 rock. I still love it to this day.

    1. Gotta get that paper! Unreal, they’re so desensitized they just keep ringing people up, like, threat averted, he’s dead, NEXT! I am fine with all this on the site, however, in real life I’d prob run like a pansy screaming, if I found a lonely head by the road, minus the body. Or a baby in a bag, and so forth.

  2. I moved to another place, no internet for now. I’m truying to watch videos but my Samsung GT-S5830i refuse to play it. I can watch You Tube videos for example.
    I hope Mark reading this for making possible to watch.

  3. It is the stress caused by a lot of things. It is far more common in south American countries and eastern countries int he world than the west.

    My Uncle had 2 heart attacks at the age of 23 and 29.

    And i know many more who did at a young age. Our worries in a day to day life are simply more, therefor cause are heart to pump blood faster and increase the chance of a heart attack.

  4. the situation in brazil is so critical, that you can see when the robber colapses, and the gun is on the floor, the gas station employee doesnt even try to get it and fight the other robbers, like we see in US videos, instead he calls them in to help… he knows that even if he killed the other two robbers, other criminals would want to take revenge

  5. Now is this a black kid or Hispanic? In my neck of the woods, namely south Florida, lol, blacks tend to smoke their weed, and sell almost everything else. With the exception of the black crack heads, but they’re usually much old and toothless. Keep in mind, I’m speaking of where I live. All of my black friends yes all, are drug pushers and hustlers, everyone of them smokes weed, and nothing else. I don’t know a very good crowd, but hey birds of a feather, right? When they rob someone, it’s almost always with a weapon, and usually to purchase more weapons or drugs to sell, or rims, or stereo speakers, what have you. Obviously there are exceptions, however, I’ve committed some serious dopage in my teens and early twenties, mixing everything that’s anything, as did the entire group I hung with at the time, hard shit, meth, with benzos, heroin, all types of opiates, not so much as a palpitation. I am seriously wondering what, if anything, he was on. Curious to see if more comes out on this. Or like some have said, karma stepped up to the plate here, and hit that fucker out of the park! (Disclaimer: No longer do I participate in nasty hard core drug related incidents, as I am much older now, and have a child. Wouldn’t want to be judged by my statements so early on in my membership 🙂 thanks.)

    1. Well, everyone has a different constancy. I?ve done almost everything what you mentioned except for meth (ewww) and syringing heroin (just smoked it). The thing is, I?ve done it all extremely excessive, like popping 12 XTC on 2 weekend evenings and dancing for non stop 12 hours and that for 10 years! Now I have the greybeard status, but not a single affliction or a heart dysfunction. Maybe I?m a type of guy, that?ll live carefree and then suddenly breakes down and feeds the maggots.
      Btw, its great you quitted this all for your baby! 🙂

      1. @coochie, thanks 🙂 I had my fun ya know, it was time to settle down, raise my family, get a puppy, lol. At least I can honestly say I did not miss out on anything, and I have no regrets, also, I never shot heroin, snorted or smoked, can’t do the vein thing grrrrrrr ahhhhhhh and would never smoke crack, but yes everything else was fair game, of course, X was so much better quality ten plus years ago, drugs were much less expensive also. Damn economy. 😉

        1. I meant I would only smoke or snort, never shoot. Not condoning any type of use, just my personal experience, in terms of heroin use. Never was a regular thing for me, as I see what it does to people. No thanks on dick sucking for drugs, I maintained a full time mngmnt job my entire life, and then chose to be a stay at home mom till baby went to school. Then back to work! Casual, party purposes only! Although regular, maintained my priorities somehow. I know many are not as lucky. 🙁

          1. Heroin shooting is a sort of oneway ticket for me, always had great fears about it, cause I saw people live disintegrating before my eyes, especially my ex, fucking sad.
            10 years back, oh yeah, very strong mdma plus almost fresh paper acid, candy food (Germany and Holland). Like you I was working hard, done all kind of uppers until it got boring. Now I?m pure natural high, even without alcohol, well ok I smoke like a chimney and am a incorrigible perv, but I?m not in jail or a lunatorium.

  6. thats scary man, you tell me with a heart attach, its just one min your walking around fine, no chest pains nothing, and then lts suddenly lights out. Shit man. Im a bigger dude, im about 250lbs. That will prob be my fate. Of course the possibility of him being on cocaine or some other speed is likely.

  7. I have a little background to this story. It was not a drug overdose, he had an undiagnosed heat condition that affects young people. I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s where the heart goes into a rapid heart beat and cannot slow down.

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