Behold! An Israeli Cyclops

Behold! An Israeli Cyclops

ISIS, take a good look at the demon you’ve sold your souls to. But in all seriousness, it is actually being tauted as some kind of Jewish Anti Christ, because you know, religious people. Trust me, I’m face-palming as hard as I can.

Here in Reality this is simply an Israeli child born with a rare birth defect known as Cyclopia (also Cyclocephaly or Synophthalmia), which itself is a variant of another congenital birth defect known as Holoprosencephaly (a disorder in which the brain of an embryo never splits into it’s two hemispheres, causing severe facial deformity and brain incapacitation). In Cyclopia, the genetic file needed to divide the skull into two orbital sockets is corrupted and therefore, improperly executed, forming one socket. Oftentimes these newborns will have two “eyes” situated in a single orbital socket. Sometimes these children will lack noses or be gifted with a fleshy proboscis popping from their forehead instead.

Aside from the grotesque outward features of the afflicted, internally it’s much worse as the skull deformation impedes proper growth of the brain and as such, they are often dead before being born. In other cases, the nose has formed through the roof of the mouth, literally suffocating the newborn inside it’s own head.

The defect is congenital so at least one parent must carry the corrupt genetic code (this does not mean that the carrier is themselves, afflicted with the disorder). And since Hardcore Jews, Middle Easterners, Gypsies and the American Amish are known for their inbreeding, cases like this are all too common in those circles.

And a small gallery of Cyclopia for all the expecting mothers out there, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Obli.

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      1. Not to take away from your righteous rant, but I’m certain this has been sporadically happening for millions of years. Nothing evil about it except for what evil man has attached. Natural is another story and needs a hammer to remedy…

    1. Yes there is a god, Virginia, and he’s right here DeepThroating me with all the roaring strength of a hurricane. This god of yours is going to make me cum for days. Oh, I believe in god, too. I believe that he sucks dick.

      1. Halloween coming up at the end of this month Dre…We’ll keep it till then, we can prop it up right next to the carved pumpkins but that’s it not one fuckin day longer !!! πŸ˜›

        1. this little dude will look a real winner in his “minion” costume.

          NB – ive seen this picture/video around an the net quite a bit – muslims are fond of labelling it as the “dajjal baby”

          1. LOL @Karmen a minion that’s perfect !!!
            Be funny if that minion shouted WHADIYA instead of kumbaya…maybe that’ll make @HLAM happy enough that he’ll stop trying to hit the house up twice because Were giving out full size candy bars.

        1. @thedre Probably this neonate Cyclop
          has come out drinking witch’s milk and going .. by those aliens looks in that golemite eyes I consider he may be a one ball scrotum wonder the size of his head with no little dick to suck on to by Zionist Monsters.
          Alternate options:- they may take up cleansing ritual by licking clean his butt crack .

    1. It’s a Jew LF.

      Israel suppose to be the chosen nation unto Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ taught love, patience, compassion and empathy towards humankind.

      The Jews are simply hypocrites to their master’s teachings. If Christ was here today, these parasites would nail him back to the cross, because of his beliefs towards peace.

      As for the Jewbit in the video…

      I’m simply thankful that it didn’t attach itself to someone’s heart valve, unless of course, it was another Jew. But then again, when did a Jew ever have a heart to begin with?

      1. Hypocrites indeed @IS. This world is full of them. I love when they say things like only God can judge and yet they’re constantly judging others and telling them how to live their lives. I’ve seen too many people who are ‘religious’ preaching about God and bragging about going to church yet they always end up being the shadiest of them all with the most secrets.

      2. @IS, can a person leave the Jewish faith, like many other people leave other religions? You know, when people grow up and realise that religion is a way to control the masses. Man created god(s) not the other way around.

        1. @tas

          I believe it’s the other way around. I believe one’s religion parts ways with one’s belief towards their spiritual well being/faith.

          For example, the teachings of Jesus Christ emphasizes the need for love, compassion, faith, tolerance and empathy towards their fellow human being. Religion is simply a rebellion towards that faith.

          No where in the bible does it state, that Jesus is, or was a part of any religion, such as Christianity. However it was religion indeed, that nailed this poor bastard to a cross. It has been religion all along, that has started ended wars, based on sheer aggression.

          And once again, this came from man, and not Christ.

          This is where your statement of religion controlling the masses, comes in to play and I agree. For it was the Romans, who spread the negative propaganda regarding Jesus Christ, and not Christ himself.

          Do I have a spiritual compass? Sure I do.

          However, religious I AM NOT, and for good reason!!

          1. @IS, excuse my ignorance, but were there any women prophets? Also are there any modern prophets? These days someone wondering around claiming ‘stuff’, claiming they are ‘hearing’ god (voices in their head) would possibly end up in a loony bin.

        2. @tas

          Gosh tas, I don’t believe there were any women prophets. As far as any modern day prophets well probably. Anyone who believes in peace for a change, would be a good start towards prophecy.

