Bloody Aftermath of Wall Collapse That Killed Two People in Melbourne

Bloody Aftermath of Wall Collapse That Killed Two People in Melbourne

Mandatory Iphone retard warning! Involuntary ass crack flash makes up for it, though.

This just happened about four hours ago in Melbourne, Australia. Apparently, a heritage-listed (i.e. really fucking old) wall was knocked over by a gust of wind, right on to a few unfortunate teenagers. Two died.

There are two good video of the bloody aftermath the wall collapse left behind, but there are two downsides to them. One – they’re far, far too short. The first clip is just under 20 seconds long, and the second is a scant 8 seconds. But it’s enough time to get a good look at the victims, for what it’s worth. Two – they were filmed by a god damn iPhone retard so they’re vertical.

According to Aussie media, a young man and a young woman were crushed to death as the 15 metre long section of brick wall fell onto a footpath on Swanston Street, at the old Carlton & United brewery site, Melbourne. Another 19 year old woman was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious, life-threatening condition.

Props to Best Gore member snrmcs for the hot off the press video and info:

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40 thoughts on “Bloody Aftermath of Wall Collapse That Killed Two People in Melbourne”

  1. I can’t even see from there where the damn wall was. It looks more like the aftermath of an earthquake then a wall collapse. It must have been a pretty big wall.

    Still, unfortunate for ’em to be in the wrong place at the right time. Right time in that to be walking under that wall when it fell is a somewhat unlucky experience they just happened to be present for. What are the chances of that, I wonder.

    Shame they were taken so young, though, I hope for the best for the third who was rushed to hospital, at least something will have made it out of this, other then the fact heritage walls aren’t to be trusted.

    1. @hockscroach, ha, you made me laugh, nice one.

      Here I was all ready to emigrate to Australia with my new wall building business until this little episode, I do hope that it hasn’t reduced my plans to rubble.

      @Juicy, greetings and salutations my dear Juicy.

      1. Come on down mate, it’s the best place on earth, just tell em you’re hard up, they’ll give you a house and an LCD screen, $500 per week. Oh sorry Your not Muslim ? Forget it. Come and start a building company to house the blow-ins, you’ll make a fortune

        1. @hockscroach, you should feel lucky, it could be worse, you could be living in England.

          England is the worlds biggest toilet and all the shit from all around the world is dumped here and if that wasn’t bad enough the flusher for this toilet is broken.

          The sun never shines here, our wages are terrible, English is no longer the first language for this country, many millions of our indigenous population are unemployed because all the jobs get given the cheap foreign labour, our politicians use rent boys colons as a resting place for their tiny cocks, the list goes on and on.

          Like your country immigrants get given free houses, cars, tvs, benefits whilst at the same time our politicians deny the same things to our own people.

          I wish I was in Australia, at least you lot get nice weather and nice beaches and you have pretty women, lots of barbeques, lots of beer, your tv shows are shit mind you, not as shit as ours, that would take some doing, but quite shitty.

          If you could just force all the filth and the Muslims out of Australia it would be a lovely place to live.

          1. I heard Indians are taking over London. I used to work at a strip club as a bartender and every Indian guy was the same. Smelled like massive B.O, wanted a glass of water (not a bottle, god forbid they pay for anything), and would sit and smoke two packs of Marlboros while wanting to grab girls and pretending they didn’t understand english when confronted about their asshole behavior. Or they would get Budweisers and then after running me around would make a big deal about the $1 tip they gave. Not one acted like a decent human being, they act like the world owes them.

            I was in London in 05 and it was the least favorite place I went that summer. I traveled through Switzerland (absolutely beautiful there and super clean everything), France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, then England. England sucked and I thought I would love it. London was a bigger shithole then Philadelphia.

  2. authorities are saying a strong gust of wind blew it down.well that doesn’t make me feel any better.i thought I just had to watch out for middle eastern and Asian gangs but now ive got to worry about fucking walls falling on me aswell.

  3. Heritage, we’re very proud of it in the UK. There’s protection orders on this building, prohibition orders on that structure, all to preserve the glorious history and culture of our country.
    And in meantime our ZOG government open our borders to every shit-stain nationality you can think of and invite them in to fuck it all up!

  4. I was here very recently, in Melbourne. Not 2 weeks ago I was walking by this exact wall and said, “That wall looks so unstable. It looks like it might collapse.”
    It was a very old looking wall. It was leaning, and the only things holding it up were some wooden beams.
    If I return to Melbourne, I may be too creeped out to walk in this place again.

  5. It was a brother and sister on their way home from school if I remember correctly. The guy supposedly intentionally shielded her from the falling wall which left her critical but not dead. She did however pass away later in hospital.

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