Champ Pays Price for Thinking It’s Sound to Stand on Soil Undermined by Flood

Champ Pays Price for Thinking Its Sound to Stand on Soil Undermined by Flood

Some show off champ thought it was a good idea to stand on the edge of a soil cliff made unstable by a flash flood.

He stood there until the water undermined the soil under his feet, making him fall into and disappear in the vortex.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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142 thoughts on “Champ Pays Price for Thinking It’s Sound to Stand on Soil Undermined by Flood”

          1. I hope he didn’t survive, that would ruin the whole video and i’d appreciate it if you lot didn’t keep being so optimistic about these cunts

          2. There’s a humongous dead zone in the Bay of Bengal, northeast of Mumbai and southeast of Kolkata, nearly 1/2 km deep and 60,000 sq km in size. It’s not surprising, when you have thousands of chunks of shit like this 75-kg turd dropping into the ocean every fucking day.

            Only sewer rats and Indians could survive in this fetid swamp of a country.

            The mammoth bacteria in that cesspool are probably munching on his ass as we speak.

          1. The worst thing that happened was that fukkin pennicillin, these indians and pakis were all dying from typhoid and all their nasty deseases, once again we shot ourselves in the foot by saving these cunts

          2. bloodygoodgore yes that would be nice, some future tony robinson might dig him up and examine the cunt

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        2. It’s like doing stupid shit without thinking of the consequences is synonymous with living in third world countries. Do they just choose not to use their brains or are these dumbass fuckers just not as evolved as people like us? I mean, most of them do still look like monkies…

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          1. Well, carnage, I definitely practice edging, but if you draw it out too long, you can loose it all together. And THAT is definitely pissy!

  1. Thank you for taking that last step, sir! May you find peace in your demise… At least the family doesn’t have to worry about scattering his ashes in the river, so there’s that…

    1. OR, a true Christian, who believed that God would save them. Just for the record, I am neither. Also, I don’t give a shit if the world is flat or not. I have believed that NASA has been lying to us for a while anyway, so it makes no difference to me.

    1. I can translate that for you, they were saying “There you are,see what happens when you show off, now you’re dead and we can laugh and there’s nothing you can do about it”

  2. @ewwgrossabooger
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  3. Jew first ancestors were born as jew human embryos from rats in israel. the way they evolved is all to do with their take on survival.

    thats a quote from The Planet.

  4. He was just chilling brushing his teeth on the cliff he needed water to rinse his mouth waters what he got his yellow towel didn’t even help slow his fall.

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