Bloater Being Prepped for Autopsy

Bloater Being Prepped for Autopsy

Cool video from South East Asia shows a jolly green bloater being prepped for autopsy after being pulled from the water. Got some fly action going on. They’re all like, “we found him first!”. Wiping down his face and rotting genitals while he’s on the slab, not exactly a job I would envy… Looks like a class as there is a lot of Muslim females in attendance.

Good amount of decay already on the face. I like how it’s all smooshed in and just look at those teeth. Yuck.

Thanks @african-angel for the first bloater of the New Year! You know what daddy likes.

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    1. I was thinking te Same thing, like Fck.., I’m in the wrong profession, how fckn coool is that..!, gettin to play with dead bodies for a living., oh man.., if hindsight is 20/20 I wouldve definitely checked in to fckn with oldies.

    1. @porno…”groping his balls like a Catholic Priest”……shame on you! Lolololol……..funny, veryy funny..thanks, i needed that! HAPPY MUTHA FUCKIN’ NEW YEAR ( from SoCal) my loves!! BE SAFE. BE SANE. BE CAREFUL & HAVE A VANILLA NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

  1. He definitely has a squishy quality about him…….. Anybody else want to set off a big fire cracker in that thing?

    Happy New Year to all my Gore loving family and thanks to the mods and contributors for another great year on Best Gore!

    1. Oh and since everyone else is saying it…Happy New Year’s BG boys and girls!!! I hope 2016 is an ever better year for all of you than 2015. Be safe and make sure you don’t end up featured on this site! Thank you to everyone who makes this place so great and long live BG!!

        1. Am I correct that you already had New Year’s where you live? If so, then it’s 2016 for you which means you’re in the future…


          I’ve consumed too much alcohol to process this so Happy belated new years @Jack!

          1. Haha @Little Foot drunk typing? I never thought I’d see the day lol that is correct, it’s January 1 here

            All I did was sit on my window sill getting wasted and stoned watching fireworks. It could’ve been worse though, last time I fell off a second story balcony while doing the same thing lol

            Anyway you just make sure you have a better new years eve than I did 🙂

          2. Omg you feel out of a 2nd story balcony?!?! Were you hurt? I’m glad it didn’t happen this year. Stay away from open windows 😉

            I won’t say I’m drunk but getting there although I’ll keep it at a good buzz. No hangovers for me! Honestly, mine probably won’t be that much better. I’m just hanging out with a few friends drinking and playing cards against humanity. Nothing too special lol.

          3. Not really, it wasn’t that high and I landed on grass but I did walk around with a limp for about a day and a half

            And that’s a shame… I wanted to see you drunk type 🙁

          4. Haha I’m glad it wasn’t anything too serious. I’m sure it still hurt though.

            I’m sorry to disappoint you but I promise you wouldn’t be missing out on anything. I know some people get crazy, angry, horny, cry ect. when they’re drunk but I’m stay the exact same only X20. Not too interesting lol.

        1. Happy new year @ladybug_lady2000 – hope you have a good one.

          And seeing as logging in/out & commenting is taking SOME time tonight, let me use this opportunity to say a big
          “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to all my friends (& otherwise ;P ! ) on BG.

          May you all have a great 2016!

  2. 0:16 the most creepy eye i have ever see here..

    peoples who make this job would have fucking balls or fucking messed up mind..not only to the fact to work on some destroyed body and dead , but also the fact to work with the smell of this.
    big up SotB, specially the guys without mask.

  3. Have been thinking of a new year gift to my @obli. That’s all I have as at now. Am now counting down to 2016 though you guys still have to wait a bit. Just need somebody clean to suck my pussy. Have never shaved it of late.

          1. I shave mine. Once it started growing i started shaving. But I’d have the best of the bushes if I let it grow. I should let it grow out. Betcha I could corn row that shit

          2. Yessss!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!! I just new @LittleFoot preferred smooth and hairless!!! 😉 That was worth watching swollen bloater balls get groped by a man…..bleh

          3. Why thank you @Trainwreck 😉
            I try…haha! Oh and thanks for that image of cornrow pubes that i cant get out of my head now…

  4. To all those people in the US and Canada , do not go shit after 11:59PM as you will come out of the toilet next year. Happy new year to all motherfucking bestgore members. Love you all. @ate @tas @DK…danke @acneska wonderful author @PD, no words @LT like your attitude @mctribber need an article from [email protected] fuck you motherfucker. Love ya’. Hope you have an 18″ cock. Wanna suck the shit off you. Kisses and lovings sweet. Holla to the rest of the members.

    “I didn’t do nu fuffings” by not mentioning the other members. But @GLAM you rock. .

      1. Tas Tiger, hope your NYE was as fun as mine was, best wishes for the new year. 🙂

        I do hope you don’t feel as bad as I do right now tho, my head is still spinning around and the screen is shaking back and forth.

    1. I am going against the grain here African Angel but happy new year.

      I may not like black people in general but that only extends to the black people in my own country just as you no doubt dislike the white people in yours.

      I have absolutely nothing against black people in Africa because that is their own land.

      I would respect the black men in my country more if they would stop predominantly chasing after and hunting white women whilst completely ignoring and refusing to date their own kind.

      I would also respect the black women in my country more if they stopped wearing wigs in some desperate attempt to look like white women and actually stopped getting pregnant by many different men whilst living on taxpayer funded social support payments.

      All in all, if the blacks in my country stopped being so self-loathing, stopped being racist towards themselves, stopped committing so much crime and actually contributed to society my hatred of them would decrease somewhat.

      Regardless though, happy new year African Angel. You are not a nigger because you were born and live in Africa and therefore are not a parasite upon the white man?s land.

      Hold your head high with pride AA.

