Bloated Corpse Oozing Fluids Found in House in Palm Bay, Florida

Bloated Corpse Oozing Fluids Found in House in Palm Bay, Florida

Bloated Corpse Oozing Fluids Found in House in Palm Bay, Florida

Best Gore member @wolfsend explains:

Found this in a horror group I belong to. The OP was a guy from Palm Bay, Florida.

“His mother who had dementia flag me and my nephew down in the driveway and I thought she said there was a problem or something what’s going on I could really understand I thought you wanted me to move some furniture but soon as I stepped in the house I could smell death I knew exactly what we were about to find a dead body and I walk into the living room and sure enough there he was

The dog was running around had dried like dreadlock blooded and matted hair where he’d been licking the guy’s Blood Out off the floor because he leaked out like after inserting a while your body just can’t maintain the blood in it through the skin so he just started bleeding out she has her own paper towels on the floor to try to soak up the blood and she got she kept taking a paper towel I was there and wiping his head but I kept trying to distract her away from him but she like I said she had Alzheimer’s or dementia and didn’t really know what was going on I was really saddened by the whole thing it was hard to look at them look at them honestly the picture really doesn’t do justice various wounds on his body were moving because of maggots and s***”

Thanks a lot for the share, @wolfsend.

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68 thoughts on “Bloated Corpse Oozing Fluids Found in House in Palm Bay, Florida”

  1. Maggots moving under the skin and flesh! What a imagine, reminds me of fish traversing through the orifices in the canal of the bloated discolorated bodies . As the body decomposes, combined with heat and humidity, makes for great feeding for those white juicy worms. Was the A/C on?

    1. Grammar Nazi? Not at all. Worst run-on sentence I’ve ever read. The “op” is evidently the one with dementia. The poor dead guy was probably just trying to take care of his aging mother and he gave up the ghost instead.

  2. I don’t understand this. The mother flagged her, is that her son? Her carer? Did they live together? Why didn’t the mother inform anyone about this before he got into this state? Yes she has dementia but even then dementia patients wouldn’t just live there with a dead body for this long. This is really bizarre.

    1. Depends on the severity of her condition. If she had moderate to severe dementia, then it may as well have been a 2 year old staring that dead body, it knows something is wrong, but is unable to join the dots.

  3. Slouched in armchair, all ready for day time TV and football. The bored and constipated look etched across his beer-sodden, pie-filled face. Gut forward, double chin tucked in and diabetes placed on standby. Yep. A very typical American way to go.

    The Donald Trump hairstyle is just icing on the great big fucking cake. Bravo.

  4. With the number of Americans living with dementia growing and growing fast, I feel sad for them both as none of this would probably have happened if she was mentally sound.

    They might have had a wonderful Mother Son relationship, been decent, compassionate people, but unfortunately his life ended badly for them both. You wonder if despite her chronic dementia her deep mothering instincts still managed to surface to cause her to try desperately somehow to help him.

    The typical black humour here is understandable, but since 1 out of every 3 Americans will die of dementia/Alzheimer’s, it gives me pause to think. Annually, dementia kills more than Brest and prostate cancer combined. Conservative estimates indicate that there will be in excess of 5.8 million Americans living with dementia by 2050 and this could be as much as 14 million.

    The only silver lining is that she won’t feel the loss of her child. If there is life after death for our consciousness, it must be distressing to float above your mortal coil and watch as your dementia suffering Mother fails to comprehend anything as your body decomposes.

    I suppose her mental detachment means she cannot really suffer here, except of course for the person finding this sorry mess and gets it etched into their mind forever, unless of course the statistical probability of dementia also wipes it clear from their mind too. Another silver lining perhaps?

    Big up to the OP for dealing with everything and posting.

    1. It’s really sad man, and it goes to show how little support people suffering with it get. God knows how many days the poor woman was living in the house with the body for, and what’s worse is that she would probably have been living with it for a lot longer had she not stopped the OP. And the poor guy! I can only imagine the stress of caring for your own mum, and having to see her mind essentially fall apart day after day. I hope his poor soul rests easy, and I really hope his mum is getting the support she needs now. ):

  5. Had I have been in that persons shoes. How the fuck am I supposed to tell a half-brain functioning-deteriorating individual that they have a smelly half-fucked corspe rotting away in the house? “Like, I hate to tell you this mam’, but you’ve got the Michelin Man rotting away in your living room. I’ll call the services, would you like burial or cremation? Because that’s life for ya’.”

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