Armed Robber with Shotgun Disarmed by Victim in a Street in New Orleans

Armed Robber with Shotgun Disarmed by Victim in a Street in New Orleans

Apparently this is not a fugazi but a recording of a real crime. It was caught on CCTV in New Orleans at around 5:05 am on Saturday April 28, 2013.

Young white fellow was walking down the 1900 block of Burgundy Street alone, minding his own business while typing a text message on his cell phone when he was approached from behind by a young black male with a shotgun. To get the victim’s attention, the attacker cocked the shotgun and shoved it in the victim’s face. In spite of staring death in the eye, the white bigoted, anti Semitic, homophobic racist disarmed that poor, underprivileged, disadvantaged black fellow who still bears the burden of slavery upon his shoulders and forced him to flee the crime scene.

The misunderstood black man demanded money, because he was enticed by the white man who intentionally walked the street alone at night in order to trick the struggling black youth into assaulting him. Moments later, the victim – being the root of all evil because he’s white was approached by a black sedan with two black men inside who asked him to give them the gun back and in return they offered to give him his phone that he had dropped back.

Instead of feeling culturally enriched, the white racist responded by striking the rear windshield with the shotgun, breaking it.

WTF? I tried acting like a demented, Jewish media brainwashed leftist for just 5 minutes and it gave me a headache from hell. Can you imagine there are retards who act this demented each and every day of their lives and think they’re the ones who have it all together? What the actual fucking fuck?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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71 thoughts on “Armed Robber with Shotgun Disarmed by Victim in a Street in New Orleans”

    1. LMAO, this reminds me of my brother who always said he would kick the gun out of someone’s hands if they pointed it at him. He watched too many Jet Li and Steven Seagal movies! haha πŸ˜€

    2. I think it’s safe to say 9 out of ten times this situation would go this way, the reaction time for the robber would take longer than the guy dodging and weaving being that close. But i’m glad too!

  1. I enjoyed the commentary mainly because it’s true. If you have an opinion and decide to criticize anything or anyone but you happen to be white you’re automatically labeled and anything you say think or do is a product of the label you have been given.

    I used to find the fault in our nation’s trespassers, but what it all really comes down to are all the other white people who have no honour in being white, no respect for their white brothers and sisters and would rather carry shitskin on their backs.

    The real problem here is with all the ignorant, dumbass bovine white mass who are strategically eradicating their own ancestry by pissing on their bloodline and shitting on their culture, meanwhile embracing and accepting the genocide of our future race.

    Beware the false-flag.

    1. One of the reasons I can’t stand our peoples Women. So many of them are Anti-White and support Anti-White policies and political groups, along with other betrayals by them (race-mixing), it’s just a bridge not worth crossing.

      True – White Men also support those things, but it’s also White men not supporting them, voting for different political parties, protesting etc.

  2. Funny how people react differently to things. My son’s older cousin who Isn’t a local came to London and was marched to a cashpoint by two black guys and made to take money out and give them his car keys. He went to bed for a week because he was so traumatised. A week or so later one his friends at school was mugged by two black guys. He told them to fuck off. One of them punched him in the face and they ran off. My son told me his friend was just laughing about it afterwards when he told the story.

    1. @mama please tell me he was marched at knifepoint?
      Ive had people try to steal from me as well. But i tell them to piss off. Then when they come back with friends theyre in for a real surprise. Where i live, i know almost everyone. Once i had this guy threaten to “bring his homies and kick my ass yada yada”‘ so i said feel free. He shows up with a group of dudes that included like 2 of my buds. Hahaha. Needless to say i told them to kick his ass instead and walked away. Ever since, that guy is realllly polite any time we cross paths.

    1. While I enjoy this site the one thing that annoys me is the fact that many of you seem to be capable of critical thought and then at the same time be so closed minded. No this is not how “we” all act when alone or unarmed. We are not all of one mind, there are bad elements in our race just like the rest of yours.

      1. Why is Daly City one of the safest cities in America? Is it a coincidence it has a low Black demographic (around 1%) and high Asian demographic (around 55%)

        Why are San Jose and Anaheim so safe in comparison to other big cities of similar size? Is it because they have a low black Demographic (1/3% iirc)

        Why does Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Oakland, New Orleans etc. all have high crime-rates? Is it because they all have large Black demographics?


        1. lol, i had to laugh. its hard to deny the fact that large black and mexican populations in a neighborhood result in a growing crime index. call it a stereotype, of lack of “critical thinking”, but simple math states these two groups of people are unevolved, primitive, lazy, have no respect for their community or themselves. all stereotypes are based on truth, but id hardly call this stereotypical….just plain typical.

          1. Actually, Blacks are almost 5x more likely to commit a violent crime in the US than a Hispanic/Latino.

            El Paso, Texas is pretty safe and has an 80% Hispanic demographic (75% Mexican).

            Not to mention the issue with Blacks transcends just America and holds true in Canada, Europe etc.

  3. Haha love it! Seams logical that these idiots wont dare to shoot, if you are ready to kill someone you wont be mugging people in the street for a couple of bucks, I think they rely on the fact you would shit your pants if you see a gun and just do what they say, not this guy though. πŸ˜€

  4. the very next day in new orleans, some guy tried the same thing this guy done but to a different robber with a pistol and ended up shot in the shoulder…it doesnt go right everytime, but that guy up top is a boss

  5. The white guy appears to be trained, most victims that have a gun stuck in their face wouldn’t dare reaching for the barrel out of fear that the robber is having a nervous trigger finger.

    He was lucky that the black gentleman was quite untrained in the handling of a shotgun which was helpful in disarming him.

    Mark, your story telling skills are reaching new highs. I enjoyed your writing there quite a bit. πŸ™‚

    Hopefully they catch the guy(s).

  6. Nice, many white would just submit. Three liberal white guys could be herded by one Black with a gun into a field forced to kneel, and then executed. Believe me it happens from time to time. Three white men to one negro with a gun… Liberalism is the deadly factor, not the Negro or the gun.

    1. It doesn’t mater. He got a hold of the gun. It is understood why he did not initially shoot the robber. But when they came back looking for the gun, I would have shot the hell out of them.

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