        1. Thanks @LF. No, she was about ten months. I’ve had her for the last four months, but it still hurts as bad as having her for 4 years. Assholes speed down my road all the time.. one of them hit her. I hope wherever they were going so fast was worth it to them.

          1. Oh my god!!! I can’t even imagine losing a pet like that, especially so young. I know exactly how you feel, I had one kitten a couple years ago for 3 days before she had to be put down from being sick and I was a wreck. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had them it still hurts. I feel so bad you’ve lost your cat in such a horrible way. 🙁

          2. @LF At least i didn’t actually see it. It was my fault because i let her outside. It’s crazy how much losing a pet can hurt. They become your babies.

            I don’t loathe you @Anna. I just fuck with people sometimes. You’re cool.. don’t take me serious 95% of the time because I’m usually just bein stupid. And if i would’ve seen who did it.. i would’ve lost it on them.

          3. I completely agree @nextie. I hardly see them as pets, they’re like my kids. Mine sneak outside sometimes and I always freak out. They usually stay close to the house because they’re too afraid but I have a huge fear of them getting brave and going closer to the road and run over or even killed by a big hawk or something. I have to do a head count and make sure they’re all inside before I go to bed and before I leave for work.

            If those assholes hadn’t been speeding they probably would’ve seen her and could have avoided hitting her. I’d lose my shit too if I found out who it was.

          4. Sorry @Next 🙁
            Im a cat/pet lover too. Ive had my cat for almost 11 years! Found her in the middle of the road one night, she fit in the palm of my hand….eyes still closed. Bottle fed her like a baby. Shes always been faithful…UNLIKE my cheating ex wife!

          1. Oh no Next I’m sorry. I just rescued a cat that wanted his home to be my home so I’ve been trying to make him better instead of being here. I’ve been attempting to make a list of cop brutality but its proving to be much harder than I thought.

      1. That’s not a good start to the New Year, sorry to hear that. Mine started off with my 8yr old nephew going missing. Luckily we found him. Went into serious panic mode for a bit. Happy New Year to everyone! Wherever Trainwreck is, Happy New Year hun.

          1. Thank you..Yeah definitely not something you ever want to go through. I’m sorry to hear about your cat though, my pets are like my kids, so I feel your pain.

      2. YNEG, I do know how you are feeling right now, time will take some pain away, but it hurts worse then any other pain I ever felt when my dog died, (it was like the same pain I felt when my father died)
        I am some what glad that you did not see it happen and you didn’t get in trouble going after that ass that killed you poor kitty, I do hope he/she rots in hell.
        My deepest condolences for you.

        1. Thank you @ladybug. It is almost like losing a family member. And hurts almost as bad. I’m glad i didn’t see it too. My brother picked her up and buried her and told me not to look.. so it must’ve been pretty bad. I don’t even wanna think about it.

    1. @Rayf

      My brother from a ‘Murican mother, I wish you and yours Happy Dayz for 2016 and all the days after that.
      You’re a good man Rayf and I wanna know if and when? If you finally going to reveal your true identity to the rest of the BG members? When ? Is for after you answer ‘yes’ to the first question, when are you going to do it? I remember when you emailed me the first time a few years ago, I did not believe that was really you! A man, who is a house hold name in just about every country on Earth does not email me every day so it was pretty special. I’m sorry about how long it took you to finally convince me!

      I agree that disclosing your identity will over run the site initially, but like everything, it will die down and the site will return to normal (in a few years.,,,,)

      @Rayf ( aka Justin hint hint ) Happy New Year what ever you decide. You have so much money that I am suRe you’ll be fine!


    1. It brings me a lot of pain and sadness to bring about this piece of news, the one known as “The Vulva Eater” has made it to 2016.

      Yes, we are all disappointed! Unfortunately, we will not be seeing his bloody, useless carcass on BG anytime soon. Boo hoo.

      We can only hope.

  5. Happy new year 2016 to all that love me and hate me.

    New years resolutions:
    1. Tattoo “BestGore” on tip of my penis
    2. Not cut down on the weed consumption while on BestGore
    3. Post pics of cats, dogs, squirrels, birds so I don’t offend certain members. Not!
    4. Cut down on the consumption of vulvas cause I need to lose weight. Eating too much vulva can make a man or woman fat.
    5. And lastly, try to be sympathetic to the feelings of those that are being chopped, hanged, beaten, shot, sliced, run over, exploded, drowned, jumped from buildings, etc, etc, etc.

    Yeah, that’s my resolutions.
    What are yours?

      1. I would say zero since he doesnt actually consume it haha……..i hope not anyway. But i would be willing to experiment on you my darling lol……just kidding!

  6. Happy 2016 to the creators and members of BG. I hope that when Canada makes weed legal, they will come to their senses and free Mark. When they do, and he comes back, I hope he leaves the current contributors in place as well. They have shown themselves to be important to the balance of Bestgore as a whole. A perfect team. I guess it doesn’t hurt that there are quite a few awesome female members here that keep the hearts of gore fans at their mercy. This is to them as well.

  7. Lol, first time i see a bloater poked and prodded like that! And what a face this guy has! Definitely a winner in the awesone greenies contest! i was hoping someone would burst his gut so we’d finally see an exploder, but never mind, super cool video as it is. Thanks, Obli and AA. Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Fat slant on a cracked slab, with a smashed head, bleeds from black scabs
    Nasty, nasty, nasty…

    Happy new year BG, my favorite collection of the most colorful personalities I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. People I know in life are scared of themselves and this place reminds me I’m not crazy. I hope everyone’s new year goes awesome and you find what you need in 2016 to do what you couldn’t in 2015. Looking forward to more gore and truth from this new year. Hopefully we get that sword duel I’ve been waiting years to see. Brazil, I’m looking to you with hopeful eyes, you crazy da Silva and dos Santos’.

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