2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Photos (Great High Resolution Images)

2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Photos (Great High Resolution Images)

We here at Best Gore would like to extend our deepest condolences to the people of Japan affected by the devastating earthquake and the tsunami that hit the country on March 11, 2011. Japan is a great and safe country, full of great hardworking people which allowed it to get developed into one of the world’s strongest economies. Unlike freeloading shitholes the likes of Haiti, which only feed off of hard working westerners by whining about how poor they are but would not move their ass cheek to contribute to the society, Japan’s involvement with the growth of human race as a whole is undeniable.

That also means that Japan was better prepared for a natural disaster than shitholes like Haiti, however a hit of such magnitude is bound to leave a mark any way you spin it. This earthquake appears to be the 5th most powerful earthquake since record-keeping started in 1900. The tsunami it triggered seems to be the most brutal yet (the wave got 10 kilometres into the land in Sendai area of Japan, one entire village of 1,000 people got literally wiped out of the surface of the Earth) making for a disaster of epic proportions. To show solidarity with our Japanese friends and to support the cause of recovery, I’m dedicating another non gore post to one of the major natural disasters to hit the earth in our lifetime.

Below you will find a set of high resolution pictures of the earthquake and the tsunami which hit Japan on March 11, 2011. Some pictures contains the aftermath and the reactions of Japanese people who were there to experience the horror. Stay strong Japan, you’re a great country and I wish you a swift recovery.

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41 thoughts on “2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Photos (Great High Resolution Images)”

  1. My condolences to the people of Japan..

    I dont agree with the comments on Haiti. The people do nothing wrong. They do the best they can from what the corrupt government provide them with.

    I feel more sorry for the Haitians as they were already suffering

  2. Woah, fuck. Imagine owning a ceramic shop near a fault line. Bummer.

    This seems really awful. Hope the people recover. Could have been far worse were it not for earthquake-resistent infrastructure. Could have been 100,000 dead with the size of those waves.

    And as for Haiti, fuck them. Like every single other nigger country in the entire world – a shithole.

      1. Haitians raped their own country and left it in near unrecoverable state. After the French had pulled out, it’s gone down hole, but I guess that could be expected if you give savages the power to rule the country.

        There is nothing left out of Haiti. It is a dangerous shithole with completely depleted and devastated resources. No second thought was given to what would be left for future generations and the result is one out of control, crime ridden society where nobody creates value, everybody just wants stuff for free.

        Anyone who donated to Haiti is a moron who simply contributed to the enforcement of this culture of handouts. I’ve been saying that since long before the earthquake.

        1. I agree with your statement, but the truth is that regardless of skin colour there is a savage in all of us, and under the right circumstances and if given the opportunity that savage will emerge. Have you ever read “Heart of Darkness?” This is the quintessential example of what I mean.

    1. Hey nigger. Shut up. I would have thought dogs and cats would be a delicacy for you niggers since you guys eat cow shit and bugs. Plus, niggers bathe in piss. Japan’s death count and it’s estimated deaths are just a fraction of what the niggers in Haiti got, so I’m happy with the ratio.

  3. I feel for Japan but they are a strong democratic nation which will survive just fine. This could not have happened to a better prepared nation. I am just worried how the enormous costs are going to shift to the U.S. It just amazes me how shit in one county some how always effects our pocketbooks. Look at Libya. We don’t get shit from these monkeys but there goes our gas prices because of their dipshit dictator killing his own people.

  4. Here’s a question to ask for you Haiti advocates:

    Why is there no looting in the wake of the earthquake in Japan?

    Japanese people have just gone through some of the worst natural disasters to befall the Earth in modern history – they suffered through the 5th most powerful earthquake, the most devastating tsunami in memory and now a nuclear meltdown. Thousands of people are stranded, food stocks are wiped out… I’ve heard you loser advocates of the poor bring up the NECESSITY ARGUMENT when Haitians looted the shit out of their country in the wake of their earthquake which was a fart in the water compared to the one that hit Japan.

    Anyone who advocates Haiti is a sore loser. Anyone who donated to Haiti must lack common intelligence.

    Political correctness aside. I know the question of why there is no looting in the wake of Japan’s earthquake will never be brought up by the mainstream media because answering it would immediately put racist labels on them. But let’s face it – remove blacks and Mexican and other trailer trash from the equation and what you’re left with is a far more civilized society.

    And perhaps instead of calling me a racist, black people could start asking themselves why they always have to behave like fucking savages and how they should act to start changing this way of life. Haiti is a shithole and no one but themselves are responsible for getting themselves in that shit. Using the resources of hard working westerners to pull them out, so they can waste it and jump right back in is a sign of how easy it is to get us fooled.

  5. Thank you very much, Bestgore! We’re pretty far from the epicenter of the quake, so we’re safe. But the ground still shook like hell, though. It wasn’t strong enough to destroy any buildings, but strong enough to make someone panic.

    Your support are greatly appreciated. In behalf of the Japanese people, thank you.

    More power,

    1. I agree with what the Japanese are saying. Many foreigners go to Japan to take advantage of their amazing economy but when temporary hardship comes, then they want to leave. All of a sudden Japan is not good enough for them. If I were Japanese, I?d say the same – don?t come back. If Japan is only good for you to take advantage of, then certainly – don?t come back. I?m 100% with Japan on this one.

      1. for me its normal to scape for somewhere insecure.its natural.besides,japan will face a hard time.
        foreigners who losed their house don’t have a place to live.they don’t have their family here.so,the situation of japs is not the same as foreigners.
        many japs came back to japan after the earthquake of NZ.
        its the same with this case.how many New Zealanders had said something discriminatory to japs?
        many japs dont’t have the enough ability to understand people of other countries.cauz japan is a closed down country yet.
        ps, do you know that japan need more laborer for other country than japs.cauz foreigner laborers do the hard jobs what jap laborers don’t want to do.but foreign laborers get a low salary than japs.
        sorry for my horrible english.i start study it recently;D

        1. I take it you’re not Japanese. Where are you from, then?

          You know – anyone who complains that they’re getting paid less working in Japan than the Japanese should just leave and go back to their home country. Would your home country pay you more than you get in Japan? Oh, I see…

          Japan belongs to the Japanese. They run it in such a way so their economy is strong. They were just hit by perhaps the worst natural disaster in modern history, but unlike many other countries in Asia, they are hard working people. They will raise from the ashes and come out on top once more. If a country like that allows someone to take advantage of their strong economy and live in their safe society, they should be eternally grateful and not complain about making less than the Japanese. If you don’t like it, go back to your home country.

          1. do you think i’m not jap cauz i criticized the real racial discrimination society of japan? I’M SO SORRY cauz I’M A PURE JAP ;D can’t you allow japs who criticize japan?many japs like me are on the internet of japan.japan is my country and i have the right to say anything of my country.but you don’t have that right.cauz you don’t live here and you are looking only the exterior side of japan,i suppose.japan is a good advanced country.but,japan don’t have progressed in internationally-minded.
            in fact,foreigners who are in japan after this disaster without jobs and home are simply fool.what is their expectetion when japan don’t have the enough time and money to help them?many japs say get out to foreigners.but,these japs become angry when they will go back to their countries.freigners who try to scape for japan are betrayers.but,foreigners aren’t welcome if they stay in japan.that is a little racial persecution in japs way.that is an error and unfair.and people who agree with taht are a vice.

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