9 Year Old Niglet Slaps His Mother After Finding Her High On Heroin

9 Year Old Niglet Slaps His Mother After Finding Her High On Heroin

9 year old niglet found his mother out on the street, high as a kite on heroine, and decided to slap her across the face while screaming with shrill voice for her to wake up.

I don’t get why people who have no desire to take raising a child seriously even bother having children. How could a mother think to herself – my kid’s in school, I’m gonna shoot up.

I wonder why none of the bystanding adults said: “Move over kid. Let ME slap her…

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      1. lol i get it and iv been there and no you cant blame him, even adults snap when someone we love is killing themselves in front of us and they dont care enough about you to stop, sometimes a slap is more for you then them

        1. Heroin itself, if taken in the correct amounts(which,admittedly, can be a big if) is relatively harmless.
          What makes it dangerous is ,being illegal and sold on the street, purity isn’t known and the likelyhood of disease through sharing needles but the actual drug itself ain’t that bad for you.
          Its really not much different than morphine or dilaudid or oxycodone and many other opiates. The use itself is relatively benign. Like methadone, if heroin were prescribed and given in a controlled manner it would be very safe.
          What makes it dangerous is that its illegal.

      1. I found it on Facebook, I believe. I did a bit of research about it, because the damn thing looked too good to be real, and it turns out it is a prop from a B-movie about some experimental zombies. Lol.

      1. It’s funny that when black people make fun of white people, everybody laughs. But when white people make fun of black people, everybody is offended.

        Same way us Asians get racially discriminated too, I guess. Everybody thinks ‘chink-eyed’ or ‘yellow-skinned’ is funny. Even Asians think it’s funny. I think it is funny. But when you say ‘nigger’ or ‘black’, you garner all the hate in the world.

        Not exactly the equality I was expecting. So, given that long example, perhaps the author just tried to inject humor on his post.

      1. Unfortunately, all children of substance abusing parents are much more likely to become addicts themselves. It is known as conditioning I guess. When you are a but a whipper snapper, growing up with heroin addicts as parents, you see the syringe on the coffee table as being normal. Being young and not having a full grasp of the situation, you have associated shooting up as normal and of the most important people in your life are doing it, then it must be good and the done thing. It is hard to break this cycle with addiction because once the substance has made its way into the circulation a few times in a young and easy influenced brain, the brain tricks itself into believing it is needed for happiness and for normal function

        1. if you’ve ever had to put up with a junkie then you would understand the way the kid felt. I agree, why didn’t some of the adults step up to the plate. Kids cannot properly raise themselves. You can bet she has already put a hurting on that child’s future.

      1. It is the animals having offspring and continuing to behave like animals which will provoke the same behaviors in their kids. They try ro pass as human but they fail miserably. They look like apes for a reason!

    1. I remember found this site 5 years ago looking for aftermath pictures of those commited suicide by train. The first BG post i’ve seen was the German national goal keeper who threw himself onto incoming train. Still continue coming here everyday to check out on new posts, i don’t know why, i thought i seen it all.

    1. You know this kid is pissed off because she smoked HIS last crack rock…..
      Now the little fuckin nignog is gonna need to pimp his kid sister for his next hit and the line is already around the block with paid dicks…..
      What a dilemma…
      He’s gonna need to suck some dick too…

      1. Talk down in regard to black people..Not all the time Sir….
        I’d say 50-50 split on trashing those who put themselves in the spotlight.
        Those deserving of our attention by doing shit like we have just viewed in this video.

  1. Fucking niggers, most of them good for nothing except breathing our air, stealing our stuff, smoking shit etc. I wish every kid would slap their mammas like that, especially the fatherless child. That kid should be given free happy meals and free kool aid for life

    1. Right on @Mr slider…
      Slide em a five spot an he’ll send his kid sister over to give you THE BEST HEAD you ever got from a crack whore who hasn’t seen 18 yet.
      Shit give him ten and if you like a trip to scooter he’ll grease her bung hole too…

        1. @Mr slider please…
          You left out vital info that I feel is important to enhance the vision which you wish to put forth.
          Do you intend to slam this bitch in the ass too…?
          Hence the rawdoging-it could come back to bite you in the arse….
          In future comments Mr slider please be more specific…

    1. That’s what ran through my mind, too, Mama…can you imagine what his young mind was thinking, that every time she nodded out, she was ODing? I couldn’t imagine how someone can be so selfish and put their kid through that for an hour or so of pleasure.

