Bloated, Decomposing Thai Gets Wrapped In White Sheets

Bloated, Decomposing Thai Gets Wrapped In White Sheets

The reek must have been something rotten. The tile floor is covered with dark juices that oozed out of the bloated body. Strangely, none of the flip floppers that came to deal with the corpse show any signs of being bothered by the stench. Must be used to it. Thailand does kind of stink like a rotting corpse.

I actually know a big fat nothing about the video so I couldn’t tell you how the man died and why nobody found him until he turned all bloated and putrefied. Based on what can be seen in the video I would not suspect foul play – the victim even seems to still wear his flip flops – but that’s just a guess.

Thais could learn a thing or two from their counterparts in Brazil. Instead of wrapping decomposing bodied up in white sheets, using carbon fiber coffins would leave far less nasty mess to deal with.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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32 thoughts on “Bloated, Decomposing Thai Gets Wrapped In White Sheets”

  1. How does one die in the open doorway and remain unnoticed until decomp is well underway? Also if you listen careful at about 2:30 when they start to lift the guy you can hear like a sucking noise, probably from body being stuck to the floor.

  2. I have no info about the video, except a big fat nothing. But I guess that the man was stabbed in the back when he was trying to cross the door.
    On a side note: living thais look pretty bloated too!

  3. Fuck-yuck! Was the dude with his butt-crack and boxers hanging out- smoking a cigarette or sucking a lollipop?! That’s just fucking nasty! No way i could put anything in my mouth if i had to deal with some rotting ass corpse! I’d be vomiting everywhere! Chunky barf would be all over that dead fuck with the first whiff! Lol.

  4. RIP Mr. Thai covered with flies.

    How much do those people get paid to remove a body? Couldn’t pay me enough!

    How much did that obviously professional pointer get paid? Don’t. want that job either.

    Some people have a poor sense of smell so maybe that is who does the clean-up?

    A white sheet is nicer than yesterday ‘s newspaper.

    Ain’t life/ death amazing? :-/

  5. At first I thought brown shirt thai man was carrying the stiff out by his under ware around the knees. Hahaaaaa! I like how he also never takes the cigarette out of his mouth ether, what a dedicated worker! Truely no fucking around on this job.

  6. I read somewhere that they don’t get paid for retrieving the dead.They believe that for every body they volunteer to pick up,puts them on a higher plain (or something like that) when their time comes to an end!!!

    My guess is that the guy that was suppose to pick up the dead came up with this hokey story so he could get others suckered in to do the dirty work.

  7. I’ve always wondered what would happen if someone were to stab a bloated corpse’s belly with a big pointy stick. Major gag effect or cartoon balloon deflating and flying everywhere around the room? I know the second one can’t possibly happen, but hey..I’m just weird like that, and proud. 😀

  8. That sheet they used to cover the corpse hardly covered it at all, they should have saved themselves time and effort and just taken the coprse out by it’s arm and legs – everyone has seen it anyway.

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