          But it doesn’t take religion to become a prophet. However on many occasions, religion has become the dominant force in hypocrisy.

          My earlier comment regarding religion leaving people, instead of people leaving religion is what I believe. Christ has never been a religious figure with me. Christ never walked in fear, nor did he hate mankind. However, mankind orchestrated religion and all religions, are laced with fear, hatred and intolerance towards mankind. I have no fear in talking about Christ, because I don’t attach religion to him. In addition, I don’t believe everything that’s in the bible as well. (and I’ve read all of it, believe it or not)

          However, I try to look at things at face value. Christ, as mentioned in the bible, was a peaceful man. Any religion that’s been attached to him, comes from mankind. Religion is filled with bigotry, hate, fear and oppression.

          …and always attached with a credit card, to show one’s support

          Btw: I don’t think you’re ignorant at all darling!!


          1. “Christianity” did not become a “popular” religion until approximately 300 years until after the Crucifixion, and really only then because of the conversion of the Roman Emperor Constantine, so Jesus actually had zero concept of “Christianity.” BTW, hey all you SOBs, glad to be back, sure have missed you funny fuckers!!! πŸ˜‰

        1. lol I wasn’t drunk yesterday, I was high. Just be grateful I didn’t sing to you (sorry @Amour) don’t worry I won’t make a habit of it though. Really like your kitty btw… But mines so much cuter πŸ˜‰

          1. lol no worries sugar πŸ˜‰ I much preferred your song yesterday over those annoying video songs, I was thoroughly amused by it even πŸ˜‰

          2. @tas, but I am a cat

            @Amour, the tales of the itsy bitsy spider are to be continued then

            @LF I’ll briefly put a pic of her on my avi but I’m taking it down in about an hour so don’t miss out

          1. I just showed her a close up of your avi and she put her nose on the screen… I think she’s got a kitty crush πŸ˜‰

    1. interresting… 1 eye in the middle of his face. i wonder if his view panorama is similar to us with both eyes in corner.
      did he see like us ? did he see like some of door eye disform view ? can he see different colors ? what about movements ?
      soo many question i likely know the answer. i likely he live normally and tell us all that answers

      1. Well I researched this and a majority of cyclopian cases involve under developed brains, particularly in the frontal region. So odds are this baby can’t feel pain. I made my comment based on a birth defect being synonymous with pain. That said, the breathing is usually inhibited due to under developed nasal passages, misplaced, non functional (or none at all).

        Ask yourself this, if the baby isn’t conscious of the fact, is it still suffering/ suffocating?

        My comment stands.

  1. Come on Obli, anyone who has seen Krull feels sympathy for the Cyclops. Particularly since he held the door open for the rest of the group against his own survival.

    The Jews on the other hand only survive based upon con-generic reasoning, the Cyclops they are not.

  2. well…
    except the fact he have only 1 eye and no nose, he look pretty normal . i mean , its just an baby like many others. only dat eye/nose problem.
    imo he can live normally (well, not really normally, and should take all insult etc.. from peoples, but at least, it not lookl ike he gonna die from this like some harlequin baby)

    1. @hollyEat, we got some pretty good research from @Obli with this article, if you go back and read the 3rd paragraph, it says “internally it’s much worse” for a human born with this type of mutations.

        1. @hollyEat, “kill the parents”?? genetic mutations can happen to anyone, it’s not usually inbreeding. What about people affected by nuclear fall-out, sometimes they have sickly, deformed babies. History is littered with ‘odd’ looking humans, Siamese twins, no legs/arms, etc. Also when you say “wasn’t mentioned at first” do you mean the story wasn’t there when you commented earlier? @Obli always writes an article with his post.

  3. Perfect timing! The little Cyclops will not need to buy a costume for Halloween. He can go out as himself and at the end of the night, when all the kids take their costumes off and look normal again, the little Cyclops will still look like a fucking freak! Have fun eating your candy you freakish little anti jesus psycho.

    Oh yeah have a happy Halloween little Cyclops!

  4. The last picture really fascinates me, the way the two eyes including eye lashes, really shows the failure of the brain to form the two hemispheres you can almost imagine it being like a mirror image of the brain trying to split.

    1. @Am0ur, I’ve noticed a lot of the regular members don’t leave many comments on the individual photos, do you click on them to read comments? Some are funny as hell, as well as @Obli’s titles for them! πŸ™‚

      1. @holly if you think I have eyes like that dude get some glasses seriously……

        @tas yes I go through them but I usually say all I want to say on the main thread πŸ˜‰ and I love the stuff @Obli comes up with lol

  5. can’t believe some people here are hating on the baby. that baby did not choose to be jewish, or arab or whatever else group you hate. none of of choose whether we are born healthy, jewish, deformed, ugly etc. I feel bad for the child and the family. imagine giving birth to a dead child that looks like that. you’d have nightmares for the rest of your life. hopefully the child did not suffer much.

    also is there any strong evidence to show that inbreeding significantly increases the risk to give birth to a child like this. I don’t support inbreeding just not sure if it actually makes a big difference.

