3 Day Old Thai Bloater Found in Room

3 Day Old Thai Bloater Found in Room

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of the decomposition process. And while many of the processes remain the same in every individual, each and every death is still unique. The circumstances of this man’s death are unknown, but seeing as he was a local boy, it may have been suicide…like, actual suicide, not white foreigner “suicide”. He laid there for at least three days before being discovered.

You’d think by now that the Thais would have evolved a kind of sixth sense and be able to tell when anyone nearby has died.

10.20 hrs. Freddie 2202,2221,2216,286,258,218, Avars bloated. Car for rescuers., Noenphra. Volunteer at the Yam Island estuary with a car. City of. 25 Check the deceased. Lane beside hospital Rayong A. 15 killed 1 man lying dead in the room. Died about three days ago. Mr. Chatchai Op Sri age 38, residing at 34/2. 1. Ban longitude to. Buddhist Thaisong Buri Ram province. Lieutenant Pichet based in Aberdeen car. City of deposit relative to hospital Rayong.

Mad props to DaSilvaFlipFlops for this greenie.

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  1. R.I.P. Freddie 2202,2221,2216,286,258,218, Avars… Thailand’s name registration must be having a blast accepting such stupid names… 😆

    Also… “City of 25 (…) 15 killed 1 man lying dead in the room.” … So does that city has only 10 people living in it now?… 😆

      1. Aren’t we all just bloated corpses waiting to happen @alicatt? Stumbling and fumbling through life looking for that special someone to get all bloated with? Some of us after death, some of us before?

  2. It seems to me that unless they’re splayed out on a sidewalk or ground into the roadway those dead Thais only last about 3days before somebody sniffs em out of their hiding places! So my conclusion is, that hide and seek is not best played game

  3. The placing of the fan, something we’ve seen before in these Thai suicides, is a tad puzzling. Do they place them next to themselves to help get rid of the stink !?, which, in the suicide’s mind, will hopefully result in their corpse being fully decomposed before being found ?
    Seems like a strange thing to do prior to taking their own life.

  4. For once, I think I just threw up in my mouth, a little…I must be sick, probably the asian food i ate yesterday…shit, this bloater is f-ing ugly, though. Dunno why, i can almost smell it, eww…

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