  2. This child has probably seen her or others do heroin nods before or maybe even O.D. He might not of thought he was spoiling her high so much as thinking he was helping her.
    Sad, as parents we owe our children more than this.

      1. I remember watching American Gangster @amnyc, the dude who flooded NYC with ” Blue Magic ” in the 70s. I believe NYC has improved hugely as far as murder and robbery goes since then ?. Man, those were some proper mean streets in them days and by all accounts, the cops back then make modern cops look like pussies. They must have been some bad ass pigs in New York back then.

    1. Cheeky, there are quite few people on here whose mothers/fathers were drug addicts when they were growing up. It never ceases to amaze me how many of them manage to do the opposite of their parents and live drug free lives and contribute to society. Well done young lady, you should be very proud of yourself.

    2. @cheeky, are you saying your mum was a heroin user? I’m sorry to hear that Cheeky, if I’ve read your comment correctly. Do you still have a relationship with her? How is she going now?

      I don’t hate heroin users, I am one, on occasion. I am a true recreational user. I don’t have children and I don’t believe I am directly hurting anyone. I know should that change, I would not touch drugs again. I am not your typical drug user, I am one of the lucky ones as I have never become dependent on any drug, ever. I work full time in a well paying job, have a mortgage, have lots of mates and even though I am on sick leave at the mo because of substance abuse (I fell down
      some stairs coked out and pissed as a fart on holidays
      in South America ) drugs are something I do enjoy. But I also respect the potential they have to totally ruin your life, and I have personal rules in place that have served me well so far and prevented the commonly seen major negative consequence of regular drug use. I think genetics also have a lot to do with it, and I do accept most people can’t use drugs the way I am able to.

  3. Why don’t Al Sharpton and the other members of the civil rights cheer team encourage to better their lot in life rather than be ing perpetual victims of “the man”? They should be encouraged to look up to doctors, engineers and scientists rather than deifying rappers and athletes. When compared to Jews and most other ethnic groups, blacks are underachieving Malcolm X tried to uplift Black Americans, but he was by a Nation of Islam hit squad. Much is said about how blacks are oppressed by whites. Little is said about how blacks are being held back by the black elites .

    1. @capetownman: don’t you think that is just how celebrity culture is, for any race? I don’t see any cancer researchers, satellite programmers or wind energy engineers being given free clothes by Armani or any interviews with the latest Nobel peace prize winner in Rolling Stone magazine or the inventor of the desalination cell paid millions of dollars to sell Rolex watches. It really sux, but celebrity culture is what all people look up to these days. I mean why else would Kim Kardashian get the time of day? What the hell is that fat bitch good at apart from flattering her self and fishing for compliments by posting 200 selfies on Twitter or some such shit, each day?

      1. That’s true. Organic chemists or structural engineers don’t get “swag” or walk on red carpets. But they contribute more to the world than any gangsta rapper or basketball player. What I’m saying is that there appears to be a problem with blacks world wide. I don’t subscribe to the idea the blacks are inherently inferior. Regardless of “race”, the basic equipment is the same. There are people of varying degrees of intelligence among all races. The difference between, say, Jews and African Americans is that Jewish parents typically instill high self esteem and a work ethic in their children. Failure and poverty are not acceptable to them. A significant number of blacks, on the other hand, seem to not think of the well being of themselves or their children. They have children with multiple partners and don’t give their kids the guidance they need. If the black community had high self esteem and a driver to succeed in REALISTIC ways (scientist or accountant rather than NBA or rap) the prisons would not be teeming with blacks.

        1. Yes, capetownman : I also agree with you. Great comment – well put. Bizarre really isn’t it? Why have kids if you expect them to spend the next six decades locked up in a cell in a supermax. Makes no sense what so ever. Again, well said.

