Bloated Greenie with Mouth Full of Flies

Bloated Greenie with Mouth Full of Flies

Phew! Another stinker fresh from the waters of South East Asia. You’d think Thais would have evolved gills by now as close as they are to the water. Although, looking at the one pic, this chap appears to have suffered some trauma to the back of the head…all kinds of goo just spilling out there. Also note the mouth. Aside from the flies, what the hell is happening there? Looks like a mouth a child would mould out of clay, eh?

On a side note, I’m battling a case of comments, so if my insomnia don’t make any sense I haven’t green elephant. Banana!

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      1. @bobcat.

        As in it will continue on ?. I wouldn’t discount that. A good friend of mine died in a bike smash at 17.
        I swear he paid me a visit a couple of years later. I was in bed when his presence filled the room. He pulled at my legs, I physically felt the force of his hands, I kid you not.
        The Mrs didn’t hear or feel a thing, but I know what I saw and felt that night.

        1. I don’t know ewe’s, i was lying in bed once and something started trying to pull the bottom of my duvet up. I was frozen in fear. What seemed like forever i realised my little cat was curled up on top of the duvet snuggled in my lap fast asleep. Cats just don’t hang around for shit like that, if something had been shaking my duvet she would have been gone in a second I realised i must having fallen asleep and started dreaming immedietly, it felt so real and i was convinced i was awake. I think it’s quite

          1. oops common, an ex of mine told me the same thing had happened and he was convinced it was real. The sleeping cat told me a different story though.

          2. It was a surreal experience. I was awake yet couldn’t move, while I could feel a gripping round my lower legs. And I just knew who it was.
            I can’t explain it mama, it was so convincingly powerful, yet I could have been dreaming for all I know. I’ve never had the same happen again and I have a friend who had exactly the same experience, but he said it was his father.

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