Car with Passengers Buried by Huayco in La Libertad, Peru

Car with Passengers Buried by Huayco in La Libertad, Peru

A huayco is a name for a flash flood caused by torrential rains in the mountains of Peru. On March 8, 2017, a huayco caused a land/rock slide that buried a car with its passengers on the road.

The incident happened in the mountainous Department of La Libertad in northwestern Peru. The video shows rescuers trying to clear up some of the soil in order to recover the bodies of people killed by the slide.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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42 thoughts on “Car with Passengers Buried by Huayco in La Libertad, Peru”

  1. Wow. Shit wtg. Look closely and you can clearly see the guy with pick axe carefully take the back seat passengers gold chain from his neck with the axe. He must of had lots of practice at this. Grave robbing fucker.

    1. I’m flattered at any friend requests I receive, but never accept them, I left facebook a long time ago, and never want to feel like I’m on it again. We’re friends based on us (Karlos, and anyone else on here) commenting on articles, and that’s as far as it goes. Now I’ll probably be inundated with FR’s.

  2. As horrific as the death of these poor people could have been they did not suffer I’m sure! They literally had the weight of the world fall on top of them and death took them all very quickly! Some may look at this video and think the way there bodies are positioned that all were trying to escape thru the windows is not really what it seems! Pressure and force pushed there bodies towards the weakest points of the truck which were the glass windows but is far as suffering there was none. One moment they are driving down the road and the next total darkness as there souls left there bodies!

  3. think i’d have preferred an avalanche given the choice … at least i’d have been at some resort or something … chance a st bernard with a wooden flask of hot chocolate or something … better than some yucklefuck swinging a pickax at me

  4. Why not just leave them, they’re already buried. Now the families gonna have funeral costs. Digging them out of dirt only to put them back in. lol Just kidding. I would want a proper burial.

  5. I am Peruvian and I live in the same place of the video although I did not see it near several people died, although most cases have been destruction of houses many people died from the mud. This is fucking fault of the state that knew very well that the rains would cause this, even so they ignored.

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