      1. @Am0ur, people who breed animals inter-breed their animals all the time, especially dog breeders. My ex-father-in-law had 2 Jack Russells, a brother and sister. He let those 2 dogs have about 6 litters, (he wasn’t a breeder, just irresponsible) most were fine but some of those puppies looked so runty, one had a tiny head, like a golf ball – it had to be put down. He just wanted the money he got for the pups. But the thing is, many so-called ‘top’ breeders will put a son over it’s mother if they think the puppies will be a certain colour or size etc. Quite disgraceful really. πŸ™

        1. It is and that inbreeding causes major problems for dogs it attacks the brain more than physical defects, look at what idiots call a “purebred blue nose pit bull” there is no such breed of pit bull. The red nose pit bull is one of the shorter more heavy set of the five breeds of true pit bulls it also still retains a measure of agility so it quickly became the preferred breed for guard and fighting, to make fighting pits there are a number of things done to them. They are fed heavily doses of steroids laced with gunpowder to build them up and off balance there mantal makeup but the “pro” fighters turn to heavy inbreeding which causes major psychotic symptoms ( they are born truly crazy). This inbreeding ( on a lesser scale)also caused a color gene in the red nose pits that were inbred to mutate giving the dogs a bluish gray coat. They also suffer from alot of physical health defects as well. All this done for a color and aggression for the bigger dollar, the people that do this absolutely make me sick.

    1. @Persian, I think the risk of deformities – inside and out, increases if the family involved keeps it up, a father/daughter baby may not have problems, but if it they keep on inbreeding, eventually problems arise. First cousins quite often have kids and they are healthy. One case in Australia, a father had 4 kids to his daughter, 3 were fine but 1 child had a heart problem which the Drs said wasn’t caused by the inbreeding! Dog breeders do this ALL THE TIME, I think this is what causes pure breeds to have problems, it’s irresponsible.

      1. From the studies I’ve read its generally 3rd generation offspring for immediate family and 5th generation for non immediate family where the vast majority of defects and general cell mutation begins to be the dominant factor for any or all offspring produced and a healthy ‘normal’ child at that point becomes the odds.

        1. @Am0ur, that sounds about right, I haven’t looked into it much but what you said sounds correct to me. Some people think if 2 cousins have a baby it will come out with 2 heads! In reality if THEIR kids have children and so on, eventually mutations will occur. It’s a moral thing also, I can’t imagine marrying or even having sex with my cousins, they’re family, it’s not right! πŸ™‚

          1. @rayf, possibly, there are not many left. πŸ™ That would be a terrible thing, to lose that species. I guess the small pockets of them that are left, have no choice but it’s not what they would prefer. They are not able to travel freely in search of a mate because they get shot, poisoned, snared etc. I like this animal a lot, I think there is only a couple 1000 left? Not a healthy population at all.

    2. ok cool. i definitely don’t support inbreeding but i have read some studies on groups where it is common for example i read that in saudi arabia most people marry their first or second cousins and doctors aid there weren’t any sig risks at least not more so than individuals that had children with someone not related. I think inbreeding used to be common in a lot of cultures including in europe but now it seems more common in the middle east. and by inbreeding I meant first or second cousins. I don’t know of any culture where having children with your own kids is seen as acceptable lol.

  6. Wouldn’t modern medicine with ultrasounds and such be able to detect this sort of thing before the mother brings it to term ? I mean holy fuck that’s gotta be every parents nightmare come true ! AND if a baby is fucked up like that why keep it alive if the chance of survival is nil ?

    1. In places where such technology is available – yes it’s easily detected. On the other hand those against abortion would allow it to be born (either dead or only to suffer & die shortly after its born). Don’t know why someone would want to go through all that …

    2. If the patient had access to modern medicine then yes, it could easily have been detected. Although there are people so against abortion that they would allow “nature to take it’s course”, meaning the baby would either spontaneously abort, die in utero or progress to term and die shortly after birth. They usually die from suffocation, dehydration, or major organ failures which I’m sure is not a pleasant way to go but parents convince themselves such a baby dies “peacefully”.

      I think they tell themselves that in selfishness, especially those that like to cuddle the dead or dying baby, take pictures, post their story somewhere then ask for donations.

  7. Yes indeedy, God’s Cursed Ones have a lot to answer for. They have soooo many Jew genetic diseases that they have their own centres for Jew genetic diseases. Don’t take my word for it, just google “Jew genetic disease”. Last time I looked, there were over 600 such specialised centres. They advise getting tested before nuptials, but who cares, getting tested and killing the child is “normal” for them.

    > Hardcore Jews, Middle Easterners, Gypsies and the American Amish are known for their inbreeding

    Yes. But the Jews are in a league of their own. For inbreeding and for child-killing. Both their children and ours.

    I can’t understand why first cousins get married. The Bible bans it; may states make it illegal, but they keep on trucking. The few that I do know of, have serious medical problems, deformities, death before they reached their teens.

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