        2. But the question is why? Why don’t those significant numbers of blacks instill a sense of high self esteem and work ethic in their children? Why do they seem to be absent such traits as pride, compassion, and ambition which seem to come naturally to, not all, but most people of other races?

          Why, when it is so painfully obvious to every race including their own, do blacks fail to address their number one issue; the prime suspect for all their woes since the civil rights movement: Themselves.

          It is the waywardness of the black culture which has by far been the biggest contributor to black problems, especially in America. Just look at a website like WorldStarHipHop – hell just walk through the midtown neighborhoods of any major city and witness the utter lack of respect and decency inherent in black communities.

          And then to be so ignorant as to put all the blame on white people. Pathetic.

          White people who gave them Emancipation, welfare, and affirmative action? White people who buy most of the NBA and NFL tickets and merchandice which turns black athletes into celebrities and multi millionaires? While people who download a new rap song 100 million times? White people who elect a black man as the President of the United States?

          Were whites the perpetrators of many atrocities amongst blacks in the past? Yes. Are whites the cause of all the black man’s problems today? Absolutely not and it’s time to start admitting it. I’m tired of this ethnic blame game and black pity party bull shit.

  4. Little aggressive and violent black shit, well his genes are definitely those of the common full blood negroid. Got a chip on his shoulder for being a ‘hard done by and the world owes me big time’ black and now he has a chip on the other shoulder for being ‘pond scum junkie’s son’.

    At least he is well balanced!

  5. Hopefully he follows a good path in life, makes a success of himself, and leaves all the negativity behind.

    He’s not a fucking “niglet.” He’s a human being who got a raw deal with his parents.

    1. It’s past sunset on the east coast. I hope you had a good Shabbat.

      Sadly, unless this young man gets mentored by an upstanding African American (doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc) he may very well become a baby daddy in the next 5 years. For his sake and Tha of his community, I hope he breaks this rotten cycle.

      1. I don’t think the father would have to come with a pedigree.
        Just a man who shows through example that there is more to being a father than the ability to make children.

  6. It’s probably in vain but I wish she could see this vid and realize it’s not just herself she’s hurting. The loving, terrified nine year old in front of her as well as the younger child next to her… taking this all in. Heartbreaking.

  7. This video brings back painful memories of my older brother. He was addicted to Xanax for quite a while and he would take 50 pills and OD. He cant even talk right anymore. All thats on his mind is pills. Doesnt even care about us anymore. I cant tell anyone what to do, nor would i tell anyone to do anything. But drug addiction isnt all fun and games. If you went through something like this then you know what im talking about.

    1. amazing story and so sorry to hear it . I was on that stuff for 6 years – up to 3 mg per day – by no means abuse levels – I found myself experiencing severe loss of empathy – I cared about no one or nothing but myself.

      6 months to get off – another 18 months before I turned human again. All i can say to those considering this stuff is take the pain you are experiencing now. Xanax is poison –

      1. @Rota, Im so proud of you. If only my brother would do the same. But i lost hope for him. It kind of makes me feel sorry for people when they think its cool to go to raves and get high on mollies and drugs. Ive never touched drugs and i hope i never do.

        1. This stuff is so widely prescribed… It killed Micheal Jackson (not a bad thing) and was found in high concentration in Whitney Houston.. The stuff is BAD NEWS. FDA gave clearance for short term use… to get over an event. Docs think they know better and prescribe… and prescribe and prescribe… Some people now on for decades.

          Nothing short of hellacious to get off of – but is possible.

          I wish you brother -and your family – luck in dealing with this.

  8. Feminism contributed social decline that threatened children to become criminals, murderers and dictators to devastate nationally and internationally. Feminism should be banned to protect not only society but our future they’re destroying cannot happen.

        1. Only white people live in Mr. Rodgers neighborhood. Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood was a creation of Eddie Murphy on SNL.
          See the doggy ?
          Do he bite ?
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          Funny shit @Rota check it out. πŸ™‚

  9. I gotta admit at first I was under the impression that this was a third world nation but hearing the english was a little shocking. The amusing part is the stupid bitch off to the right. That’s sad..you know it’s a pointless repriieve for that little nigger.

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