Corpse of Man Undiscovered for Two Months

Corpse of Man Undiscovered for Two Months

A man who lived alone died from what are being considered natural causes at this point. He was not found for nearly two months and he had wasted away to mostly skeleton and fermenting rot. Even some of the Thais are over powered by the stench of the thing. We get a pointer as well as an appearance by Doctor Fate.

# Died almost two-month / you saw the body at 15:50. 26/04/58 Foundation Por Tek forgiven input Phuttaisawan the Sena Ayutthaya. Informed by police. Sena. Check deceased inside the home. 2. House splash in. Sena volunteers are monitoring the scene found the deaths of nearly 2 Ee. Month deceased lived alone, so no one knew died. Introduction ton locomotive named MOAC UK. Unknown extension 47 Doctor Fate hospital Sena To carry forward further autopsy The hospital Thammasat.

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76 thoughts on “Corpse of Man Undiscovered for Two Months”

      1. @Stomper.

        Me thinks two months ago there was a Thai brass standing at the end of that bed, whipped out her bristols and the guy croaked, hence the gasp look on his boat race !

        Gawn all cockney I av?

        1. @bobcat.
          Yeah you av mate.

          So, you reckon the Thai horse n cart came up the apples, put t’ wood in t’hoyl, shook her Bristols and that was that, he bucketed it !?
          I reckon you’re on to summet.

          Gawn all mockney wi ‘ a bit a Yorkie chucked in !

        1. That’s all they do at The Body Farm in TN. They used to be open to public prior to 9/11, people can go in and watch various stages of decomp for educational purposes. I am donating my body there. Hopefully I will get lucky enough to have my body rotting away in a trunk of a pink Corvette.

      1. i live in ny……..i agree .its really shitty.

        but remember everyone here will tell you its the best city in the world….well, mainly the ones that havent travelled a bit.

        i allways ask ….”so…where else have you been?”

        im so bad.

  1. I would not trust a Dr fate, he would no doubt consider your suffering to be an act of God and merely brush you off.

    The corpse in this case died in a frog position with arms at sides, not a natural death in my opinion due to the unnatural position assumed.

    Dr fate no doubt put this one down to God?s will, aka natural causes, the complete and utter cunt.

  2. Poor soul bless his heart. I’m not one to judge, and who knows the circumstances behind the fact no one cared enough to wonder why he’s been MIA. Maybe he had no family, maybe he was an ass his family wanted nothing to do with him. Nonetheless, it’s disheartening enough he died alone.

        1. Yes I’m aware. I just feel sympathy for those in unfortunate situations. Like i said in my previous post, i don’t know the circumstances surrounding his death. But if he wasn’t. murdered by bringing it upon himself, I’m still human, and my morals allow me to feel a little bit of empathy with my shattered still miraculously beating heart. To each his own, ya know?

      1. While it is true that we are members and are aware of the contents presented here on Best Gore, that doesn’t mean that some can’t feel compassion, sympathy, empathy or whatever for another human being, even if they happen to be Brazilian or Thai.

  3. this one had me intrigued, its almost like he was just lieing there and died….but looking at the pillows and the little pot…….ill bet my balls there was something sexual going on.either that or he was a smack head.

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